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  1. awayward

    SOLD: FS: Uptone Audio LPS 1.2

    Just my luck, I have one en route from Uptone, bugger ☹️
  2. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Joe Bonamassa’s new album Redemption
  3. Night Verses - From the Gallery of Sleep, heavy instrumental prog.
  4. awayward

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    Devin Townsend Eras part 2, purchased part 1 and it is of the highest quality. Contents: "Ocean Machine" (Gatefold 2LP) "Physicist" (Gatefold LP) "Terria" (Gatefold 2LP) "Synchestra" (Gatefold 2LP) “Infinity” (Gatefold LP
  5. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Yes appropriate is probably not the right word, appropriate as in being respectful to the band and their music delivery, very loud, as it always was when I seen them live, almost ear bleed volume.
  6. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Home alone so playing Rose Tattoo at a volume level that is appropriate.
  7. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Uriah Heep - Living the Dream, their 25th studio album, possibly their best in a couple of decades, gotta love keyboards done right.
  8. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    A new solo album of covers from Ann Wilson (Heart) - Immortal. 1. “A Different Corner” (George Michael) 2. “A Thousand Kisses Deep” (Leonard Cohen) 3. “Back to Black” (Amy Winehouse) 4. “Baker Street” (Gerry Rafferty) 5. “I Am the Highway” (Audioslave) 6. “I’m Afraid of Americans” (David Bowie) 7. “Life in the Fast Lane” (The Eagles) 8. “Luna” (Tom Petty) 9. “Politician” (Cream) 10. “You Don’t Own Me” (Lesley Gore)
  9. awayward

    Thicker Power cable?

    Nice personal attack, especially when you don’t know me, empathy to others feelings seems to be not your strong point.
  10. awayward

    Thicker Power cable?

    I wish guys would grow up and play nice, it makes it a miserable experience visiting this SNA forum sometimes, IMO
  11. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Found this when searching Roon for Y&T albums, an acoustic EP I was unaware of, it contains a great version of their classic song Barroom Boogie, such a funny song. YouTube version
  12. The red attachment device for a wet vac looks interesting, I can’t find it on eBay, do you have a link to the seller, please.
  13. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Slash - World on Fire, what a great album cover!
  14. awayward

    Collectors Choice Music

    I place my first ever order with CC Music 6 days ago, arrive today in excellent condition 👍