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  1. Hi Muzzagruzz, I have one of these and it’s a terrific amp. I’ve tried quite a few other amps in my system but could never bring myself to get rid of the ME. Out of curiosity what improvements did you notice with the latest upgrades? Regards, Andrew
  2. Pebbles

    Waving a magic wand over the Wizards

    nice job you have done there
  3. Pebbles

    FS: Dynaudio 1.3SE Rosewood

    I had a pair of these for a long while. Fantastic speakers with a great deal of brio and scale. These look in immaculate condition. GLWTS
  4. Hi Pico, that sounds serious?
  5. Hi, I had the same regular dropouts between my early IPad air and Aries Femto when not issuing commands. Auralic suggested to upgrade to one of their recommended routers which I did and now the problem is greatly reduced if not non existent. I have not done a reset but occasionally have to completely power down and start up the Aries to connect with Lightning DS, particularly if I have not used it for a while. Still a few little glitches.
  6. Same as Jventer and only issue ( Lightning ds on IPad occasionally losing touch with Aries ) was resolved via prompt online support recommending a better router.
  7. PM on the way (not sure who at this stage) expressing intention to purchase
  8. Pebbles

    SOLD: FS: Norstone Esse Green Glass/Black Frame

    very stylish indeed.... GLWTS
  9. Never had any problem with it on my Aries Bridge but if I did I would as a last resort delete then re- install it and see if that helped....
  10. Pebbles

    SOLD: FS: Duntech Opal loudspeakers

    Used to have a pair of these, great speakers. I think they are 2 1/2 ways, top woofer is in a sealed enclosure. Excellent bass and mids and smooth highs. GLWTS
  11. Pebbles

    How CDs and Downloads Died

    My experience is that the SQ of my Tidal streaming set up : router via wifi to Aries Bridge, Curious USB and iso Regen and LPS to USB dac is at least as satisfying as CD or sacd from my Luxman D05 and the SD card through a Mirus dac. The CDP rarely gets a run these days I was a sceptic and only tried it due to pressure from an early adopting friend and as a way to try more music and A2A had the streamer at run out prices. I find it a very relaxed sound, the least digital of my formats. My original view was that I would sacrifice SQ for convenience but now I think I have both, and value. For less than the price of a CD per month I have access to an enormous amount of music I would otherwise not have known about and my listening has gone off in different directions. Of course there are gaps in the range and that is frustratingbut not fatal and I don’t think it devalues the music....as long as the artists are paid. The number of CDs in my rack that were only ever played once or twice is probably a reflection of my poor research but they weren’t good value. I hope Tidal and other quality streaming services survive and even better thrive so they can stream at ever higher definition.
  12. Beautiful work, they deserve to be completed.
  13. Item: Two nice but empty(I have no idea why) Queensland Walnut speaker boxes. Good condition apart from a scratch and the missing drivers. Could make a nice pair of bedside tables with doors or ....? Boxes roughly 70 x 45 x 45cm One JVL 305surround system 4 x satellites and a centre and some cables. Seems in fair condition apart from dust. Quite heavy. Location: Boxes in Randwick and surround can be picked up from either Sydenham or Rozelle in Sydney. Price: Nuthin Item Condition: These belonged to a deceased friend of a friend so it's a bit of an unknown. Reason for selling: Not selling giving :-) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  14. Pebbles

    What do you drive your Dyns with?

    ME 25/550II HCap driving C1 Plat. very well. Plenty of flesh and bone.