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  1. Good, quick, cheap....pick any two. Trevor is good, very reasonably priced but definitely not quick. I have an ME 25 with him at the moment and he has responded to my enquiries re it’s progress. I know he will do a good job, probably knows more about my unit than anyone else in NSW and will charge fairly. Of course I would like it back ASAP but am content with the ME 15 he lent me in the meantime.
  2. Very sophisticated and stylish looking bit of gear indeed. If it performs as well as it looks it’s a winner🏆
  3. Ministry doing Lay Lady Lay Hendrix Watchtower Canned Heat Goin up the country and many, many more I know someone has mentioned it but Johnny Cash’s Mercy Seat is up there. Cant stand covers that just do the same but moreso!
  4. Bargain for a very good amp. My first decent amp and when i took it to Dr Hifi in Sydney for a check up he was astounded by its frequency response. GLWTS
  5. WOW that’s impressive DIY. As a picture frame who does a lot of construction and hand finishing I think your project was very ambitious and you have realised the cabinets to a very impressive level. Good luck with the XOver tuning and I hope you are very happy with the result!
  6. Yes, amazing value and I bet they sound HUGE! Properly veneered and finished they would look spectacular as well. GLWTS
  7. WOW! Absolutely beautiful speakers, I’ve never heard the classic Tannoys but would love to. This looks like an absolute bargain. GLWTS
  8. I’m interested Raffinator. Would be post to 2044, regards
  9. Even if the OP connects the Aries via Ethernet he will still need to the IPad to control it using the Auralic app over wifi. Auralic recommend wifi as the best connection, or they did for the first Aries but YMMV. I am surprised the IPad can’t find the Aries, this seems like a total fail rather than intermittent weak signal, is this the case? This may be a stupid and hopefully not offensive question but you have downloaded The Lightning DS app to your IPad and gone through the set up process? Hope you get it working.
  10. Oooops! I know and like Angel Olsen but I was thinking of Agnes Obel when I posted. OT I know but she’s a Danish singer song writer who possibly out haunts Angel! Not rock n roll but intriguing simple piano and double bass backed songs. Citizens of Glass is a great album and well recorded.
  11. Agreed! Was recently introduced to her beautiful voice and arrangements. She’s fantastic.
  12. Not sure if this is relevant but I still have the original Aries Femto and it’s very stable on wifi and Ethernet. It wasn’t always so, originally I always connected via wifi and my IPad would ‘lose’ the Aries and it would require a lot of turning off and on etc. to get it back. Bought a better Asus router on the recommendation of Auralic. Better sound but no more reliable. A mate suggested trying Ethernet and the problem went away completely. The issue was a faulty wifi module, a known issue on some of the forums. It was fixed under warranty and since then it has been very stable connect
  13. I’m not going to review it but strongly recommend seeing Spike Lees movie length film of David Byrnes ‘ American Utopia’ Broadway show. Breathtaking. I don’t think you need to be a Talking Heads fan. The musicianship, choreography and singing from Byrne himself as well as the rest of the cast was amazing. BIG SCREEN AND SOUND. SYSTEM (if you can)
  14. Hi Mat, Roon Rock is the operating system, you load it onto a barebones (empty) computer, your NUC in this case. It will be your core. AFAIK you cannot directly connect Roon Rock to your dac, it must go through a renderer (streamer) configured as a Roon endpoint ( possibly your iphones) to render the data into something your DAC can convert. Your NUC should connect to your iPhones over the network or maybe bluetooth, I don’t know cos I use a dedicated streamer. I assume you would have to go into phone settings and set up as a Roon endpoint and they will then pass on data to d
  15. Great ones that remain in the memory Slade supporting the Stones(I think) looking down on the stage set up on the finishing straight at Randwick from the top of the grandstand. Must have been the 70s Daniel Lanois and his hot band at Sydney’s Basement Fat Freddies Drop at the Hordern Neil and Liam Finn at Taronga. Never been a huge Split Enz/ Crowded House fan but this was out of this world! Dont really remember any bad ones.
  16. Thanks @Mat-with-one-t , just checked that. A few after the pre but not the power, regards
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