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  1. Tube tester in Qld

    I called around recently in an attempt to find someone with a tube tester in Brisbane. No luck. Was told that maybe there was someone in the historical radio society that had a tester but never got around to calling them. I did find these 2 places online though: VIC 3149 - https://thevalvestore.com.au/home/42-amplitrex-valve-testing.html NSW 2621 - http://vintagevalves.com.au/tube-testing/ Haven't contacted either yet.
  2. JBL 4435 resto

    @Jakeyb77 Just wait for @Tubularbells to sell you his pair
  3. Logan

    Logan is one of, if not my favourite adaptation. Bleak dystopian backdrop.. the search for redemption.. the search for Eden/hope. There is a strong western feel to the movie, that fits the story perfectly. Action scenes are used organically and not as a means to an end. And they are brutal and visceral as you would expect from a character who wields a weapon as intimate as 8 inch knives. The violence is so savage there is no room for throw away jokes or other nonsense. In fact, there is an inordinate measure of pain in the story.. only part of it is physically inflicted. Logan is a broken shell of his former self. Everybody he has known has passed, yet death eludes him. His relationship with Charles is... complicated. And the unfolding social drama only adds to already complex characters and themes. Performances, storytelling, choreography, editing, score.. everything is on point. At least a 4.5 out of 5 from me.
  4. Covers that are better than the original

    I wouldn't say it's necessarily better, but it's a touching and soulful tribute to Chris Cornell. Worth the listen. So many legends have sung this song. Excellent rendition.
  5. http://blog.kenricksound.com/2017/09/ddcsingxer-su-1-special-upgrade.html
  6. GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    alot of big(groß), black dac lovers in here
  7. Item: Matched Quad CV181-Z Shuguang Black Treasure Tubes (6SN7) Location: Brisbane, QLD Price: $220 (+$15 shipping if required) Item Condition: Excellent. 3 Used, 1 New Reason for selling: Too many tubes, not enough moneys Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Shuguang 50 Year Anniversary Black Treasure CV181-Z Vacuum Tubes Made in the China, marked CV181-Z but is electrically identical to 6SN7. Do not use in place of CV181 ~4 inches tall Central glass bulge White, over-sized, ceramic base. Measures 1 3/8" tall Black smoked glass body(High Polymer Carbon Compound) with shiny getter flash top Gold grid wire and pins Comes with original boxes Bought new and factory matched from a HIFI store in China. At the time they didn't have a matched quad in stock so I had to wait for them to contact the manufacturer and get them in. 3 of the 4 tubes are used. Boxes marked "L", "M", "R" - refer to the last picture. Markings correspond to the position("L" = left channel, "M" = middle rectifier, "R" = right Channel) in my Cayin VP-100i integrated amp. Unmarked box is new/unused and only opened to take pictures. Worked great for the limited time I used them, a vast improvement over stock tubes. Warm, smooth, full bodied sound. Estimated usage time: L: <125 Hrs R: <125 Hrs M: <75 hrs Unmarked: 0 Hrs None are fully burned in. Recommended burn in is 300 Hrs I don't have a tube tester to give accurate test measurements. So they will be sold as is. Not splitting the sale at this point Pictures:
  8. SOLD: FS: Hegel H200 Integrated Amplifier

  9. GIESELER KONVERTER (DAC/Preamp) Official release.

    Changes over time - boards and layout Gieseler Konverter Animation
  10. Interesting new Audio-gd dac

    The creator of that preview/youtube channel is a member here @Currawong
  11. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/bat-safe-lipo-battery-charging-safe-box.html
  12. The hometheaterhifi site aka Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity publish measurements
  13. I got 4/6 through my crappy computer speakers. The 2 incorrect picks were both 320k. Found it fairly easy to determine the 128k file.. harder for the 320k and wav. Will have to give this a shot on the hifi. Thanks for the link
  14. I appreciate that Keetakawee came here himself to clear things up, and I apologize for not mentioning/giving him credit for his windows 10 tweaks and configuration of JPLAY and Asset uPNP. Thankyou. The reason why it appears the same to me is because it's the same model motherboard, same cpu, same heatsink, same case, same usb/3.5mm board, and probably the same wiring. Keetakawee has already admitted that the hardware differences are the msata ssd, ram, and chassis dampening (and the wifi card which he didn't mention)... The rest is software and service related. Whether it's worth it or not is up to you. The Nimitra is $1395 USD (before shipping), and can be purchased in Australia for $2100 AUD (before shipping) from the local dealer. The $250 AUD delivered price I listed doesn't include msata ssd, wifi card, and ram, which you can buy from the local computer store or online for <$50 each. Keetakawee has stated that the product is "targeted for audiophiles who want good streaming audio solutions without spending time and effort to build and one with tech-savy skills themselves" and that "Fidelizer doesn't sell hardware but streaming audio solutions". I don't have a problem with that. My initial post was what I discovered through browsing the net.