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  1. Hi Henry. I've been looking at the AGD NFB-1 and NFB-3 and they seem to be pretty universally praised. http://audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/NFB12014/NFB12014EN.htm http://audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/NFB32014/NFB32014EN.htm How do you get your AGD stuff? Do you go through addicted to audio or get them to ship direct?
  2. Wow, very helpful list. Many thanks for that! Thanks everyone for the advice and opinions. I'm still confused but now have a better idea of what's out there. I will try to demo some and keep an eye out for second hand bargains. Much appreciated!
  3. Hello everyone, I've just purchased a nice set of speakers thanks so some excellent advice from these forums; the Osborn Eos. http://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au Now I'm focusing attention on my DAC. With many different ones out there though its really hard to figure out which are the good ones. Also confusing is the fact that there is a huge range of prices. At the moment I'm using a modest Pro-ject DAC box. http://www.box-designs.com/main.php?prod=dacboxsusb&cat=source?=en I was wondering if anyone could: A. let me know what it is I should be looking out for in a DAC (e.g. specific chips, synchronous vs asynchronous sampling, particularly good manufacturers...) B. suggest any specific models that would be good to demo (preferably under $1000) So far I've heard good things about the Arcam irDAC, the Denon DA-300USB and the Opera-Consonance DACs (e.g. Don Curzio). (All are between $700-1000). http://www.arcam.co.uk/products,usb-dacs,USB-DACs,irdac.htm http://au.denon.com/au/Product/Pages/Product-Detail.aspx?Catid=c29d6de4-80b4-416c-b7c4-ce5fba28f532&SubId=USBDAC&ProductId=DA-300USB http://www.opera-consonance.com/products/digital/Don%20Curzio.html The source will be a Macbook pro either via USB or streaming via an airport express. The amp is a Rotel RA-1520 which I'm hoping to upgrade to a Consonance integrated tube amp in the future. Any pointers would be very much appreciated. Many thanks!
  4. I went for the standards. In the end, I felt I was better off putting the money towards the amp/sub. He did talk about the tweeter in the reference. He talked about many, many things though and I'm having a bit of trouble remembering exactly. I think he is using a different tweeter now because he pointed it out to me alongside a broken Beryllium (the magnet sucked an Allan key straight through the dome - oops!). I'm not 100% sure though, sorry.
  5. If anyone's interested, I ended up with a pair of Osborn Eos. http://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au They are excellent speakers and I can confirm that they sound great through the Rotel RA-1520. My second choice would have been the Monitor Audio GX100s. I also listened to the KEF LS50s and ProAc Studio 100s which were both great also but not quite as good as the other two in my opinion (for my amp). For more discussions on this topic see this thread: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/66387-proac-studio-100/#entry1125154
  6. For anyone who's interested, I have ended up with a pair of the Osborn Eos. It was not a hard decision in the end. They sounded the best and were also the cheapest. So Gemini07 and Alistairm I'm extremely grateful to you both for getting me onto them. To my ears, the Eos sound just excellent. Very transparent with crisp, even low end and clear, detailed highs. They sounded better than the more expensive speakers I had been testing and MUCH better than other speakers in the same price bracket. Having said that, I did really enjoy the Monitor Audio GX100s, KEF LS50s and the ProAc Studio 100s which I think are all fantastic speakers. I did find the ProAcs a little lacking on the top end but that could just have been the character of my amp coming through (Rotel RA-1520). If not for the Eos I would have ended up with the GX100s. I was interested in hearing the Spiral Grooves but I didn't have much luck in trying to organise a demo. I spent a very pleasant afternoon at Greg's while he showed me numerous permutations, the sound of, course, growing ever more impressive as he substituted more of my gear for his. I was totally addicted to the sound of the Eos supplemented by a sub and running through a 35W Consonance valve amp. Sounded like a much bigger system. I have a strong feeling I will be picking up one of each eventually. Finally, I heard the monuments, either side of two huge glowing tube monoblocks. Wow! Thanks so much everyone for the advice, it was all taken on board. Cheers!
