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  1. In terms of value a 2nd hand ME 25 and a new 550 MKII hi cap purchased 20 years ago now and one upgrade later are still going strong. They are rocks that still compete with a lot of amps out there. In terms of significant change to my listening habits an Auralic Aries streamer introduced the pleasure and convenience of streaming and with the usual upgraded USB cables and decrapifiers there was no hit to SQ, in fact subtle improvements compared to a good upper mid range CDP. Must mention a 2nd hand IPad makes a wonderful user interface.
  2. Excellent speakers, my faves for many years. GLWTS
  3. Very nice work, I have a pair of Terry Cain’s BIBs with these drivers. These would be very good to hear GLWTS
  4. Fantastic speakers. Work in smallish, medium and even I suspect largish rooms with the right amplification. Sweet and powerful.
  5. Lightning DS on my Auralic streamer (same one as @lenticularis) provides a very good user interface with Tidal. Fluent and easy to use but admittedly have not tried any other UI. Only used for streaming, no NAS. Very happy with it....
  6. I second the E50s , not pretty but great sound. When I met my current partner of 20 yrs she had a pair and a good music collection. Turned me on to Hi-Fi.....I’ll never forget those speakers. Listen first though, if possible.
  7. Yes, I’ve heard these and they are brilliant.
  8. Hi, does the streamer need to be a DAC as well? If not at that budget I would recommend the Aries Femto version streamer in the classifieds for $1350. AFAIK the sound quality would be quite superior to your other suggestions. I have one and it works flawlessly on the wifi network(Auralic recommend wifi over Ethernet). Ideally you have an iOS tablet or phone to run the control app and a good wifi signal where it is going. Connect via RCA, AES/ EBU or USB to your DAC or CDP ( it will need a digital input) and away you go.
  9. Well Blybo we are still together, even if she has to repeat everything..........with the possible exception of ‘dinners ready’ 😉
  10. Yes, thanks to the original poster, this is promising news. Aids are something I (and particularly my partner!) have thought about for some time but have been sceptical about the benefits when I really need them I.e. noisy rooms and listening to music. First step is to find a good audiologist I guess, I’m in Sydney Glen, if your audiologist is not too far away could you possibly PM their contact details to me, regards, Andrew
  11. Gee Zodiac, you have a good supply of legendary bookshelf speakers!. I used to have a pair of these and they are cracking speakers. Took a pair of C1 Platinum to dislodge them but I still remember the brio they played music with. GLWTS
  12. Hi Gargui, is the power amp the standard 250, not the signature version? Regards
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