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  1. Hahaa, was a bit warm here actually. I think it hit 27
  2. I have seen this unit in operation. My Jim Reeves Op Shop find came out like new. If i was cashed up this would already be mine. GLWS
  3. Haha, a mate had the DX200 back when i had a lesser FiiO. The difference between the 2 was night and day. So when i had the chance to grab a DX90 off here i knew it was a no-brainer. Another guy off here who i work with had a set of HD800's. I would have loved to run it through them.
  4. Absolutely, i run mine with IEM's and Senheiser Momentums and cant imagine id need anything more. Love the SD slot and it plays everything. If i thought id ever need another one i would buy this.
  5. Great unit and great price, been using mine for years. Excellent portable player GLWS
  6. I have this in black with the dark timber sides. That stainless finish is mint. Wonderfully looked after too
  7. Classic looking speakers, wrong state for me unfortunately. GLWS
  8. These are great. Been using one for years. Wouldn't be without it. GLWS
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