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  1. awayward

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    Hey Daz, Count me in, just for the eggs, best eggs I’ve ever had. I won’t claim a bed as I’ve always wanted to sleep in a swag, good excuse to buy one and sleep outdoors, hopefully it doesn’t piss down all night. Although there is one condition, no more BS about you can’t drink after a meal, the night is only early at 8pm, host or not you have to party on 👍, we can look after ourselves. Looking forward to hearing what the valve BS is all about.
  2. Still available, and last chance to get yourself a well deserved Christmas present, delivered before Christmas.
  3. Price drop of $650, now $3150
  4. awayward


    Yes isolation feet were attached, don't get me wrong, the ML5s are spectacular speakers.
  5. awayward


    I have ML2 limited's also, and have heard ML5s. I still prefer my ML2s, they are sub assisted, but this isn't what makes them better, it was more the stand mount vs floor mount, the ML5s just sounded a little boxy to me compared to the ML2s which have no noticeable cabinet resonances.
  6. awayward

    JB Hi-Fi 20% Off Tomorrow

    A bit of a mixed bag, some stuff I always wanted on vinyl.
  7. Item: Parasound JC2 Bypass Location: Port Macquarie NSW Price: $3800, $3150 Item Condition: Used mint condition Reason for selling: It is Silver, the rest of my equipment is black Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: 3 years old, unused the last 6 months. I purchased a PS Audio BHK pre 6 months ago, I think the JC2 has slightly better micro details retrieval and better PRAT, the BHK has a more laid back sound, dare I say more analogue, probably mainly due to its valve input stage, honestly there is little difference between the JC2 and the BHK, and I could live with either easily. The JC2 retails at around $9k and is highly sought after by many audiophiles. This JC2 is like new and has only ever been fed clean power from a PS Audio P10 power plant. OEM Boxes, manual and remote included. Price includes freight cost to anywhere in Australia. Pictures:
  8. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Love this album, except I slipped over and broke my arm many years ago while Surfing with an Alien was playing, the pain is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear it now, still enjoy it though.
  9. awayward

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Myles Kennedy - Year of the Tiger, I’ve have this for a few months and have enjoyed it, perhaps it is my mood today but I think it is excellent today, SQ is terrific and Myles is in great form, writing all the songs and playing everything except bass guitar and drums.
  10. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Night Verses - From the Gallery of Sleep, excellent instrumental prog, some great drum work.
  11. awayward

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Nice one Daz, the Production sounds good, I'll give it a spin tonight, if it is available in Tidal that is!
  12. awayward

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    Hey Daz I’m always keen for a GTG, especially lately as I need to hear other systems to see if I’m heading in the right direction with my system. I was recently up your way, so to speak, had a wedding week in Yamba, not mine, wanted to drop in for a listen but you know how it is with one drunken day leading into the next. Very keen to hear your latest system, although I’m sure that will change many times before I visit 👍
  13. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Jean-Michel Jarre’s new release, Equinoxe Infinity, a sequel to his 1978 classic Equinoxe, sounds great.
  14. Well it is opposite in my system, non HD has improved considerably across the board, HD is more recording specific, at a general level the tone of everything is more realistic, plus the things you have mentioned and more. I don’t think I’ve played anything that hasn’t clearly sounded better, mostly I go wtf
  15. The DS snr has been elevated considerably by the extraordinary Snowmass update, any previous comparisons to other DACs are null and void, imho