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  1. Thanks. Yes, you are correct. Mola Mola Makua as DAC and pre. Esoteric N-03T streamer is a recent purchase.
  2. They are 150 active towers (SCM150ASLT). Room is 3.8m wide across the carpet and 7m deep. No problems with large ATCs in a smallish (narrow) room but some minor bass issues when I had them at the other end with a bay window in the middle.
  3. @sks Don't worry, ATC keep records of the test response data for each and every speaker/driver they make and that data is sorted by serial number. For example, when assembling your pair of 50ASLTs, they used the response data of their stock of 9" SL woofers to pick a pair of woofers for you that match each other best in terms of their frequency response. They can now simply access that data from the serial number you gave them to select another woofer that matches the surviving one in your pair. I kinda doubt we'd notice the difference if ATC didn't go to such length to match pai
  4. That's a question I've been pondering for many years Those are the exact criteria that I value most. I use a Mola Mola Makua, which is an analog preamp into which I added the optional DAC module. IMO it is awesome in all those critera; I love it but you should know that I sell that brand so feel free to assume bias. Mostly, though, the expensive price puts people off. I previously used ATC's SCA2; very good indeed but not cheap for a preamp without DAC (add my dealer bias to that suggestion too). I use only one (digital) source so have no need for input switching functions
  5. I'm an ATC dealer and long time ATC owner. IMO, you would certainly run them full range. They don't distort at LF, they just roll off. Also, the amp pack has 200W devoted to just an individual woofer so it's not like they are power starved for the low end. They will go lower than you expect if you're judging by the specs. Fair chance you won't want the subs (especially if 100As) but you can try that out before selling your subs. I personally doubt the Directstream will do the job you want if used direct and comparing to your existing AR pre...but you can try. A select few DACs, inc
  6. Snakeoil operating system is a new software for your music server that allows ...even the computer/linux illiterate (like me)...to easily switch between different players and kernels to find the combo that best suits your system and your tastes. What is a kernel? Don't know, don't care? That is the point; with Snakeoil you don't need to understand linux, kernels etc. You simply use your browser to change settings that affect sound quality. Does it sound great? Well yes, actually but that is the wrong question. Snakeoil is not just one system and it doesn't claim to be the best. It i
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