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  1. Yes, check out Unable to attach images to posts.
  2. I haven’t played Two Minute Warning for 20 years I reckon, seem to always spin Face to Face, TMW is better than I remember, SQ is excellent, dead silent pressing even without a pre clean, nice one Buzz
  3. Dirt, my favourite Alice in Chains album, drug induced brilliance, allegedly.
  4. Dragged out an old classic for a spin.
  5. And ironically you just cracked the 1000 posts 🤣
  6. Cats in Boots - Kicked & Klawed, given a US clean before playing, sounding great, very GnR like, but still original sounding.
  7. I’m sorry to hear this, I feel your pain, this would be my worse nightmare, time to review my security, geez there is some scum out there.
  8. And reduce the the risk of a size 10 squashing them.
  9. Amber Rubarth - Sessions from the 17th Ward, I’ve had the 24/192 digital version for years and always wanted it on vinyl, it had finally been released. A great pressing from Chesky records, dead quiet and dynamic, nice audiophile quality vinyl.
  10. Yes Mike Lenehan FoilFlex, revealing and natural sounding.
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