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  1. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    Holy cr@p Shane, are you saying a POS yellow record sounds better than a black record? 😲 I have both and agree with you that the UK (yellow) pressing slays the US (black) pressing. Currently spinning Kick by INXS. Half speed remastered version by Back To Black. Based on previous experience, I've avoided Back To Black like the plague, but this is superb! Many thanks for changing my views @scuzzii
  2. ABG

    Amazon Oz Vinyl BOGOF

    Mine were received loose in a large box with some paper wrapping, as per most of the others above. Last BOGOF sale, I received the same packaging. Both orders somehow arrived without the slightest bit of damage to any record. I wonder how many of these 2-4-1 records are going to be flipped in the classifieds... There seems to be less and less focus on SNA working as a community and more and more on making a profit at the expense of other SNA'ers. Thankfully there are still some here who understand the community ethos.
  3. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    Changing things up to keep things quiet and try to keep the peace with my neighbours - one of the joys of apartment living. Spinning another record from my recent 2 for 1 haul, Luluc - Passerby. A quiet, beautiful, contemplative album utterly ruined by a crappy pressing. Sub Pop = Sub Par. I will avoid anything from this label in future, having experienced too many shitty pressings. Their cousins at Bella Vista are one of the best in the business. Even at half price, this isn't worth the price of admission. Avoid like the plague and buy it on CD or stream it. Hopefully Bella Vista will repress it one day and do this album justice.
  4. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    Maybe this should be re-titled the Amazon 2-4-1 spinning now thread... An album that I almost grabbed as an afterthought, Nicolas Jaar - Sirens Very glad I bagged this now. For some reason, it never really gelled with me earlier - his first album Space Is Noise did from the first listen - but Sirens has sure hit the spot tonight. This is my second spin since it was delivered. Side B grabbed my attention earlier this week, especially the track Three Sides of Nazareth. Now the whole album is just coming alive. No altered states of consciousness required either (unless you count endorphins from training). Great pressing and SQ with some seriously good music. This isn't likely to be everyone's cup of tea. Far from it. It took a while for it to gel with me, but Nicolas Jaar has produced another great album here.
  5. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    I saw The Dubrovniks play at The Hopetoun one night many moons ago. Boris was obviously heavily intoxicated from the moment he staggered up onto the stage. Half way through the second song, he fell backwards into the drum kit. James was less than impressed with the damage done to his kit and Boris was in no state to continue, so that was the end of the show. We rolled down the hill to the Trade Union Club and saw someone else (can't remember who now). Fun times. Listening to The Aeroplane Flies High here at the moment. Sounds awesome cranked!
  6. James, I have a PS Audio GCPH you're welcome to borrow. If I was you, I would try a few different phono stages in your system to see which works best. It it also sounds like you could do with cleaning some of your old records if they don't sound so great. You're welcome to clean some records at my place to see what difference it makes before spending any money. Regardless of which way way you go, I'm glad to hear your system is starting to sing and that you're seeing what all the fuss is about with records. As good as digital sounds, in my experience vinyl is a touch more believable.
  7. You'll probably find it sits too high on your platter Cliff. I use my iPad (in its cover) as a rest just to the side of the platter. It takes the Zerodust to just the right height to be able to drop the stylus. I don't trust myself to hold the Zerodust steadily enough by hand. @andyr you'll be horrified to hear I only clean my stylus about once every 20 LP's or so, unless it's dirty (I check before playing pretty much every LP using the loupe on the Zerodust). Just about every record that goes onto my TT is US cleaned, so even after 20 LP's the stylus is clean. Every now and then I use the Last sylus cleaner, but more often than not, it's the Zerodust for me.
  8. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    XTC - Skylarking 2016 2 x 45RPM Box Set. The sound quality on this is superb. If you're a fan, grab a copy. It's not cheap, but worth every cent.
  9. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    Just like me Cliff...
  10. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    Zomby - With Love Triple LP that would have made an amazing single LP, or a really good double LP. Not everything on this is exactly my cup of tea, but my god, the sound quality is mind blowingly good! Wanna see how the sonics on your system stand up? Give this bad boy a blast.
  11. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    The Undies are one of Australia's most under-rated gems. Every time I've seen them live, it's been a great show.
  12. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    Moving from the safe predictability of Dire Straits to the zany unpredicatbility of Zun Zun Egui - Shackle's Gift A motley, genre hopping collection of songs - sometimes reminiscent of Fela Kuti, sometimes Talking Heads, sometimes Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, but always with a fresh and unique spin. Despite the sprawling nature of the album, the music is always tight and funky. The pressing is mostly very good, but has the occasional second or two of distortion through the right channel - unlike all of my other records on the Bella Union label, which are top notch. To keep it in perspective, I get about 4 annoying one second distorted moments over the entire length of the album - but I'm pretty picky and find it annoying. Regardless, this is an album that rewards numerous listens.
  13. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    I'm well and truly in the serenity now safety zone over here... I've owned this since I was a kid. It was one of the first albums I bought and despite the odd tick in between tracks, it still sounds bloody good. It remains my favourite Dire Straits album by some margin.
  14. ABG

    Currently Spinning

    Black Panther The Album (Music From & Inspired By) Picked this up from the recent JB sale. Really enjoying the album and the pressing and SQ are superb - up there with some of the best from my collection. Grab a copy while you can.