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  1. Thanks for all of your replies, all very appreciated. For me the deciding factor has been the vinyl... Paying French taxes has made life here in Europe difficult and I simply don't have the means to buy as much vinyl as I'd like to, not to mention the space factor. Digital format however does make life much easier and cheaper, however of course I'm quite aware that the components and upgrading for digital sound can bankrupt me too if I wish! For me the crisis has come down to the most important thing - listening to music and enjoying it. I have listened to enough high res files on good systems to believe that the quality is suitable for my tastes (I don't want to open the old can of analogue vs digital... I find this debate tiresome). Being such a vinyl convert for so long, I am ready to embark upon another journey. I have enough friends around me to get my vinyl hit when I need it. Andy, good luck on your approach and I hope its not too complicated. A reason I've been thinking about the shift to digital is after having listened to the Devialet Phontoms here in Montpellier by a local dealer... to be honest I was quite impressed. Just plug in and play through a streaming app like QOBUZ and I find the sound imaging exceptional. My only dilemma now is parting with my Trafomatic Aries amp, matching Hoyt Bedford single drivers and Rega RP3 with all the upgrades possible!!!! Letting go of stuff to buy more but lesser stuff! M
  2. Hello, well this is a subject that is going to divide, and a subject that I NEVER EVER EVER EVER thought I'd be writing here about. BUT, well, here it goes...... I'm considering, or at least playing with the idea of selling off my analogue gear to go digital. ****, I've actually said it! Over several years and with a lot of help and advice found on this forum, I had a fantastic education and introduction into the world of Audiophile Hi Fi and equipment, starting off with vintage Sansui amps and speakers, then exploring the graceful sounds of luxman amplifiers through to Trafomatic tube amps and Hoyt Bedford/Omega single drivers. No to mention my complete vinyl journy into TT's, needles, pre-ampsn upgrading and tweaking (upgraditis), custom made counter weights etc etc.... and making custom made furniture to house it all in. Now after all these years, I'm going to give it all up in the favour of digital files, DACS and streaming? What's got me thinking: 1. Space, I'm now living in a small apartment (I'm in France and sheds and big houses are extremely rare) and I need to downsize. 2. Time, with work I have less time to spend building and tinkering with hi fi (although this is fun) and just want to come home and listen to music. 3. Cost, I'm sick of my eternal upgraditis and I can't afford things here in Europe (particularly in France where the Taxes are HUGE). Vinyl is expensive (even though I love it). 4. Access to new music. I'm finding myself spending more and more time discovering new stuff streaming on QOBUZ than listening to my vinyl collection. I've been really enjoying the exposure to artists outside my habitual orbit i.e. listening to stuff I definitely would never buy on vinyl due to $$$ but nevertheless really like. 5. I can listen to hundreds of high res files on QOBUZ and in the end its so much cheaper than buying vinyl. The romantic in me of course says WTF, but then the counter-romatic is excited by a change in direction and the opportunity to discover new equipment and further my education in audiophile sound. My horizons are opened by the digital possibilities of listening to music whereas the vinyl/analogue seems to bring me back to safe and secure territory (and of course I'm sick of convincing myself that Vinyl really sounds better.. although it does ... doesn't it???). Perhaps its the stars, but a change is underway. So I'm curious to see how other members have dealt with this in their audiophile addictions..... Cheers, Miles
  3. Yes, I also bought my pre amp direct from his online store, UK. So I'll try the UK sites to sell this and my REGA RP3 with upgrades. Cheers, M
  4. Hi Graceman, thanks for the info, much appreciated. Yes, I have put stuff on Le Bon Coin already and have one of my amps on there now for a few weeks with no interest yet. My French is reasonable but its just so much easier talking straylian to you guys!! And as I mention, certain brands like Graham Slee and Groovetracer aren't really know here. I'll look into the sites you've mentioned above and see what interest I can gather and thanks also on the info regarding the TVA. You pay so much bloody tax here in France its not funny! Cheers, M
  5. Thanks Al! Yes, I've been checking out the options and the prices are crazy! I'll most likely go ebay. Cheers, Miles
