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  1. Steven Wilson - The Future Bites, I’ve been enjoying this way more that I expected, not my usual cup of tea, can’t say that anymore, great album.
  2. Nice, it’s one of my favourite albums, and unfortunately my original is the only album I have accidentally damaged, dropped it while cleaning. I’ve replaced it with a reissue, I’d love to see a remaster.
  3. The Pretty Reckless - Death by Rock and Roll
  4. As we are all about the music and the SQ I thought I’d post some sound of my system. It’s a crappy iPhone video which will be lacking in a bit of bass, but I think it will convey the general sound. Edit: recording sounded pretty bad, so I’ve deleted it.
  5. Van Halen - 1984, 2010 remaster, pressed at RTI, sounds great.
  6. Certainly getting your ZZ Top fix 👍
  7. Mine arrived yesterday, and the abridged version also, I'm finding both of them really boring, I'm hoping it will grown on me with more listens.
  8. I’ve updated and I’m happy that the two things I missed are back, album ratings on the albums view, and tags visible on tracks, I’m easily pleased 👍
  9. Perhaps buy yourself a relatively cheap record cleaner and clean all your old albums first. A bit of manual work, and it cleans ok. Spin Clean Record Washer MK2 (audiotrends.com.au)
  10. Styx - The Mission, a concept album about a mission to Mars, and a topical subject with the US landing.
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