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  1. This speaker will be traded today or tomorrow - last chance to get it cheap Ben.
  2. Absolutely happy to post.
  3. These are now sold, thankyou.
  4. Item: Paradigm Monitor Center 1, Black Ash Colour Location: Canberra Condition: As New. This item is less than 3 months old. Price: $300 Reason: Switching all my paradigm gear to dynaudio, as paradigm studio floorstanders got veto'd on looks.
  5. Asked for a listen to them as he is local
  6. Hi bigjab, I can't seem to find your PM...
  7. Item: Paradigm Studio 20 v3, Black Ash colour Location: Canberra Condition: Excellent, would be mint except for a mark on one of the tweeter domes Price: $500 Negotiable
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