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  1. awayward

    FS: Infinity Kappa 7 Speakers [ADL]

    Great speakers, I have a pair in the cupboard in similar condition to yours, can’t bring myself to sell them, too many good memories. GLWTS
  2. awayward

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Great album, I will spin it now, thanks for reminding me 👍
  3. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Thank you, will check it out.
  4. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Mark Tremonti’s new album.
  5. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Hey @scuzzii , can I enquire where you purchased this from? I’d love to get this on vinyl.
  6. Wow the Astonishing is a big effort to get through on its own without adding Images and Words, good job 😅
  7. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    A good cover version of the Church’s Under the Milky Way by Frank Hannon, from his From one place to another vol 1 album, some nice covers on it.
  8. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    The amazing Colin Tench Project, minor Masterpiece, I think it is a major Masterpiece, The production is top notch, available via Bandcamp .
  9. awayward

    Currently Spinning

    Ugly Kid Joe, what a classic rock album IMO
  10. awayward

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Listened to this for the first time today, I think it is excellent. Bands and musicians evolve in different ways over many years, most of the album is prog at its best with a modern twist, I can’t wait to spin it again tomorrow.
  11. awayward

    Naim Uniti Core

    Daz the one file flac should/might have a cue file associated which contains all the individual track information, if so Google will explain how to create individual tracks, another piece of software for you, isn’t CA great.
  12. awayward

    SOLD: EOI: Parasound JC1's & JC2

    Is this the bit where people say garbage in- garbage out? Possibly, but a balanced system should cope with garbage in. Go back to tone controls a-la P5? No Stop chasing unicorns? Never, the sound you want is out there. Build a bigger listening room? Ideally yes, but only to enhance a nicely balanced system.
  13. awayward

    SOLD: EOI: Parasound JC1's & JC2

    I think this needs to be asked 😀 What don’t you like about your current sound? What are you seeking?
  14. awayward

    Led Zep Revisited

    Familiar but slightly different, I like it.
  15. awayward

    SOLD: PS Audio BHK Signature Pre Amp

    Hi Mike, I’ll take it, that’s my second purchase from you this week.