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  1. Thanks , that certainly helps . Great explanation in that link.
  2. Need some advice from those in the know........i have a platerboard wall behind my fairly hefty Sonor Audio Capellas, due to the room use i cant move them more than obout 40 cm from the wall, slightly toe in. I can feel the rsonance in the wall and do believe there is a bitt too much bass masking higher frequencies. The room is definitely less than ideal, but its the only place i have for stereo. My question is, would bass traps/aqoustic panels placed behind the speakers have any benefit ?
  3. For what it's worth, I'm running thr Freya with a Bryston power amp and Sonor Audio Capella's and the result is great. The Frya was a significant improvement over my previous pre's ( MF and another valve pre)
  4. Anyone paired the Mani with a Schiit Freya ?
  5. Does anyone in Aus make those 'outrigger' type things ? More from a stability than coupling/decoupling perspective.
  6. For what its worth, I'm running a Bryston 4Bst power amp with a Schiit Freya pre and am very happy with the result. Sourcevis a Cambridge CXN and speakers are Sonor Audio Capella's which do require a bit of grunt
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