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  1. Wonderful album,have you seen the 45rpm half speed master,released earlier this year for the first time on Vinyl,it's on my to get list.
  2. yeah at least the vinyls good mate,don't let it stop you sending this to who you got it through though,you never know they may do something for you.Maybe the packaging was not up to scratch?
  3. Wifey and my youngest quietly signed up for family Spotify premium so I'm checkin it out on the yamaha r-n602 network receiver,decent first album to check it out with too.
  4. Evening Richard Hawley - Trueloves Gutter Just amazing and an album that is never far from my thoughts and system.
  5. Afternoon Some nice soulful tunes to accompany the nice sunny weather.
  6. Grabbed another studebaker from the post office online so i have one for washing and one for rinsing.ordered it last weekend they were 19 bucks just checked now and their back up to 40,dunno if that was a mistake on their part but i'm happy.
  7. Terry Callier - What Color Is Love
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