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  1. Any chance you have a lid/cover for it?
  2. 943


    Great idea for a new thread. "Show us your pano!" Unfortunately my house, either side of my kit, is a bit too messy to be showing to world.
  3. They're both the same distance from the wall - optical illusion as the downlight above the right speaker is out and it's a bit darker over there. I'll give them a bit of extra toe in - thanks for the suggestion. I'll see how it goes. Can I ask - if you've got PM1s too, how do you maintain the rubberised coating on top? I just dust with a damp cloth but it's starting to feel a little tacky. I might send a note to B&W to ask for advice too. Speakers are never in direct sunlight.
  4. An update to my cabinetry. I've tossed the old tv unit and looking around for something new. Problem is I think my speakers are now a bit too far apart. Maybe my ears just need to get used to the new setup.
  5. 943

    Best Band since 1990

    Can I add the 3rd best? - The Whitlams. Great Aussie band. Seen them a couple of times live and love their integration with SSO (and other orchestras) - rounds out their sound nicely.
  6. 943

    Best Band since 1990

    Ben Folds Five - closely followed by Ben Folds solo efforts after the band disbanded. However, I'm a bit of a Ben Folds fanboi so it's not terribly surprising. 2nd place goes to Radiohead. Found them via OK Computer and Amnesiac when I was working in Brasil in early 2000's.
  7. 943

    Rotel RA-12 as a pre-amp

    I have an RA12. How can I check this for you? ......hold on - does this help? I run pre-puts from the RA12 to a Rotel power amp. The volume control on the RA12 works to vary the volume through the power amp. I assume this means they are variable?
  8. 943

    AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Thanks - so this is your joiner - threaded rod under and countersunk M8 bolt on top?
  9. 943

    AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Looks great. What did you use to fix the threaded rods to the top panel?
  10. Delete - duplicate post
  11. ...and just what do you do for a job? My lunch locations are typically at my desk looking at a computer screen. Wanna swap jobs?
  12. Need? No [emoji51] Want? Sure. Do we really need half the stuff we buy?
  13. Thanks for the links - will have a look (I did do a search but no search results found so thanks for the links to the old threads too).
  14. 943

    Who remembers?

    Our first computer was the Dick Smith VZ200. Programs were saved and loaded onto cassette tape. The plug in on the back in the photo is the 16kb RAM expansion module. That's right, 16 kilobytes!