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  1. Currently Spinning

    I've never heard of Melanie De Biasio up until now. I figured anyone that's listening to Micah P Hinson is going to have pretty good taste and my hunch was right. Listening to Lillies right now and it's great. I'll definitely be checking out her back catalogue. Thanks for the introduction
  2. Agreed. This is one gorgeous looking and beautiful sounding TT. I've had the pleasure of listening to it on a few occasions now and it smoked the Meitner DAC. Whoever picks this up will be a very happy camper. GLWTS Peter
  3. My US cleaner is noisy, but I just shut the door to the room it's in. With no music, I can just hear it as a background noise. With music playing, I can't hear it at all. The RDV on the other hand, now that's noisy. The US cleaner doesn't bother my partner. The RDV on the other hand is not her favourite toy of mine.
  4. There were a few comments here that I thought I could help by sharing my experience. Firstly, if you are letting the water dry on your records, you are letting the crud dry back into your records unless you're using a 1 micron filter a la @andyr. Cut back on the number records you are putting in the bath at a time. I don't understand the fascination with cleaning multiple records at once. It's not saving you any labour time. It takes me 10 seconds to put a record onto the spindle and onto my machine. To put 5 records with spacers must take about 50 seconds. You're not saving yourself any labour time. Total cleaning time sure, but not your labour time. I listen to one record at a time and clean 1 record at a time. I think cleaning more is increasing the chances of suspended particles drying onto the record as the water evaporates. Bear in mind that I am fortunate in that I have my cleaning set up in another room and can clean while I'm listening with no sound intruding. If if you are getting gunk on your stylus, you are proving my theory. I can play 20 records with zero - absolutely zero- gunk accumulating on my stylus. Cut back on the number you are cleaning at a time. Heat at makes a difference. 40 degrees is about right. Above that the vinyl starts getting floppy for a 140g record. 180g records seem fine to about 45 degrees. Above that I would be worried about the record warping, although I have no evidence to suggest it will. I might try cleaning a sacrificial record at 60 degrees and see if it warps. I just haven't tried, so can't offer anything definitive, other than to say that as the water gets warmer, the cleaning is definitely more effective and that records start getting a bit floppy over 40-45 degrees. The water with additives is safe to touch, but I wouldn't drink it. Just saying... Why would you want to touch it anyway? I manage to clean my records without getting any water on my hands and I'm not exactly using any Zen master techniques here. @Happy all the vacuuming process has to do is remove the liquid and suspended crud from the surface of the record. The Record Doctor V uses gravity to its advantage here. It doesn't need to lift a bowling ball off the ground. Trust me, mine does a perfectly adequate job. If you're worried yours isn't working properly, you're welcome to drop by and compare to mine. At at the end of the day, it's all about how fussy you want to be. Cleaning your records is an US bath in cold tap water and letting it air dry is better than not cleaning it. If you want to absolutely minimise the supposedly inherent noises of vinyl, read some of my earlier posts. I'm taking it to the nth degree and get virtually no noise at all. It takes me roughly 2 minutes of my time per record. I completely understand that some people wouldn't want to spend that much time. That's cool. For me, 2 minutes is a no brainer. To each their own. At the end of the day, it's all about enjoying the music. I just like mine to be free of as much superfluous noise as possible.
  5. Currently Spinning

    Ask me in a few hours.
  6. Currently Spinning

    Spinning Neneh Cherry - Homebrew while smashing down some lunch. A superb album from 1992 that was truly ahead of its time.
  7. Interesting and extremely practical. However, the guard is not quite robust enough to protect the cart if your significant other puts 10kg of assorted tools on top of it.
  8. Sums it up perfectly for me. The weird thing I've noticed is that something that sounds great in one system might not sound so brilliant in another. It's not always about what's 'better' but what works better with particular equipment. And there's only one way I've found to ascertain that - using your ears. Something that pairs well theoretically doesn't always practically. I''l let the boffins explain why. I just know what my ears tell me. @catman see if you can borrow a phono stage or two from nearby SNA'ers and see how they work in your system. Then come back and tell us what a better phono stage does for you (assuming you can borrow one that actually brings about an improvement).
  9. Sorry to hear your troubles Greg. I genuinely hope you get a good price for the records you're selling. Given that I'm not exactly flush with funds myself at the moment, I won't be troubling you for many, but having seen your posts in Currently Spinning and elsewhere I know I'll be drooling over quite a few. Good luck mate.
  10. Currently Spinning