  7. It's come to my attention that the Spiral Groove Studio One/Anima might be available in Melbourne. http://spiralgroovestudiomonitors.bigcartel.com/product/spiral-groove-studio-one These are spoken about glowingly in the gearslutz forums. http://www.gearslutz.com/board/product-alerts-older-than-2-months/727872-spiral-groove.html Anyone heard these? Reckon it might be worth holding off until I've heard them? Thanks as always for the valuable advice.
  8. henry218: Transparency is definitely the priority, so I guess another vote for the Osborn's? alistairm: Take a bath? I've not heard that expression before! You mean that the Osborn's will have poor resale value because they are not well-known? MultiplexMan: Thanks for the suggestions! I'll be having the speakers on two heavy pieces of furniture at chest-height at this stage. I'm living in a share house so can't achieve exactly what I want at the moment. The long term plan is that I'll upgrade to floorstanders for the main room and these bookshelf speakers will be the secondary ("nice") monitors for a small project studio (with the primary monitors being a "nasty" NS-10 type). Thanks so much for the input everyone. I'm feeling paralysed with indecision. I guess I just have to listen to them now which will be happening tomorrow and the day after.
  9. Edit: Resubmitted below, with quotes.
  10. I'll be going there in a couple of days. Will definitely be taking my gear. Looking forward to it! I've been having a look over the subs too. Anyone have any experience with the T12? (especially paired with the EOS) I'm keen to add a sub to my baby system at some stage in the future...
  11. Funny you should say that, he's already commented on my amp being not quite up to snuff...
  12. I just had a long look at the Osborn site and sent them an email. The EOS speakers look excellent. Great specs especially the 91dB sensitivity. I noticed that they are 4ohm though. Would this be a problem for the Rotel amp? I've only been looking at 8ohm speakers so far. Anyway, I'll be aiming to definitely give these a listen before making a final decision. Thanks everyone for the advice! Much appreciated.
  13. Here's a link to the proacs. http://www.proac-loudspeakers.com/html_files/Speakers.php?Range=Studio&Speaker=Studio100
  14. Hello everyone, I am looking to buy my first set of serious bookshelf speakers to go in a 10m x 3.6m x 3m quite dead open-plan space (long axis). I am not allowed floor standers because females. Amplifier is Rotel RA-1520 and source is computer via Apogee Duet 2 or Pro-ject DAC box. Music is wide ranging; classical, jazz, blues, electronica, rock, modern pop. I was hoping to get some opinions as to whether the Proac Studio 100 bookshelves would be a good choice. I am very keen on getting something that sounds as neutral/transparent as possible while still being pleasant to listen to. I have heard good reports about these in terms of sound and build quality. I am planning on auditioning these in the near future with my amp and source, however, I'd like to gather as much information as possible prior to then to help inform my decision. Any alternative suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have also heard the Monitor Audio GX100s and KEF LS50s through store amps and really liked both (though I'm worried the KEFs will be a bit small for the space). Many thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks nothing1. I will definitely go with my ears in the end but am always eager for the opinions of ears more experienced than mine! I will also definitely be auditioning as many of the suggestions as I can before buying. I really don't like the idea of buying "deaf" (ie online) though. It seems far to fraught with danger.
  16. For anyone interested, the capacitor seems to have been a red herring. I swapped in a new one and the tweeter still didn't play. As far as I can tell, the problem was with the wiring at the woofer. I noticed that the wiring was different between the two speakers. On the working speaker there was a blue wire from the back which connected to the same woofer terminal as the red/positive wire (+cap) to the tweeter. The white/negative wire to the tweeter ran from the other woofer terminal. On the non-working speaker, the white/negative and blue were reversed. Apologies for the lay terminology. So I swapped over the blue and white/negative wires on the non-working speaker and the tweeter started playing. I have no idea why the two speakers were wired differently. I'm also not sure why I got the results I did with swapping the caps; perhaps I got confused and tested the wrong speaker. Anyway, both speakers seem to be working OK now. As badly as it all went, it's a learning experience I suppose...
