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  1. I did not. I did squeal a little bit when He walked past me.
  2. I went to the John Farnham Two Strong Hearts Concert in Brisbane. Great show What a voice and showman,terrible photo
  3. :D752BD owner. Does everything I need and more, I run jriver from laptop and SWMBO can run music from nexs pad.
  4. Guess where I've been?.........ok I'll tell you France & Spain. Thanks to SWMBO my dear Wife who sings with a great choir that toured the 2 Countries. I carried her bags and made sure she was in the correct place at the right time. The pay off I got to visit some wonderful places and took some reasonable pics.
  5. Nice pic @@Hergest. I for one always love a good sun set. Here is one from Brissy
  6. Too late...aaarrrr, the first time I work a Saturday in months and I miss this. I'm in Briz too...
  7. That's cool my new camera won an award. But what is prosumer? a type of sumo wrestler!
  8. Some great pics @@Spearmint I tried fireworks shots tonight at the Ekka final night. I was a bit underwhelmed, I got a couple of ok shots.
  9. From Kangaroo point (opposite side of the city to my other city shot). trying to do something similar to @@KenTripp . Loving this new hobby, however is just as costly and time eating as HiFi. Edit. Can others see the Story bridge in the far right? I don't on my screen.
  10. These taken at the Southbank Night Noodle Market.
  11. It was tough today, it was 27 deg.
  12. Beautiful pic of Melbourne Ken, here is one I've been working on from Brissie. I am very new to photography, only had my camera 3 weeks.
  13. Listening while shopping at Lifeline bookfest today. Elgar cello concerto playing, had just put the same recording on cd in my bag to purchase.
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