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  1. Hi mate - I've been in contact with you regarding these. Consider them sold as per our discussion. $$ coming your way by tomorrow @ latest.
  2. Item: Sony STR DH820 & Sony BDP S580 player Location: Brisbane (can post on buyers expense) Price: $350 for amp $60 for player Item Condition: Near new - sat in one place and rarely used Reason for selling: Saving for gear and these aren't needed now Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: While I'm a newbie around here, rest assured I'm easy to deal with and no scammer lol Pictures: Amp review: http://www.whathifi.com/review/sony-str-dh820 Player review: http://reviews.cnet.com/blu-ray-players/sony-bdp-s580/4505-9991_7-34468653.html
  3. Thanks for the clarification Pieface - sadly I haven't actually experienced the sound on my setup as I'm waiting for the speaker cables to be delivered. Mind you given how new I am compared to the majority of seasoned audiophiles here - I probably won't be able to tell straight away lol!
  4. Thank you gents!! I did have the speakers facing straight but the picture is a little deceving - because it's not an enclosed room as such: That's why I went with the angled positioning - but open to suggestions if having them straight would be better? I will experiment no doubt. I think part of the modification to the speakers has given them 2 smaller rear ports - I believe originally there just one large port? weighed them and they were 24~25kg each lol.
  5. Thank you gents. Thrash099, mate I was told sheep wool was added, crossovers changed, heavy duty copper cables replaced the standard ones. I'm not too familiar with the standard ones but to my noob ears they sounded much better than what I previewed at JB lol. I'd love to go down the valve tube amplifier path eventually
  6. Greetings, I came across this forum after determining I was keen to venture into the audio hobby. Coming from car modifications background, this has been a different experience for sure! Found the crowd here very helpful and not too quick to flame the newb! haha. Anyways, I was initially going to go for a dac on my pc and some bookhshelf speakers. Having lurked around here I opted for a separate 2ch setup. I did want to go vinyl but I feel I'll appreciate it more once my ears get more used to cleaner sound, plus being able to experience the change. Didn't want to rush it. Here's what I ended up with: The tv and soundbar were already there, they do me fine for foxtel/ps3/bluray use. Managed to source a mint NADC320Bee amp, set of Aaron ATS-5s with some tweaks done by a local group (Rage Audio iirc) and ofcourse the NADC546Bee. I'm still waiting to pick up some speaker cables. Just a 16g cable from JB. Listening through my headphones was pretty decent, I was amazed how no distortions and how much clearer (pure?) the sound was. First track I played was Daft Punk's OST for Tron Legacy, Overture. I'll just focus on building my collection for now - hopefully graduate to turn table down the track. Cheers for veiwing and thanks to the folks who've guided to date. (PS disregard the magic carpet on the table xD)
  7. Gents, I've done a little bit of searching and failing to get the answer (or maybe I haven't learned enough yet) - wanted to seek your advice on my new hobby. Having decided that I'd like to go for a dedicated 2ch music setup (vs initially getting a dac for my PC). I've managed to purchase an amp (Nad C320Bee). I was leaning towards a set of Aaron ATS-5s but I'm not 100% now and wanted to ask you guys. This is the room I'll be setting it up in: I'm not after doof doof bass or hektik loudness.. Clean, crisp and quality sound - by any luck I should have an Mk2 1200SL turntable soon, if not I've got an NAD 5255 player to keep me going. To give an idea of music, I've got a large collection of Santana, fair bit of instrumental music (a few I bought while in Japan). My budget is about $1k max (not much I'm aware but I'm still very newbie in this field) Appreciate your recommendations, or if you happen to be selling around Brisbane ? Cheers!
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