  17. Hey anfs (or anyone else), any idea where to audition in the NHT threes in Melbourne or Brisbane? I haven't been able to track down a store that has them and the distributer is not answering my emails...
  18. Thanks, Henry. Not a bad guess! I certainly had a stiff drink after the catastrophe was over. It was more a result of my frustration and subsequent haste to find the cause of the problem. So, maybe not enough beers? In my defence, the paper cones are a little on the old and fragile side.
  19. Thanks Henry. You're not making me feel very optimistic though! I was hoping that $3k for amp, DAC, speakers might at least offer some improvement over my $50 second-hand pioneer amp and speakers I found on the street... Today I listened to the KEF LS50, Paradigm Studio 20, B&W CM5, Monitor Audio GX50 and GX100. I loved the KEFs (amazing stereo imaging) but have to say I was fairly blown away by the GX100s. A bit more than I was planning on spending but definitely the best I've heard so far. They are 88dB and ran very well to my ears on the 70W integrated they had in the store. Anyone have any experience with the GX50 or GX100? Thanks for the input as always.
  20. Thanks for the input Henry. That is a very good idea which I should have done first. I didn't realise that it was possible to do that. Wow, what an unmitigated disaster. Not only did I not fix the speaker but I also burnt my finger and made a small tear in BOTH my woofers as a consequence of my haste and lack of attention to detail. Possibly the worst speaker repair job in the history of speaker repair jobs. Lucky these speakers cost me exactly zero dollars. Nevertheless, I think I have identified that the problem is one of the capacitors. I substituted the cap from the working to the not-working speaker which resulted in the tweeter playing. I also have had a go at repairing the mid-woofer tears with a thin layer of epoxy resin glue. Furthermore I have learnt a number of important lessons about speaker repair, first and foremost that I am extremely bad at it. Here are links to forum discussions which I found helpful, if anyone is treading the same path. http://www.badcaps.net/forum/showthread.php?t=17592 http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/26867-fixing-woofer-tear.html Now I guess I have to find a replacement capacitor. Aside from the 3.3uF rating, does the "K 250, NIS 16" help me work out what I need?
  21. OK, that didn't work and I certainly feel stupid. I just replaced both the tweeters. The tweeter is still not working in the affected speaker (no sound whatsoever). The new tweeter is working fine in the one that was working fine before. I've checked all the solders with a continuity meter and they are fine. Anyone got any ideas where the problem could be? Could it be the cap? I'm not certain how to check them but the cap resistance is reading ~12ohm on the working speaker and ~6ohm on the non-working one.
  22. Hi AJ, many thanks for that. The DAC can definitely be improved, I appreciate that. I am hoping to try out some different ones in the near future. Any suggestions in the less than AUD $1k bracket? However, what is the problem with optical? And are there any obvious alternatives using the MBP as a source? I have tried using the USB-to-DAC connection with similar results (however, that won't work for high resolution files as it accepts a maximum of 16/48).
  23. Hey nothing1, I don't think Henry was hating on the Jades. I think he's just always thinking of ways things can be improved. Plus, I guess with so much great tech in the Jades, there have to be compromises somewhere. I can't seem find much independent information on the Jade 3 insides but here's a link to the product page if anyone can deduce any further info from that http://www.wharfedale.co.uk/product.php?pid=5 The jade crossovers are at 350Hz and 2.8kHz. Another point, Henry, in reference to your earlier comment about sensitivity... ...almost none of the usual suspect speakers (B&W, KEF, MA, Wharfedale etc) I've seen in the AUD $1-2k have a sensitivity that high. Most are in the 85-87dB range, though the MA Silver 2s are 88dB. Is it another jump up in price for the higher sensitivty or am I just looking at the wrong models? How important is it anyway to get above 90dB for a 60W amp, considering I will also be adding an active sub at some stage? Loving the discussion!
  24. Hmmmm, I notice that the Wharfedale Jades are 6ohm. Does anyone know how the Rotel RA-1520 would go with that? My understanding is that I wouldn't be able to run another set of speakers if one set had that low an impedance...
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