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  1. Good Morning, I would like to thank all you gentlemen for taking the time to respond so cogently to my enquiry.. clearly I need to understand more fully the role of impedance and loading on LOMC and the interaction with the SUT or head amp that is chosen. i am not in a great hurry therefore I will study the subject a little further, Thanks again, Ken
  2. Hi, I am considering upgrading to a LOMC cartridge... currently running Gyrodec, SME IV, Dynavector 10x4Mk11 HOMC into Transcendent phono stage, Transcendent Grounded Grid preamp... I am happy with the phono pre but it is only built for MM or HOMC inputs. I think that to run a LOMC I would need to install SUT in front of the phono stage. Is this correct? Could anyone advise brands to consider, prefer australian sources if possible, what sort of budget would I need commensurate with the rig and say, a $1500 ish LOMC cartridge. Any advice most welcome. Thanks, Ken
  3. @davewantsmore the amp "woke up" with no signal applied.. connected through high level inputs directly to the power amplifier. Power amp off, preamp off etc. I have emailed the supplier since the plate amp is brand new, hopefully a warranty job and all will end well. Cheers, Ken
  4. Update, thanks to all that have put in their two cents worth.. Saturday I swapped the drivers from one box to the other.. problem remained with the same (left) box. Conclusion, probably not the driver at fault. Yesterday, swapped channels at the power amp terminals to see if the issue is coming from upstream.. problem stayed on the left. Conclusion, probably not an upstream problem.. then it gets weird. Played a couple of hours music at moderate volume, no problems then deliberately cranked it loud but could not reproduce the problem any more... reversed the channels to original sides, cranked the volume, still no sign of a flapping woofer.. scratches head, thinks maybe it has fixed itself dubiously... Shut everything off, plate amps left on auto trigger had some dinner, TV on, then suddenly the left amp wakes up and the woofer flaps quite violently for a few seconds! Remember all upstream components are off! flapping dies away quite quickly and the plate amp goes back to sleep. I have no idea what is going on but I cannot help thinking the plate amp is the culprit. Thoughts? Cheers, Ken
  5. Thanks for the response, no, not using a turntable in this instance.. I understand what you mean, I remember older amps would sometimes have a 'rumble' filter to take out sub sonic frequencies from the tonearm/turntable. I am sure that is not it in this case. Also, only one of the speakers reacts in this way. regards, Ken
  6. Hi, I have used Onken boxes with a 10 inch woofer for duty below 160 Hz with my front loaded horns for many years . Recently the plate amp in one of the boxes died and I purchased a pair of Dayton SPA 250 to replace both amps. Having installed both amps... one works perfectly but the behaviour of the other is frightening. I had noticed excessive cone excursion when the unit first powered up but that seemed to settle down. Playing moderate level program everything appeared to be working.normally.. Turning up the volume somewhat, I think it was FLeetwood Mac - Tusk, suddenly the woofer was flapping wildly, creating and awful racket, clearly bottoming out violently. I cannot automatically assume that the amp is faulty since I installed it myself, is there a silly mistake I could have made? Can you suggest any other root cause, simple test to carry out? Any help or advice, I would be most grateful. Regards, Ken
  7. @@Pieface, The La Trappe tripel was probably my least favourite in this line up... the style is fine for me but the samples we had were pretty tired compared to the freshness exhibited by others. I would be prepared to give it another go.... Cheers, Ken
  8. @@custodian, My understanding is that they put a five year 'Best Before'on the WV12.. judging from the date stamp I put our samples at just under two years old. Unfortunately I have no other reference for comparison but I can say there was no obvious oxidation or staling present in the samples we tasted. Perhaps a fresher sample would have a little more of the top note aromatics on the nose... I don't know... not being a particularly hop driven style I doubtwe are missing much. Cheers, ken
  9. OK, a bit dusty this morning... some of these beers pack a punch! The line up was as follows: WV Blonde La Trappe Tripel Orval WV 8 St Bernardus Prior 8 Rochefort 10 WV 12 All were interesting in their own way... for me the Orval with it's distinctive brettanomyces character was really good. WV Blonde had a great champagne character, lovely and dry,tart finish and firm bitterness. WV 8 and St Bernardus 8 were good to compare since St Bernardus produced the WV beers under licence from 1946 until 1992... both great examples of a Belgian Dubbel, the ST B more chocolatey and cleaner aroma, the WV actually had hints of a bret character in a lovely complex aroma. The Rochefort 10 and WV 12, both quadrupels were in good condition, the 12 was about two years old in the bottle.. Massive luscious layered flavours and aromas in both.. you could sip and sniff these beers all night and keep finding something new.. for me the WV 12 just took the bickies because of its fabulous integration.. both in aroma and flavour this beer had a seamless quality with no particular component dominating another.. It really was a privilege to run through this line up with some equally passionate tasters.. Cheers,
