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  1. I still do and am impressed also..... as long as it remains in good health and I don't want to onsell it. 🙏🙏🙏
  2. Somewhat off topic but Resonessence Labs has gone as well. Not sure why but possibly because they were small but ambitious and could not weather the usual ups and downs. Leaving a lot of owners with reasonably expensive DACs completely unsupported. There is rumor on Audiophile style and CA of something rising out of the remnants with a new name, new products and support for existing resonessence owners but at the moment it is just that. I sure hope it becomes a reality!
  3. ...and the latest couple of firmware upgrades have introduced upsampling and a 5 band parametric equaliser. Either effective or just fun to fiddle with but certainly gives you an idea of the potential of DSP.
  4. Fantastic streamer for not a lot money. With good USB chain to the dac it will perform at a high level. Wifi is Auralics recommended connection to the network which suits my setup perfectly, and the Lightning DS UI is one of the best going.
  5. Yep, remarkably good and capable sound quality from a robust Aussie design, great value here.
  6. thanks for the heads up @oceangreen17 this looks like it could drive a nail! Not sure whether to upgrade front middle or back of my system ATM. GLWTS Fuzzboy
  7. I’ve had one for a month or so now, upgraded from the Curious. I think it is a distinct upgrade. I my experience it reveals more low level detail making low level sounds, background instruments etc. more realised and identifiable and the sound stage larger and more coherent. At the same time I think it is more relaxed and smooth sounding, not at all etched as an increase in detail might suggest. Very happy with it.
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