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  1. Thanks for the prompt response Marc Kind Regards, Ken
  2. Hi, Sorry if the wrong forum but please bear with me... I have previously successfully listed equipment for sale. In the last week I have tried to relist three separate times but nothing comes up... I know ads require approval but I have had no feedback at all.. I do not know who or where to enquire, I must be doing something wrong. Can anyone advise? Thanks, Ken
  3. Hi all, I would like to thank everyone for their interest in this unit I was a little overwhelmed by the number of responses and have not been able to reply individually.. The DAC has gone to a new home locally. Kind Regards, Ken
  4. Thanks Rob, You are right that the noise floor is extremely low, an essential feature to run with very high efficiency speakers IMHO. Cheers, Ken
  5. Further information: Selling my Oris 150 speaker system, includes horns, drivers, back chambers etc, stands and two Onken bass cabinets. Sensitivity for the system quoted at 105 db/1W/1m. The bass cabinets carry Viva 10 inch woofers and were built to Bert Doppenberg's plans and specs, the plate amps were replaced last year. The horns were professionally painted and are in mint condition, the current drivers are about eight years old and in perfect condition. The bass units roll off at around 170 Hz and the horn loaded EX4 driver covers the higher frequencies. A lot has been written for an
  6. Further information: Selling complete Transcendent amplification system, suited only to high efficiency speakers. The heart of the system is the Transcendent 1.5 W per channel OTL accompanied by the well known Grounded Grid preamp and the matching, separate phono stage (MM). All built carefully from Transcendent Audio kits, no component or construction failures have been noted. These components have been a delight, on rotation in my main system for a few years. Since the speakers (separate ad) are going.. I will no longer have any use for these little beauties. Photos: PLEAS
  7. Further Information: A long standing member of my main system this unit was replaced a couple of years ago and should now move on. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  8. Hi, I could offer you a Transcendent OTL, only 1.5 W per ch but magic with the right speakers. You can research at Bruce Rosenblits site, transcendent Sound. Call it $500. Kind Regards,
  9. Good Morning, I would like to thank all you gentlemen for taking the time to respond so cogently to my enquiry.. clearly I need to understand more fully the role of impedance and loading on LOMC and the interaction with the SUT or head amp that is chosen. i am not in a great hurry therefore I will study the subject a little further, Thanks again, Ken
  10. Hi, I am considering upgrading to a LOMC cartridge... currently running Gyrodec, SME IV, Dynavector 10x4Mk11 HOMC into Transcendent phono stage, Transcendent Grounded Grid preamp... I am happy with the phono pre but it is only built for MM or HOMC inputs. I think that to run a LOMC I would need to install SUT in front of the phono stage. Is this correct? Could anyone advise brands to consider, prefer australian sources if possible, what sort of budget would I need commensurate with the rig and say, a $1500 ish LOMC cartridge. Any advice most welcome.
  11. @davewantsmore the amp "woke up" with no signal applied.. connected through high level inputs directly to the power amplifier. Power amp off, preamp off etc. I have emailed the supplier since the plate amp is brand new, hopefully a warranty job and all will end well. Cheers, Ken
  12. Update, thanks to all that have put in their two cents worth.. Saturday I swapped the drivers from one box to the other.. problem remained with the same (left) box. Conclusion, probably not the driver at fault. Yesterday, swapped channels at the power amp terminals to see if the issue is coming from upstream.. problem stayed on the left. Conclusion, probably not an upstream problem.. then it gets weird. Played a couple of hours music at moderate volume, no problems then deliberately cranked it loud but could not reproduce the problem any more... reversed the channels to origi
  13. Thanks for the response, no, not using a turntable in this instance.. I understand what you mean, I remember older amps would sometimes have a 'rumble' filter to take out sub sonic frequencies from the tonearm/turntable. I am sure that is not it in this case. Also, only one of the speakers reacts in this way. regards, Ken
  14. Hi, I have used Onken boxes with a 10 inch woofer for duty below 160 Hz with my front loaded horns for many years . Recently the plate amp in one of the boxes died and I purchased a pair of Dayton SPA 250 to replace both amps. Having installed both amps... one works perfectly but the behaviour of the other is frightening. I had noticed excessive cone excursion when the unit first powered up but that seemed to settle down. Playing moderate level program everything appeared to be working.normally.. Turning up the volume somewhat, I think it was FLeetwood Mac
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