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  1. No wonder Tidal costs so much for us regular subscribers.
  2. How are the reissues compared to the Aussie pressings?
  3. I recently got the Blue Horizon mat, And prefer it to the felt mat on my P9.
  4. Amazing speakers, I'm sort of glad I can't easily demo these speakers, I would probably be considerably poorer, GLWTS
  5. Windchase - Symphinity, what an amazing album from 1977, probably Australia’s second prog band, formed by a couple of band members of the first prog band Sabastian Herdie.
  6. The flip side to this is that Tidal will actually save you money in the long run, by confirming it is worth purchasing first, and you can still enjoy those albums that just don’t make it to an actual purchase.
  7. Just out of curiosity, WASP has been around for many years, is it still the setup procedure Wilson recommend for their speakers?
  8. Sounds like the 3 is a good cart, the 1 and 2 were pretty average in my opinion. The 3 will take at least 30 hours to settle down and get the correct balance, you certainly have an end game tt and cart. I’m keen to hear a P8 and P10 with the 3 to hear how much better it is than my P9, time will tell.
  9. I might have seconds thoughts also at that price, although it does depend how much you use it. I use it for hours everyday so I think $9 a week is acceptable, one beer at a pub can cost that much.
  10. I got billed $23.99 for Tidal Hi Fi three days ago.
  11. Nice, if it is brand new it may be a bit early for a review, but how is it?
  12. You’re in for a treat, all four songs are excellent, and the SQ is top shelf, song Get out! Now! with Dee Snider on vocals and Joe Satriani on guitar is a highlight, I can’t wait for the full album to arrive.
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