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  1. I was listening to this album again this afternoon. And I thought to myself that I have been building my system for the last 7 years or so to hear and appreciate this album to the max, IMHO, and I agree totally that this is the best produced and mixed album I’ve heard, for this genre anyway.
  2. Well it looks like there is only one way to find out, 30 day money back guarantee so nothing to lose.
  3. From what I have read the dsj will get the new mountain top.
  4. That could be an option. Although there is only one seller in AUS and the original is one of the best USB cables in the world, so I think demand for the new cable will be quite high anyway, especially if it is better. The cable is relative expensive so getting numbers for a bulk order may be difficult, time will tell.
  5. A new and improved version of the Curious usb cable has been released (Curious Evolved), has anyone heard it yet? How does it compare to the original?
  6. Guns n’ Roses - Appetite for Destruction. I had to buy this today, a limited edition HD remaster from the original analogue tapes, very nice.
  7. Thank you, my 3 normal tape measures and my digital measure are my best friends 😉
  8. I’m not sure what rock I was under when this was released, Sweet Oblivion. This is a collaboration of DGM mastermind Simone Mularoni and legendary Geoff Tate with a selection of high-end musicians who have brought us an exceptional album. Working to create that classic sound that Tate made famous in the 90s with his former band Queensryche mixed with the guitar riffs and solos more commonly associated with prog rock, it is quite the genius album.
  9. The dac that keeps on giving, let’s hope Windom is as big of an improvement as Snowmass was, can’t wait.
  10. Black ‘n’ Blue - Nasty Nasty, some good hard rock from 1986.
  11. New arrival today, Diamond Head - The Coffin Train, just awesome.
  12. Thank you for the comparison review, looks like I’ll keep my P10, doesn’t seem to be enough improvement to justify the cost of upgrading.
  13. Wait until you’ve had ten listens or so, then it will really blow your mind.
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