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  1. If you turn on the "Enable MQA code Decoder" in Roon (in your image), Roon will do the first unfold up to 24/96.
  2. I had a quick look at the specifications for the Devialet Expert 440 pro, I didn't see any reference to it being MQA compatable.
  3. I’m no expert, but I don’t think that is how routers work, they just receive packets of information and forward on to the appropriate device, routers don’t request, just receive.
  4. In Roon, do you have the correct MQA setting for the device?
  5. Try and have a listen before you buy, I’ve had a few spins and just can’t get into it, the production sounds flat, no where near his best work IMHO, perhaps the Bernard Fanning influence, I really love his two previous albums.
  6. I purchase this cable as an upgrade, might be worth considering. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/REL-3-Wire-Sub-Speaker-Cable-Neutrik-Speakon-Subwoofer-Lead-/164096535508
  7. I’m not sure what you call cheap but the the EGM Red cables are very good and are well made.
  8. I would give up on upgrading your RP6. I had a RP6 with a Groovetracer sub platter, with a Apheta 2 cart, bought a P9 and fitted the same Apheta cart, this combo blew the RP6 away. I’ve since upgraded the cart which has taken it to another level. I think that a tt can get to a stage of upgrading where it is better to go to a better tt, and go from there, you will get better performance.
  9. I have this one and Volcanic Rock, don’t listen to them much, usually forget I have them, I should give them a spin.
  10. Terrific amplifier, mine’s not going anywhere, GLWTS.
  11. Ayreon’s new album Transitus is available for pre-orders, September release, I couldn’t resist the limited edition vinyl, expensive with the postage, but hey you only live once. https://www.mascotlabelgroup.com/Pre-order-Ayreon-s-new-album-Transitus...-Now
  12. Billie Eilish - Bad Guy Lenny Kravitz - Here to Love, an acoustic style song, but has the occasional low sub bass which will test your sub.
  13. Europe’s latest from 2017, Walk the Earth, I think it is their best album.
  14. I agree in some circumstances, but it depends on the decibels you like your music, and it’s not like the speakers are all the way at one end and the listening position at the other., usually somewhere in between. My room is 6 x 9m and stand mounts certainly fill the room, they might struggle at 100db but who listens at that volume all the time.
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