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  1. I'm going to make a picture diary to post here.That amp will siiiinng with AN speakers IMO(after they break in). AN(commonsense audio) are great to work with,i had my speakers in Australia, 5 days after ordering,packaged very well too.
  2. I bought a pair of super 10's,an AN amp and a dayton 12" sub,I'm building my bins soon.My brother has the AN super 8's and they sound awesome and he is happy without a sub..The detail is amazing and they can pushed LOUD!.The amp you use, really makes a difference on these speakers ,with the right amp they sound great after they break in.
  3. Hi guys. I'm just posting this to get an idea of what damage is happening to your/mine LP's. In the last 6 weeks ,i've had two delivered with the corners smashed in,that have left crease's in the sleeve-in the other words the sleeves are finished. They were both packaged perfect,one from Sydney the other from Texas.I know one of the sellers and i asked them to take photo's before items were sent. IMO these LP's, were thrown into bins at the delivery centers.The even had "fragile" etc. I'm about to lodge a complaint with the POSTAL SERVICE OMBUDSMAN. http://www.ombudsman.gov.au/ I have dealt with Ombudsman before and they do take complaints very seriously. I had no problems for years until now ,and i imagine it has to do with outsourcing to an Indian company who runs the delivery and sorting section. If you have stories please post and i will included it my company.More details the better. thanks guys/girls.
  4. Good to see,he isn't a rip off like the others.I haven't been there yet though.
  5. These turntables are great.My brother has one,and its sounds great.Very well made and VERY heavy,looks just like my 1200MkII but with more features.He is quite happy with the stylus & preamp too,he doesn't like the 400MLa(or anything to hifi really ,he's more of a lo-fi type of guy) i have because he does like the HF's on it and because he's play a lot of older blues LP's, & the rice bubbles sound huge through his rig. I have seen them for sale new at the DJ store for $380ish in the last year,so they are actually going up!
  6. Try a AT-120LP,with included pre amp,my brother is happy with that $500.You'll be ok with that,then you can spend more on records and update later if you want.I feel sorry for you......just dont buy into hype.Vinyl is big business now. Just rememeber they're are guy here with mega expensive systems and gear geeks that are not needed to just "listen" to vinyl.
  7. What genre do you listen too? I personally like Audio technica carts and have had great success with them.
  8. The worst cases seem to happen on the coast. I've used good poly lined paper sleeves on vinyl for long time with no problems but its seems you are in a environment with the right recipe for damage.Its generally takes more than one event to ruin a collection in the form. Get rid of ALL the PVC you have.The worst PVC is the really smelly stuff.If you search, there was a huge thread about this, with links to articles on the subject. Unfortunately, your vinyl damaged with this is finished IME.
  9. Excellent, when do you want to start? i have 10000,00000,00000 dirty LP's.
  10. I agree.Now that Woolworths and Coles own the majority of pubs there is no way they are going to interested in anything but money(pokies).They offer big cash for hotels and licenses.They decimated the small live music scene in Adelaide. You also have once called "yuppies" moving into "cool" area's and then complaining about the noise. You also need to the right kind of live venu,not just a front bar for a cover band to play.The places that really "breed" live bands and musicians need to be only about live music ,like the tote or espy in Melb. The only good thing about this era is the internet can really expose what your doing quickly,if you get it right.And recording is much simpler in the beginning. Personally, i dont count cover bands as "a band". To me they are people who play music.A "band" plays original music.
  11. Sorry but to me records on the wall,is not my thing.I find it bizarre.
  12. @@JPete9 I always suggest the AT-120 USB.I know alot of people who own them,they are very good.
  13. I have had some good buys from the UK,even now i usually can get new vinyl at half the price in Australia. Today i bought(I love the blues) VARIOUS - Essential Chicago Blues - gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP "AU$16 plus AU$12 shipping.Its AU$60 in Australia!
  14. Anyone care to post whats on their list?
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