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  1. Small Green Computer server

    Sonore ultraRendu as my endpoint, add some good PSUs, and yes it adds up fast, but not too bad compared to other options for a complete digital solution.
  2. Small Green Computer server

    I have an I5 small green computer, running Roon, connected to Tidal HiFi and a NAS, everything runs flawlessly, SQ is excellent also, an ideal configuration.
  3. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Spinning some Ozzy on my recently acquired Rega P9, sounding rather nice.
  4. My System this morning

    Nice looking system, a great selection of music there also, some serious toe in on the speakers, must give a very immersive sound
  5. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Looks like I need a few more spins before making a final judgement, the sacrifices I make
  6. What an absolute bargain, great amp. GLWTS
  7. Metal: Currently Spinning

    I was just about to post the same, on my second listen but still undecided on the greatness, reviews have been good, but that means jack s**t.
  8. I’ll take all of Focus, Jarre, Sky, plus Eloy and Streetmark
  9. Currently Spinning

    I haven’t listened to this for I don’t know how long, much better than I remember it, great SQ and soundstage, and yes it’s the Angels.
  10. IMO all systems benefit from subs, regardless of speaker design and room configuration
  11. Lenehan ML2 limited’s, sub assisted but trust me the bass output is exceptional in both quality and quantity, without subs.
  12. Currently Spinning

    Badlands self titled album, featuring Ozzy’s one time guitarist Jack E Lee, and the Robert Plant like vocalist Ray Gillan, a classic blues rock album.
  13. Metal: Currently Spinning

    @BuzzzFuzzz I think you deserve an award for the the most passionate newcomer. Keep up the good work
  14. Quick DIY Flex Racks

    I have nuts below and above each shelf, I actually find I get a small SQ improvement when I tighten the nuts every 6 months or so, I should have added spring washers I suppose. Have you thought about fixing castors to the base? I did, makes it much easier to move around, especially with over 80kg of equipment on board.
  15. Metal: Currently Spinning

    This Snake?