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  1. Thanks JJ I'll take some time and check them out.
  2. I haven't listened to any of there albums yet or can even recall a tune of theirs,I don't have library membership either,what am I doing with my life.
  3. Yes I agree great album,I'll have to admit I was late with Mr Cave ,with only the penny finally dropping about 10-12 years ago,but I have made up for lost time.
  4. So the best time for the jab would be just before our winter starts?
  5. I have thought about this in the past and should really get onto it,not the best with needles though.I have been told that it's a bumper year here in SA for the flu with a real bad strain doing the rounds(which I can personally attest to) at this point this flu season there has been over 16,000 know cases compared to around 1500 this time last year,could you shed any light on why that would be? Thanks for the well wishes also I am on the mend.
  6. Hey there,been in bed this last 3 days absolutely out of it with the flu, been up and about a bit this arvo but my body feels like I've been 12 rounds with Tyson,been years since I've had a real bad dose like this,anyway lifting spirits with some music. So far
  7. Morning A new arrival on vinyl Ian Brown - Greatest 2005
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