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  1. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    Max, what is the No Mono album like? It's not available on Tidal, but I've rally liked the tracks I've heard on FBI. Is the pressing any good? Ditto with the Ryan Downey album and are you going to see him tomorrow at Oxford Arts Factory? Is that an Exclusive P10 I spy there? So many questions...
  2. Christian is a panel speaker guru in Sydney. He was recommended to me by a number of SNA'ers who had used him for various repairs and rebuilds. I was really glad they recommended him to me and I was delighted with the job he did on these Innersounds. By Franken-speakers, I meant they're a Frankenstein speaker that he's built to his own specifications. They weren't much on the eye, but wow they did sound good.
  3. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    Meshell Ndegeocello - Devil's Halo Haven't listened to this for years. What a voice!
  4. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    I can't answer that for you, but I can tell you I'm not bothering with buying a copy.
  5. ABG

    Ben Salter

    LOL. SMS next time it is then. The show was a good one.
  6. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    Yessir. Now listening to Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders new album, Blue Poles. This is my second listen to this album and I'm distinctly unimpressed both from a music and sonic perspective.
  7. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    Radiohead - Amnesiac Kicking back on a lazy ol' Saturday arvo and soaking up some tunes.
  8. ABG


    On the main drive of the PC.
  9. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    Jon Hopkins - Singularity There's been a bit of discussion about this on the Electronic Currently Spinning thread. I'm really enjoying this album and the word on the street is that the pressing is superb. I'll be ordering my copy over the weekend and look forward to giving it a blast.
  10. ABG


    I just have a PC with one of the internal drives used for my music library. It's backed up to a NAS. Make sure you back your music up. You don't want to go to all the effort of burning your CD's only to have a hard drive crash. One thing I've learnt is it's not a matter of if your HD will fail, but when it will fail. Yep, you can control Roon with your phone, iPad, or PC.
  11. ABG


    You would struggle to find anything simpler or more intuitive than Roon. I found it way easier to use than JRiver (which is what I was using previously). 100% spot on. It integrates seamlessly. I love my Roon/Tidal subscription. I use EAC (Exact Audio Copy). It's free and does what it says. There are other programs out there with more bells and whistles, but I digitised my CD collection (around 2,000 titles) with no issues. I can't help with the other questions as they're too technical, but I'm sure one of the boffins here will help you Mat. Good luck mate.
  12. ABG

    Electronic currently spinning

    I'll be the contrarian then. I'm loving Singularity. Vive la difference! Give me a shout if you decide you want to sell it Max, but I hope you end up enjoying it as much as I am and keep it.
  13. ABG

    buying or renting music

    @harfdef I would definitely recommend getting a DAC. You can then stream music through your PC before committing to buy the album, which is what many here do (myself included). You don't need to spend a fortune to get good results, especially if you look at something like an SMS200 in conjunction with a 2nd hand DAC in the classifieds. There are always lots of good models coming up for sale as the latest and greatest DAC's are released. If you do go down this path, I would highly recommend looking at Roon as your interface. It's expensive, but it's exceptional. Do a search, but in essence Roon accesses your library of CD's (assuming you've ripped them to a HD) while also allowing you to access Tidal seamlessly - you can't tell the difference between your CD's and the albums on Tidal. This will give you access to CD quality (and arguably higher quality) streams and open up whole worlds of new music. I've discovered so much music since purchasing Roon, it's not funny. My Roon database got corrupted a few months ago and I couldn't believe how much I missed it while the support team from Roon sorted the problem for me (lesson - back up frequently). Anyway, good luck with the journey whichever path you go down. There's so much great music out there at super affordable prices - it's a great time to be a music lover. Whether it's a great time to be a musician is a whole other story...
  14. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    Listening to this now Cliff - thanks mate. A superb recommendation and one I would have never have heard if it wasn't for this thread. @Hensa check out Nature Fights Back from this album - it might be a way of making Dawn of Midi a bit more approachable. It has a similar theme of repetition with micro shifts, as do a few other tracks here.