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  1. Hi Gargui, is the power amp the standard 250, not the signature version? Regards
  2. I guess it will depend on the set up, I have an Auralic Aries femto version and Auralic recommends wireless connection with this unit. This is what I do , the router is only 3mtrs from the streamer and I have zero problems. I upgraded the router from the ISP's model which gave a lift in SQ
  3. Item: Curious Regen link. Location: Sydney Price: $95 incl. postage Item Condition: Bought new, used a few times then replaced by Uptone USB stick. Reason for selling: see above Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Excellent player at a bargain price and very well looked after by the looks of it. GLWTS
  5. Never got into vinyl, my sources have always been digital and now it is streaming Tidal via USB to dac with all the message massagers in that chain. Perfectly happy with SQ but look forward to technical improvements down the track although in no hurry for them to arrive. Only issue is Tidal is a bit limited in scope . So STREAMING it is.
  6. This is a good score, I've heard Matt's system and it is very clean and clear.
  7. A classic speaker in very good condition by the looks of it, I loved mine. They like current, space and good stands. GLWTS
  8. In two years of Tidal I’ve never had music drop outs, once or twice in that time the streamer might have buffered for a second or two before playing a new track that’s all. This was even when on adsl at only about 3-4 mbps download. Could it be a hardware issue? I had lots of trouble with drop outs between the control app and an Auralic Aries but that turned out to be a faulty wiri module and now all is good.
  9. Great streamer and excellent value but then I am biased (because I have one) GLWTS
  10. The Danes would give it a nudge
  11. Hi Stereophilus, I have the same USB chain as you except I use the supplied meanwell psu to power the Ultracap. Does the Geiseler make much difference? Apologies for off topic post, regards
  12. Thanks guys ( I assume!) for that information.
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