    A wonderful afternoon spent listening to great tunes on a superb system John. Not to mention the first rate company - it was great to catch up with both you and Ross. Thanks once again for your hospitality and generosity mate. It was really interesting hearing just how differently two very high end phono stages presented the music. If I hadn't seen it was the same record on the platter, I would have sworn you had differently mastered records. The Brinkman has so much bass extension, it was jaw dropping, while the Whest had the edge with air, extension, detail and pace. Giving my new copy of Glen Hansard - Didn't He Ramble a spin. Sounds even better on vinyl than streaming through Tidal and that's saying something, especially of late - I'm borrowing a Pathos Logos amp from @Viognier and it really has synergised beautifully with my Metrum Hex. My digital front end is now just about on par with my vinyl. This is a great album and a great pressing to boot. P.S. @Ross I'm looking forward to hearing about the changes to your digital front end too.
  11. Currently Spinning

    Seems to be a real bad trot at the moment. I just received an e-mail from Amazon UK saying they couldn't find any issues with the copies of Truth Is A Beautiful Thing on their shelves and they will be sending me a second replacement. Hopefully third time's the charm. I also let them know about the warped replacement Slowdive copy. Thanks Shane. I'll arrange to drop them off to you via PM. Appreciate your help mate. Now spinning Bernie Hayes - Slow Fix. A great album from a local Newtown lad. If you like Elvis Costello, you'll love this. Many thanks to @o2so for the introduction and the kind gift. Thankfully there are no pressing issues whatsoever with this wonderful album.
  12. Currently Spinning

    I reckon Cliff is making a reference to The End by The Doors, Peter but I'm not 100% sure. Meanwhile at Casa ABG, I'm spinning my brand new, just arrived today replacement copy of Slowdive by Slowdive. I've had a wretched run lately with purchases from Amazon UK. My first copy of Slowdive was warped - badly warped. At the same time, I also received a copy of Truth Is A Beautiful Thing that had vinyl fill issues on Rooting For You (track 1). The replacement copy of Truth Is A Beautiful thing they sent had scratches on both sides of the record. One of the few tracks not affected is Rooting For You. Amazon UK have pulled all copies of the record off their shelves and are investigating. I'm still waiting to hear the outcome and what they will offer to resolve the issues I've experienced. To cap it all off, the replacement copy of Slowdive that arrived today is quite dished. Should I return it? I'm just about ready to tear my hair out here...
  13. @lumholtzii What type(s) of music do you listen to and what are your typical listening levels? Also how large is your listening space? Do you like having regular-ish listening sessions at very high levels? What voicing do you like? Warm and lush, neutral, ultra detailed? Any speakers you've heard that really stood out as spectacular to you? What type of speakers do you prefer? Coffins (cabinet speakers), flyscreens (electrostats), or megaphones (horns)? I could name a few products, but I'd just be throwing out names for the sake of it without knowing more. Some general advice - get your speakers sorted first. They're easily the most important part of the chain (just keep in mind the old weakest link saying). Take your time. I'm sure you're impatient to get it all together, but do your best to resist that urge and invest time in listening to as many speakers as you can. Go to as many SNA get togethers as you can. Talk to the attendees and pick their brains. If the Melbourne based SNA fraternity are anything like those based in Sydney, you'll get more great advice than you would from visiting every hifi shop in the country. Once you know the sound you want to achieve, either start visiting retailers in your area, or take the much slower and much better value approach and look in the SNA classifieds. Hi Fi equipment devalues as much as cars do. You can pick up some serious bargains second hand. I took the slower route and am glad I did. There's no way I could have bought my system new. The other advantage of buying second hand is that you can generally offload anything you don't really like without taking too big a financial hit. Fun times ahead mate. Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions here. Read lots of posts, especially from the more knowledgeable members (read @Cafad's post on amplifiers, for example) - the level of expertise on SNA is astonishing. But most important of all - enjoy the music!
  14. I've never experienced that wonderful "right there" feeling with headphones that you get with a great pair of speakers. That feeling that the musician(s) are right there in the room with you. I've heard more detail on a great pair of headphones, but never had that magical experience - it always sounds artificial, if you know what I mean, on headphones. You just can't get that same sense of a sound stage. @catman if the acoustics sound terrible in your listening room, buy some room treatment. It'll be some of the best money you've ever spent. If you can get someone to come over and measure your room and help you set up the treatment, even better. You obviously love your music and I reckon you owe it to yourself to maximise your enjoyment.
  15. MC cart, worth trying?

    @Sir Sanders Zingmore Before you go spending any more money Trevor, try playing around with the loading settings on your current gear. It won't cost you anything other than a little time and it will definitely make a difference to how your system sounds. Don't worry too much about formulas, just let your ears do the work. Move the load setting one notch at a time until it sounds just right. The switch on my phono stage is at the back. Because it's inside my cabinet, I can't see what setting it's on. I just use a record I know well and when the tonal balance is right, I leave it there. No need to over complicate things.