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  1. A classic speaker in very good condition by the looks of it, I loved mine. They like current, space and good stands. GLWTS
  2. In two years of Tidal I’ve never had music drop outs, once or twice in that time the streamer might have buffered for a second or two before playing a new track that’s all. This was even when on adsl at only about 3-4 mbps download. Could it be a hardware issue? I had lots of trouble with drop outs between the control app and an Auralic Aries but that turned out to be a faulty wiri module and now all is good.
  3. Great streamer and excellent value but then I am biased (because I have one) GLWTS
  4. The Danes would give it a nudge
  5. Hi Stereophilus, I have the same USB chain as you except I use the supplied meanwell psu to power the Ultracap. Does the Geiseler make much difference? Apologies for off topic post, regards
  6. Thanks guys ( I assume!) for that information.
  7. Item: Four VOSKHOD 6N1P valves. Not sure of year but VI-72 on all tubes may indicate 1972? Location: Sydney Price: $50 + Postage Item Condition: Bought as NOS but never used. Reason for selling: No valve gear ATM Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Originally intended for an Audible Illlusions Line stage which I no longer have. Pictures:
  8. I have, the top of Bathurst St next to Sydney Town Hall many years ago. I was into Hi-Fi then and particularly speakers but may have also been aware of the WVScam so turned them down. A mate of mine actually fell for it some time later, he wasn’t into Hi-Fi but is one of the most financially astute people I know...go figure. Never had the heart to tell him about his proud new purchase.
  9. So it only happens when playing masters files? Strange . I still think its worth at least hopping on the Auralic forums and seeing if anyone has had a similar issue or possible solutions.
  10. I’m not sure if my experience is relevant to you Derek although my Aries had begun to crash on occasions but not when connected via Ethernet although I did not operate it under those conditions for long. After speaking to Auralic support and as it was still under warranty I sent it to them (USA ) by Aus Post international express, took about a week and cost $60. Auralic had it for 2 to 3 days and then contacted me to say they had repaired it and were returning it by Fedex...no charge. The issue was an unstable wifi module, a known issue. Arrived back 2 days later and so far it is working perfectly. I think Auralic support is good so I would be emailing them. It’s the same guy who responds for Auralic in forums and he replies promptly.
  11. I used to have a bit of trouble with my IPad finding the Aries on startup or if I had not issued an instruction for a while but turning off and on etc. usually fixed it. But since a firmware upgraded a few months ago it has been very unstable and slow to react. A mate came around and suggested it could easily wifi issue so I connected the Aries to the modem via Ethernet cable and the problem COMPLETELY disappeared. Googled the issue and discovered there was a bad batch of wifi modules that went into someAries and with the extra work they were doing after the firmware upgrade (upsampling options....don’t really understand) these units are not coping. I contacted Auralic and as it is still under warranty they are currently checking it out. In the US unfortunately and I carry the shipping costs.☹️ https://community.auralic.com/t/problems-with-wifi-auralic-aries/2516
  12. Fabulous looking speakers, shame you can’t make them work in your room GLWTS
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