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  1. Dare at your own risk...

    Motörhead Ace of Spades
  2. Has the best sight gags ever, a legendary movie.
  3. Currently Spinning

    Great band, great album, must be played a maximum volume. Many years ago when the album was released I was painting a room in my house, played it over and over all day, painting completed in an totally enjoyable few hours, I’m sure I haven’t put painting and enjoyable in the same sentence since. I will never forget that day, right music, right time.
  4. Sonore MQA unfolding

    I would suggest that those intending to upgrade to 2.6 when available should first read the upgrade details released by Sonore. It appears that if the MQA option is selected, all non MQA audio will be upsampled, they said it was easier this way, I generally prefer no upsampling, so might leave it off and let Roon do the unfolding, when Roon eventually releases this functionality. Computer audio, don't you just love it
  5. Sonore MQA unfolding

    2.6 hasn't been released yet, shouldn't be too far away.
  6. Try it and see, or should I say listen. l believe the more you can reduce the reflections between the speakers and the listening position the better, and glass is the worst of all, no absorption at all.
  7. Perhaps put the rug over the glass coffee table, that will reduce high frequency reflections
  8. Sonore MQA unfolding

    Good news, the first unfold will be done only, up to a mximum of 24/96.
  9. I think all AC/DC albums with Bon Scott are better, probably for all the same reasons you think this album is the best.
  10. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    An all analogue recording from Paul Rodgers, fantastic blues covers album.
  11. Amused to Death is a great album to confirm that speaker positioning is correct. I’m not sure if all all versions have qsound, but qsound and a system setup correctly will produce a surround sound effect, dogs barking level with the listening chair, sounding as if it is coming from the neighbors yard. Voices and piano at various positions around the room, thunder that rolls all around the room, all from 2 channels. Track 8, Too Much Rope has a horse and cart the starts behind the left speaker and moves forward and across the listening position, many times I have almost pulled by feet in so the cart doesn’t run over my feet. Amazing stuff
  12. My System this morning

    The floor rug gives the illusion that the equipment is on a raised stage, I had to expand the photo just to check it is a flat rug. Nice setup.
  13. Buzzing toroidal transformer

    I had/have a similar experience, I bought a used pre amp and it has had a hum since purchase. I got my electricity supplier to check voltage and it was ok, I thought it might be a DC issue, so I bought a PS Audio P10 regenerator, not just for the hum but I thought I would get other benefits, which it did. Unfortunately the hum still exists, probably lower with the P10 but still exists, inaudible from the listening chair, but audible near the equipment. I think my issue is a faulty transformer, need to get it investigated. So it might not be a DC issue.
  14. Currently Spinning

    Must be cooking there, AL is shirtless
  15. Best budget vinyl cleaning solution

    I use the Spin Clean II, I think it works ok as a cheaper cleaning solution. i use these manilla folder racks to dry the records