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  1. Thanks steffanth, its nice to find more fans of the Paradigm gear. This setup was all matched really well
  2. Item: Paradigm Speaker setup (2 x Studio 100 v5 Fronts, CC690 Centre and SUB15 Subwoofer) Location: Melbourne suburbs (3084) Price: Paradigm Studio 100 v5s - $3200 Paradigm Studio CC690 - $1300 Paradigm SUB15 - $2000 Item Condition: Used but without any wear, other than one tiny knick in the fabric cover of the Sub (it came like that) Reason for selling: Sadly, no space for a dedicated HT anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays any fees) Extra Info: Re-posting as I forgot about this thread for a few weeks and the original one was closed. I've reduced my prices with this re-post though to try and move them :) I regretfully have to sell my dream set up (at my price-point) due to a lack of a dedicated room anymore. I have already moved on the pre-proc and the amps, along with cables, etc but now its time to part with the speakers. As you can see from the photos I do have the boxes, and internal rigid foam packaging, and can post, but would really prefer to find a local buyer so they can inspect and make sure they're happy prior to paying. I am happy to post domestically within Australia, just not internationally. I have owned these since new, so they haven't had a number of homes or been moved around much at all Photos:
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