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  1. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Have you heard his 2018 release Raise Vibration, I rate it, very enjoyable.
  2. I totally agree, awesome combo, GLWTS
  3. awayward

    currently drinking

    Congratulations, selling can be a stressful time
  4. awayward

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Hey Daz, Enjoying Master Boot Record, half way through the album but need a break from it, doing my head in a bit. I think you might like this one, it will certainly give your system a workout. https://nightverses.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-gallery-of-sleep
  5. awayward

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Great album, this album is known as the black album, and widely accepted as Metallica’s best and one of the best in this genre. Many heavy metal bands say they hope their next release will be their black album, i.e. their best and an all time classic like Metallica’s , unfortunately that rarely happens.
  6. awayward

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Savatage - Power of the Night
  7. awayward

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Good get, I’ve always wanted it on vinyl, is it new or used?
  8. awayward

    Metallica supp/by Slipknot.

    Got Sydney tickets today, never seen Metallica so I’m rapped. Also pleased that both my kids are coming too, both 30ish so not kids, happy I have had an influence on their musical direction
  9. awayward

    Roon software

    I have a PS Audio DirectStream dac, designed by Ted Smith. He believes that dsd output produces the best sound, so all formats are upscaled to dsd. I have no say in what the dac does, but the SQ produced is very high quality, no complaints, I just feed it the best native format I can.
  10. awayward

    Roon software

    I’m running Roon core on a Sonictransporter i5 from small green computer, comes loaded with Roon core, so just a little bit of setup and away you go, it has been hassle free since new and the SQ is excellent, using the Roon app on an iPad. I don’t need DSP in Roon as my dac has plenty of grunt and converts everything to dsd, too easy 👍
  11. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Such a unique album, one that I never get tired of, I just wish I knew what half the lyrics are about.
  12. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    This album is obviously prog with the expected technical aspects delivered perfectly, but to me it seems simplified compared to their previous stuff, which seems to produce a more coherent album, really enjoying it still after 20+ listens.
  13. awayward

    ML2 Stands: What Height should they be?

    My ML2 stands are 60cm from the carpet to the top of the stand, the stands are on spikes, tweeter is 92cm high
  14. You may struggle with this one if you prefer longer tracks, I like shortish tracks that get to the point, although the 2 tracks near 10 minutes are awesome, varying time signatures that fit perfectly. I‘ve listened to this album every day since its release and I really can’t explain why it has resonated with me so much, especially since I really haven’t enjoyed anything they have done in years.
  15. awayward

    ML2 Stands: What Height should they be?

    As a general rule, Tweeters at ear level.