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  1. I would have said liquid nails. I use it quite often for a lot of stuff but thanks for sharing Sent from my GT-N7105T using Tapatalk
  2. CYI2US is correct with the vital step and fetching the file from your 861 and saving it just in case. Once you become familiar with it you will no doubt make numerous changes like I did. Good Luck!
  3. I have a Meridian 861 and HD621 and set them up with MRC but as stated above the HH forum is the way to go with any questions. Not sure if you have ever used MRC but it is pretty easy after you play around with it etc and as long as you have a NULL modem cable and USB to RS232 adapter you will be gold.
  4. Hi everyone. Found this site a few weeks ago after searching for a piece of equipment for sale that was listed on here. I will be visiting the site and reading up on different things now I am here. Will be building my new home theatre room soon (when I get the time) and we are just getting back into listening to music at this point as our daughter is now 24 months old and loves dancing to it. Craig
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