  10. HI Guys, Thought I would just chime in on this thread, for transparency i'll say upfront that I make my living as a brewer... but for the purposes of this forum I am certainly an enthusiast as well.Happy to respond to brewing type questions... This Wednesday evening we are tasting some Trappist numbers including Westvleteren 12, 8 and Blonde... should be a good night I will reprise the highlights on Thursday... Cheers,
  11. Not exactly factory error but..... A few years ago I had I had a few modifications done in my preamp including the addition of a valve rectified power supply. The work was done by a well known local boutique manufacturer... On power up a horrendous buzzing through the speakers... It transpires that a ground needed lifting and then all was good but I remain astonished that the unit was obviously not tested before returning to me the first time.. Cheers, ken
  12. The Onken cabinet plans, driver selection and plate amp spec were part of Bert Doppenberg's package with the Oris 150 horns, I cannot be sure but I believe the plate amp has a 12 dB/octave roll off... the nominal crossover point is variable with a pot on the amp from 0 -160 Hz. I have set by ear close to 160 Hz and that also coincides with the recommendation. The Lowther EX4 drivers in the horns roll off naturally at the low and high end ie: full range signal applied... TBH bass integration has never been an identified concern but I am interested in getting some decent measurements in room.. Cheers, Ken
  13. Gentlemen, By way of update.. belated thanks to those who have responded.. I do appreciate your thoughts and your willingness to share them. @Mohan thanks in particular for chiming in, I well remember an afternoon with you a few years ago when I was in Melbourne for business and had a listen to your beautiful amplifier.. I have been a bit busy with our new craft brewery venture. Northbridge Brewing Co in Perth. A month or so ago I had the pleasure of meeting Tuyen, Domcentric and Speedie at my house for a very enjoyable afternoon of listening, fiddling with stuff and beer... thanks guys it was good fun. Right now I think that I just have not heard enough different systems to understand what is possible with different approaches (and budgets), what I need to do over the next few months is get out and about a little to broaden my horizons. In the meantime I have resurrected my microphone and REW software and am relearning the art/science of measurement, which has not been without its pitfalls. The bigger challenge then being to correctly interpret said measurements.. Cheers, Ken
  14. Hi, Beer is a perishable product and should be considered along with fruit and veg! Having said that it does not go off or become harmful to the consumer. The flavour and physical stability gradually decline over time... A 'few years' is quite a stretch even for beer well packaged in pristine condition.. the good news is it won't hurt anyone... give it a try! Cheers, Ken
  15. Hello all, I haven't posted a lot but I have enjoyed reading the generally intelligent discussions in these forums. I am at a crossroads with my two channel system, I am considering a total revamp and going a different direction. The alternative is to persevere with the HE approach and develop this further. It is getting to the point where I no longer trust my own judgement and unfortunately I do not have any friends with a similar interest in quality audio... If there are any SNAers in Perth willing to come and have a listen and offer an honest opinion I would be most grateful and happy to arrange a small GTG at my place. (Attadale WA) Alternately you may care to comment based on my system details below.. Speakers: Oris 150 Horns w. Lowther EX4 drivers, Onken base cabs w. 10" woofers Amps: Modded Audionote P2SE, Grounged Grid pre, Transcendent OTL Sources: Gyrodeck,SME IV, Transcendent Phono stage.. CD players etc Your first question will obviously be something like.." What do I think is wrong or right about it?".... Well, this is really hard to answer. At times I still love the immediacy, speed and presence the system can depict. My ears are probably not much good past 14000 HZ so I do not think the HF roll off should be a source of dissatisfaction... the bass could go lower I guess but my room is only a medium size lounge room, no high ceilings.. it could be a futile quest to go looking for the last octave of bass. Maybe I am just restless for something new and exciting.. I have been looking at second hand ads like ML2 Reference and SF Guarneri Memento but of course that will require a revision of amplifiers etc.... Anyway, sorry for the somewhat rambling post, I will appreciate any comment or hit me up to arrange a listen. Kind Regards, Ken
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