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  1. Not always, I’m finding some really poor pressings that no amount of cleaning will fix, very sad.
  2. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Fishing for Fishies Having a go at the blues this time around, their usual mix of the unexpected, totally out of control but somehow controlled, terrific stuff.
  3. Wow! What an absolute bargain, someone really needs to buy these, I’ve heard these actual speaker, glorious midrange, tight accurate bass, terrific overall tone and balance throughout the entire frequency range. Truely reference speakers.
  4. I didn’t know this album was done in Q sound, I really enjoy Q sound albums, don’t tell anyone I’m listening to Madonna, gotta luv streaming, instant playback
  5. Allowing others to control your music, blasphemy. I have been using Tidal for a couple of years without any issues, it’s been just the last few months I’ve been getting dropouts. I suspect it’s a Tidal server problem.
  6. I’m using a Roon also, is it a Roon or Tidal issue, that is the question! Not an internet issue as you are in Vic and I’m in NSW.
  7. I’ve been getting “Tidal media is loading slowly” lately, and it skips to the next song, is anyone else having Tidal issues? Not Bluesound related, just dropouts in general.
  8. Days of the New - self titled I haven’t listened to this for a few years, don’t remember it sounding this good, my system is in the zone tonight, or is it me? Probably both!
  9. Skunk Anansie - An Acoustic Skunk Anansie (Live in London)
  10. When did equipment and room sound dynamics, become more important than the MUSIC it self? Answer: never But the aim is to make the music as enjoyable as possible and optimizing your equipment and room will give you the best bang for your buck, and enhance the enjoyment of the music.
  11. Whitesnake’s new album Flesh & Blood, very nice production, the bottom end has plenty of kick and impact, the guitar solos are awesome. David’s vocal performance is good also, typical hard rock in the Whitesnake style.
  12. Are you considering entering the wonderful (but expensive) world of vinyl?
  13. I remember someone else having this issue, caused by a anti-clockwise rotation, rotation must be clockwise, which direction are you using?
  14. PS Audio have released version 3.0.6 (Snr) for Snowmass OS, the changes in the update are for the PIC code only, so in theory there should be no effect on SQ. I was on version 3.0.0, I didn't update to 3.0.5 when released, in my system there is a considerable difference between 3.0.0 and 3.0.6. The later has crisper highs and slightly more pronounced mids, making it a bit bright first up, the bass seems to be better defined, but have less impact, its more in the background, soundstage is slightly improved. After a couple of hours listening last night I think I prefer 3.0.0, I will give it some more time to get use to the change before reverting back to 3.0.0 for a final comparison. From the PS Audio forum: There are two parts to the software puzzle in the DirectStream DAC. The first is Ted’s code in the FPGA. This is what makes the firmware a new mountaintop and where the major improvements come from. Ted is normally tackling big pictures improvements in how jitter is handle and how the data is processed. The other part of the puzzle is the PIC code. This is the code that lets the FPGA interface with the screen and the other bits and pieces of the DAC outside the FPGA. It’s the mundane stuff that makes the DAC usable. 3.06 (and the other 3.0x firmwares) are updates only to the PIC.
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