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  1. Hey Peter, I haven't been on SNA for yonks. I'll grab it if not sold please.
  2. Heyday. An essential Church album. Streaming it now while I have lunch at work.
  3. Slowdive - Slowdive This was my pick for album of the year last year, although the pressing quality isn't fantastic. I went through 2 replacements before landing a copy that wasn't terribly warped and dished. It still needed a visit to @metal beat for flattening. Not only that, it's a bit noisy in parts. However, the music on this is so good that it's pretty much irrelevant and worth all the pain. It also sounds much better on vinyl than it does streaming through Tidal (at least on my system). I was fortunate enough to see them earlier this year when they played at The Metro with my sons and some friends (including some SNA'ers and ex-SNA'ers). It still stands out as the gig of the year so far. I'm off the the Enmore tonight to see Gang of Youths - hopefully they can put on an equally good performance. It'll be pretty different seeing them at a sold out Enmore gig - last time I saw them was at a sold out Oxford Art Factory (a MUCH smaller venue for non Sydney siders). It wasn't hard to tell back on that night that they were destined to do exactly what they're doing and play at much larger venues. I was also lucky enough to pick up a copy of The Positions at that gig - they're now selling for silly money.
  4. Keeping the theme youfful Superb pressing and stunning performance.
  5. A new musical discovery for me this week, again courtesy of FBI - Objekt. Tonight I've been streaming his new album Cocoon Crush after listening to a track on my way home from work yesterday. IDM of the highest order - if you like Boards of Canada, I reckon you'll enjoy this. Shame it's not available on a nice flat slab of black vinyl.
  6. Howdy strangers, I haven't been around these parts for some time now. Kicking back with a new LP that arrived today, Islands Part 1 by No Mono. Lovely relaxing music and a great pressing too. I originally liked what I had heard on FBI radio a few months back, as well as the SOH gig they recorded. Unfortunately the album isn't available on Tidal, so I didn't get the chance to listen to it until I visited @Y B recently. As soon as he played it, I knew it was buying a copy to go into my collection. Jump on it while there are copies left.
  7. Jon, I've got a PL50L Mk2 and have an Ortofon Vivo Blue, a Benz Micro Glider and a Dynavector 17D2. The Ortofon is outclassed by both the others. The Benz has a somewhat warmer sound than the Dyna, which can be more suited to some albums than others. The Dyna is the most neutral of the 3 and is the cart I use nearly all of the time. If you're ever in Sydney, you're welcome to drop around for a listen.
  8. Holy cr@p Shane, are you saying a POS yellow record sounds better than a black record? 😲 I have both and agree with you that the UK (yellow) pressing slays the US (black) pressing. Currently spinning Kick by INXS. Half speed remastered version by Back To Black. Based on previous experience, I've avoided Back To Black like the plague, but this is superb! Many thanks for changing my views @scuzzii
  9. Mine were received loose in a large box with some paper wrapping, as per most of the others above. Last BOGOF sale, I received the same packaging. Both orders somehow arrived without the slightest bit of damage to any record. I wonder how many of these 2-4-1 records are going to be flipped in the classifieds... There seems to be less and less focus on SNA working as a community and more and more on making a profit at the expense of other SNA'ers. Thankfully there are still some here who understand the community ethos.
  10. Changing things up to keep things quiet and try to keep the peace with my neighbours - one of the joys of apartment living. Spinning another record from my recent 2 for 1 haul, Luluc - Passerby. A quiet, beautiful, contemplative album utterly ruined by a crappy pressing. Sub Pop = Sub Par. I will avoid anything from this label in future, having experienced too many shitty pressings. Their cousins at Bella Vista are one of the best in the business. Even at half price, this isn't worth the price of admission. Avoid like the plague and buy it on CD or stream it. Hopefully Bella Vista will repress it one day and do this album justice.
  11. Maybe this should be re-titled the Amazon 2-4-1 spinning now thread... An album that I almost grabbed as an afterthought, Nicolas Jaar - Sirens Very glad I bagged this now. For some reason, it never really gelled with me earlier - his first album Space Is Noise did from the first listen - but Sirens has sure hit the spot tonight. This is my second spin since it was delivered. Side B grabbed my attention earlier this week, especially the track Three Sides of Nazareth. Now the whole album is just coming alive. No altered states of consciousness required either (unless you count endorphins from training). Great pressing and SQ with some seriously good music. This isn't likely to be everyone's cup of tea. Far from it. It took a while for it to gel with me, but Nicolas Jaar has produced another great album here.
  12. I saw The Dubrovniks play at The Hopetoun one night many moons ago. Boris was obviously heavily intoxicated from the moment he staggered up onto the stage. Half way through the second song, he fell backwards into the drum kit. James was less than impressed with the damage done to his kit and Boris was in no state to continue, so that was the end of the show. We rolled down the hill to the Trade Union Club and saw someone else (can't remember who now). Fun times. Listening to The Aeroplane Flies High here at the moment. Sounds awesome cranked!
  13. James, I have a PS Audio GCPH you're welcome to borrow. If I was you, I would try a few different phono stages in your system to see which works best. It it also sounds like you could do with cleaning some of your old records if they don't sound so great. You're welcome to clean some records at my place to see what difference it makes before spending any money. Regardless of which way way you go, I'm glad to hear your system is starting to sing and that you're seeing what all the fuss is about with records. As good as digital sounds, in my experience vinyl is a touch more believable.
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