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  1. Chris Cornell’s Live in Sweden is probably the best SQ for a 320kbps release I have. It has never been released in any other format, and is free for download, and it contains most of the songs discussed, recommended.
  2. I’m really enjoying the album, the riffs are classic AC/DC, Angus said that he used a lot of the older riffs that Malcolm had created but never used, and not one song title has Rock or Roll in it, which was getting monotonous, SQ is good, a very small amount of background noise but no clicks or pops.
  3. Joe Bonamassa - a new day now, 20th Anniversary Edition, one of the better remixes I have, some vocals have been redone which is definitely an improvement.
  4. Fates Warning - Long Day Good Night, a new release of some good prog rock.
  5. One of today’s new arrivals, Joe Bonamassa - Royal Tea
  6. Looking inviting and the vinyl is sounding good tonight. The Lenehan Audio ML2 limited speakers never cease to amaze me
  7. Living Colour - Shade, I’ve always appreciated the unique talent in this band.
  8. Scardust- Strangers, my best of 2020 prog album so far, and singer Noa Gruman has some seriously good pipes on her, highly recommended.
  9. Yes and $10 new, but the store or distributor was sneaky and put a sticker over the little cut in the cover.
  10. It is much better than I expected, based on their last few releases I wasn't expecting this quality and variety, it's very good.
  11. The editors at Stereophile magazine have awarded the Stellar Phono “Analogue Product of the Year”, some nice recognition for a superb phono stage.
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