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  1. Half way through GP's show from overnight.
  2. A fav from last years end,i adore this album,i'm trying my hardest not to over play it.
  3. Ha thats great we used to get the beano and dandy albums when we were kids,also the football "shoot" albums too,i grew up in the north of england in the 70's. Good memories
  4. I'm still working on the big extension to the adelaide casino where there are still a few hundred guys and gals on the job,it's freaking me out a bit going in each day so at the weekend i just want to hang around home with wifey who just really wants to go out cos she has been working from home for 3 weeks.
  5. There's a couple i'd like to pick up from jb's in the sale but i'm not that keen to venture in,have you all been getting them posted? and how long is the 2 for 50 on for?
  6. Had a bit of a run on Bill this morning after i heard the news,one of the finest soul voices ever.
  7. Richard Hawley - Coles Corner Last years coloured vinyl reissue.
  8. I still need to listen to this one,i checked out Mr Scruff's that came out last week over the last weekend,pretty good.
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