  6. Hello, Its been a while since I've posted on Stereonet having moved to France almost two years ago. Too be honest I still haven't found the French or European equivalent of this forum Another reason to be homesick!! Although the cheap wine does make up for a number of things!! I thought I'd start investigating some of the French Hi Fi stuff being sold and listened to locally - notably DEVIALET - both their amps and phantom speakers. There's a dealer here in town who's given me a brief listen to them both and I was considerably impressed...the prices are more reasonably here than back in Oz. Plus I also need to downsize now that I'm living in a smaller apartment. So I need to sell a few things and am curios if people have sold and bought Turntables, tube amplifiers and speakers from UK or Europe because I'm thinking of selling a few things on the Stereonet Classifieds here. Firstly because I can post the adds in English! Secondly because the French don't really understand me when I start talking about REGA upgrades like Groovetracer sub platters and platters, Graham Slee pre amps etc. Doesn't seem to be in their Audiophile orbit.... I'm looking at selling my Trafomatic Aries Amp and the matching Hoyt Bedford Speakers, along with a Luxman EL84 amp and a REGA RP3 TT w TTPSU (groovetracer upgrades), but given the weight and size am reluctant due to shipping costs? But if their are any members with family or contacts at FEDEX etc or advice for fragile overseas shipping I'd me more than appreciative for any feedback on cheap but secure delivery, as the buyer will incur costs.. Its times like these that make me homesick. Thanks for any help, M
  7. Bonjour Maurice, On dirait des bons vieux amplis Sansui?? Très beau matos. Miles
  8. Ozcall, yes, I've been thinking about the rega wall mount too. Put the TT on the wall and then the amp directly on the mantlepiece (ikea shelves go back on the floor), but the only problem is I would have to put the amp sideways and the mantlepiece and aestheticly this is not to my likeing! Other (important) point I didn't mention - the additional height made by the shelfs on the fire place means my young daughter can't fiddle (break) any of my stuff!!! Cheers, M
  9. I didn't initially think to put the shelf on top of the mantlepiece, I bought it just to house the vinyl... but got home and tried it out and liked it...also it does resolve a number of the space problems I have. Yes, the room is large, but it's also my work space and it will soon be filled with other stuff. I do agree that the Kallax shelf will vibrate though - as you mentioned I initially thought about a granite/marble shelf to put on top of the mantlpiece but this problem was resolved by the shelves... I may look into this at a later date. I'm just so keen to get everything up and running. thanks for the advice. M
  10. and NO, the fire place is 100% blocked and CAN'T be used!!!!!
  11. Hi, I would like any advice from experienced members concerning the installation of my system on Ikea Kallax shelves. http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/80275849/ After much deliberation I've decided to place an Ikea Kallax shelf on top of the mantlepeice in my studio. (see photos) The fireplace is all in Marble, so very heavy and relatively good in terms of minimizing vibration from the floor. The mantlepiece itself was too narrow for my amp and TT, so the kallax shelf positioned on top increases the depth by 10 cm, and I can now place my system, albums in a relatively compact space. Question - I am wondering wether I should isolate the entire shelving system from the mantlepiece? ie. either via sorbothane feet or somekind of rubber matting akin to that found on turntable mats? I will also have to house my phono pre amp, dac and rega TTPSU on the shelf. I'm now living in France and there is a good online store Audiophonics that supplies spikes, feet and isolation equipment, if anyone is interested in having a look and letting me know if there is a good product to use: http://www.audiophonics.fr/en/spikes-feet-c-39.html#/ I will also have to attach the shelving system to the wall for security. Any advice is more than welcome. Good to be back on the forum after a few months transition settling in overseas. Cheers, Miles
  12. Just bought a Tivoli two stereo radio with a BT adapter. Bough here in France off the Tivoli Outlet store for half RRP price!! I'm going mad waiting for my HI FI to arrive from australia and needed a kitchen set up to get me through the next few weeks..... Good to know there's a small ST following of Tivoli Audio for the kitchen / cooking context! M
  13. Hi Mondie, I'm working at an Art School in Montpellier, I'm an ex student...10 years ago and they asked me back to teach. France is a great lace to live once you get the administration, bureaucracy and taxation out the way. I've already been burnt ordering on line from sites outside of the European Union... the french authorities add an immediate 20% VAT plus handling and admin fees on all orders. This means that all the great savings bought from asian and on line sites outside the EU become expensive. So I'm looking to find a good on line French classified site. Never been to Pau but I hear its beautiful. Cheers, M
  14. Hi Guys, I've landed safely in France and am no waiting for all my stuff to arrive from Australia. In the meantime, I'm starting to familiarise myself with the French Audiophile on line forum community, however given the proximity to the UK, I figure I should get to know some of the Forums there too. My interest is particularly to find good classified listings. Postage from the UK to France is not bad, just opens a few more options. I'm currently trying to track down a second hand Graham Slee Reflex M phono pre amp to buy, and would imagine the UK is the place to start. Any advice is welcomed. M
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