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  1. Message sent with intention to purchase. Our old recliners are looking abit tired.
  2. Hi there Audionerd, Just a couple of questions. Are you the original owner and do you have the paper work for these lovely speakers? I tried to PM you but was unsuccessful. Bryce
  3. Hi there Graham, Are these Garry Cawsey's Silver IC's or Copper IC's? Kind regards Bryce
  4. I have a pair of these in Baringa. They are indeed a high performing speaker. The music flows in a very natural way. What is the timber used in the pair in the photo and are they your speakers? Just love the classy look!
  5. The JPS Labs cables at this level will let you hear what your system is capable of in a very natural way! I use these exact IC's b/w Pre to Power amp and a pair of Super Conductor 3 speaker cables. I also have a JPS Labs Kaptivator power cable on Valve power amp all sounds very open natural and balanced. A bargin going here at the asking price!
  6. These JPSLabs cables are very impressive. I use them in my set - up along with their Super conductor 3 Speaker cables and the Kaptivator Lite power cables. The JPS stuff at this level represent great value, given their amazing performance. Music has a natural flow and open organic sound. GLWS
  7. These Toshiba Players of old are of very robust build quality, with quairty components within. The Toshiba 900E player in particular does a steller job with Red Book CD. Well worth the asking price for this alone IMO. GLWS
  8. I use a motorised pull down version of LP Morgan projection screen in my HT. Worked great with Sim 2 Millenium 800 HD projector, now works very nicely with JVC DLA X90R. Serously good value on offer here! GLWS
  9. If i wasn't so smitten with my Monitor Audio Studio 50's, I would seriously consider these beauties! These speakers would be simply stunning in a HT set up! My i ask - did you upgrade to the Pl300 Mk2s. GLWS
  10. Great Value here. As a happy owner of a JVC DLA X90R (an earlier version of this fine projector), It has Class leading Blacks, nice dynamic colour, brilliant clarity, the e-shift really works it's magic with these units. Along with robust reliability, the quality here wont be beaten for the asking price IMHO. GLWS
  11. Hi there Winter, I'm happy to purchase this from you.
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