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  1. Afternoon all, Anyone have any experience with pull up screens? I'm looking for an elegant temporary solution for 100/110 inch screens. I'm renting so can't attach anything to a wall. Cheers, Grant
  2. Hi The Zone, Would you ship to Canberra? Obviously I'll pay the freight (calculated on Auspost at $47.90) plus a bit for your trouble, let's call it $180 shipped to Canberra? If yes, can you wrap it upon nice and safe? I can pay through Paypal (preferred) or direct deposit, whatever works for you. Cheers, Grant
  3. Thanks E. I'll def keep an eye on the clearance stuff. Even if I wanted a new 7100 apparently they're not going to be available again until mid August... And thanks BB for the info. While I'd love a high end HT, budget, room and wife constraints won't allow. I think a 7100 will be me for the foreseeable. That's if I can get one...
  4. Thanks is for the reply 😊 I have been looking for used projectors but you're right ,it's slim pickin's out there. Any suggestions on good sources of used equipment ? And what are the 7100's short comings. You've got me worried now...
  5. Hi all, After a long and bitter battle (apparently braces for the kid are more important than a projector. Pffft...) I've been given approval to acquire a projector and screen for the family room Unfortunately I'm one of the lucky few who can see the rainbow effect on DLP's so I'm looking for a LCD. My budget is somewhat limited for the HT projector space but I did have my eye on the Epson EH-TW7100 (or refurbished/used 9400) but they appear to never be in stock so I'm looking at alternatives that would suit. My budget is $3k +/-. The room has t
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