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  1. Hi guys, have just purchased a Thorens td150 and was wondering if anybody could recommend someone with history on old turntables for help. Live outside of Geelong Victoria but willing to travel for good service. I think it just needs a good going over but the turntable and arm board seem to be on an angle.
  2. I love my Rotel, good sound and really heavy.
  3. Thanks Brabs but I did something naughty and ended up going to Audiotrends & purchased a pair of Subsonic xm1 speakers. Spent way more than I intended but just sounded so damn nice. Having been quite ill for a long time now I thought stuff it & treated myself. Surprising my old Rotel rx-855 sounded great with them.
  4. Thanks guys, learning a lot & enjoying this wonderful site👍
  5. Hi fellas, anyone had any experience with Subsonic Xm3 speakers. Local store usually has them in stock but is all out until new order comes through, then I will go in with my amp & have a listen. Australian brand that some people love is all I know. Thanks in advance, Ben.
  6. Hi guys, going to to trying out some new speakers soon & wondering if anyone has any feedback on either Q acoustic 3050i or Castle Knight 3 or 4s. Luv the look of the Mahogany Castles by the way. Thanks in advance Ben.
  7. Item: Location:Victoria Price: under $600 Item Condition: Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi guys Ben here,looking for some warm sounding floor standing speakers. Cheers in advance 😁 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Hi guys, in the middle of getting a better stereo setup. So far Pro-ject carbon turntable, Rotel rx-855 receiver & matching tape deck. Usher bookshelf speakers. Been looking at getting some vintage kef concerto speakers. Nice to meet everyone
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