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  1. I have updated the price, apologies for the dust, they really genuinely are in flawless nic, literally just need a wipe!
  2. Item: Speaker pair, I've heard them called "Mercury F1" and "Fusion M1" I'm baffled? Says Fusion 1 on the back though Location:Richmond, Victoria. Price: $250 for speakers and amp, speaker wire included, remote included, no manual. Item Condition: Besides dust, flawless, not used much and never EVER thrashed, I like quality clean sound not just loud stupidity. Really good nic. Reason for selling: Apartment is small, not much use the last couple of years, wife hates me I think!? Payment Method: Cash only, pickup only Extra Info:Can answer questions if needed, APOLOGIES IF THIS BREAKS ANY RULES! (I only lurk here for years) P.S yeah I have the cover for both, just wanted to show it's in great condition Photos: :
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