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  1. Hi Paul, Im selling my arcam FMJ CD37 in silver if you are still interested?
  2. There is something about older speakers that I also like, yes I went down the electrostatic route (magneplanars) and other well known speakers, but kept searching for that 'nice' sound. If you can get your hands on a pair of used focal 816v floor standers you will be quite happy with them, in fact I have found most focal speakers to be very enjoyable to the point where you can listen to for long periods without fatigue. Maybe a pair of B&W 302 s2 are also nice. eventually Ive gone back to a pair of Harbeth SHL5+ and never looked back, they are amazing on most types of music or
  3. Item: Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Just putting it out there, lm after a focal dimension sound bar, it looks like everyone is off loading their Sonos playbars in favour of the new Sonos ARC. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. Thank you admin for dealing with it, It was becoming heated and unnecessary, all the OP wanted to know was recommendations of XLR cables, unfortunately people were stuck on their high horses. Thank you Bill for providing an avenue to experience your cables at a reasonable cost.
  5. Can I ask what is your budget, I will leave to on here for a few weeks and if no further interest than I will look into reducing the price regards Matthew
  6. I have an Arcam FMJ cd37 for sale if it tickles your fancy, the specs are impressive and it sound lovely
  7. lots of people looking but not may offers, maybe priced to high. Possibly open to offers now
  8. Hi, I have an Arcam FMJ CD37 SACD for sale, I guess I have listed it and wanted to see how much interest there is in it. I am also open to offers as my wife is sick of seeing CD players all round the house. Regards Matt
  9. I have two Arcam CD players for sale, one black Arcam CD192, and a silver Arcam FMJ CD37. Let me know if any of these take your fancy. regards Matt
  10. Further information: Pair of black speaker stands, sturdy construction with cut outs to hide cables, unknown make sorry, but used them to hold steady a pair of JBL 380's without any problems. Dimensions: as per pictures There are holes in the base for carpet spikes but I cannot find them so there are just holes now. I think you can buy aftermarket ones anyway. They are used and are not perfect so expect a few light scratches here and there. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or
  11. Further information: Arcam CD192, in Black. Overall in good condition and works faultlessly, complete with remote, however the box an manual have gone missing. There are a few light scratches and swirl marks on the top which I have tried to photo, this does not effect the sound quality from this beautiful little player. I am open to offers on both the Cd players that I have for sale. Overview Arcam has been designing and building high performance CD players in its purpose built factory in the UK since 1986. All of this experience has been pulled together to make th
  12. Further information: Arcam FMJ CD37 SACD/CD player · Wolfson 8741 DACs operating in dual differential mode · Native DSD digital to analogue conversion for SACD discs · Ultra high performance Burr Brown OPA2134 output op-amps · Audiophile grade WIMA Polypropylene capacitors in output stage · Two pairs of RCA phono outputs for multi room use or direct recording · Coax (phono) and optical (Toslink) digital outputs · Infra red control input (3.5mm jack) · 12v trigger input (3.5mm jack) · Dual toroid mains
  13. Hi, I would love to purchase these, Can you PM me the details and PAYPAL account so that I can buy. Could you work out how much it would cost to ship to melbourne. kind regards Matt
  14. I have a MJ acoustics Pro 50 MKII which IM selling, actually sounds better and more controlled than the pro55. its 120w and uses either high level speaker inputs or RCA from a AV amplifier. Open to offers
  15. I have an amazing Arcam cd192 and it is in black. Its sounds simply stunning, its easy to use, reliable and gives a honest sound that is not fatiguing. The specs on the unit are fabulous too (google search) I havent listed it as yet, but in the process of doing it. I have had to spend nearly $5000 AUD to hear an improvement. I also have a Arcam CD37 SACD player but it is in silver and needs a new drive belt for the drawer mech. This is also a stunning player
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