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  1. @Snoopy8 That looks pretty much what I was looking for. Thanks. If I can find a good sale it might work out well. Seems the budget is the real constraining factor
  2. @Marc Thanks for the recommendation. Wasn't what they had in mind but I think they might really enjoy the simplicity of the wireless player. Only thing might be the app. Having a read it seems it may be a bit quirky but I will run the idea by them
  3. Hi Looking for a solution for my parents' stereo system. They would like to play CDs, but also would like the ability to stream music on the same device (primarily spotify). I don't use CDs at all so not sure what is out there. They are ideally looking to spend around 500 or less, new or used. I've considered just adding a basic CD player and chromecast audio, however the input selection on the integrated amplifier they use is broken and so to switch sources they need to unplug and replug cables. They could use a basic input switcher like the Schiit Sys but I think it would be eas
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