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  1. Hi guys, have just purchased a Thorens td150 and was wondering if anybody could recommend someone with history on old turntables for help. Live outside of Geelong Victoria but willing to travel for good service. I think it just needs a good going over but the turntable and arm board seem to be on an angle.
  2. I love my Rotel, good sound and really heavy.
  3. Thanks guys, learning a lot & enjoying this wonderful site👍
  4. Hi fellas, anyone had any experience with Subsonic Xm3 speakers. Local store usually has them in stock but is all out until new order comes through, then I will go in with my amp & have a listen. Australian brand that some people love is all I know. Thanks in advance, Ben.
  5. Hi guys, going to to trying out some new speakers soon & wondering if anyone has any feedback on either Q acoustic 3050i or Castle Knight 3 or 4s. Luv the look of the Mahogany Castles by the way. Thanks in advance Ben.
  6. Hi guys, in the middle of getting a better stereo setup. So far Pro-ject carbon turntable, Rotel rx-855 receiver & matching tape deck. Usher bookshelf speakers. Been looking at getting some vintage kef concerto speakers. Nice to meet everyone
  7. Thank you everybody for being so helpful.Very glad that my amp is compatable with the speakers and can't wait to try them.
  8. Hi guys just a couple of questions from someone wishing to learn more.I currently have a Rotel Rx-855 amp which i like but are a bit concerned if this amp is suitable to run Usher 520 speakers.Have read that if amp is not powerful enough can damage speakers.By the way i only listen at moderate sound levels.Any help much appreciated.
  9. Cheers guys & thanks for the nice welcome.
  10. Hello just joined & excited about getting some usher 520 speakers to go with my new Pro-ject carbon turntable.
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