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  1. My AI500 has become very volume shy when I play records. I've connected my turntable to a backup amp and it plays fine, and all the other outputs on the AI500 are working. There's no apparent change in brightness for any of the valves, so it doesn't look like a simple matter of valve replacement. Grateful for any advice. Brad
  2. Thanks Colin. Could you please add the following, cheers Brad. compilation Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire and Beyond CD 4 $35.00 compilation love is the song we sing:san franciso nuggets 1965-1970 CD 4 $35.00
  3. I'll take Desire please! Ta, Brad.
  4. Bill Frisell please. Thanks, Brad.
  5. I have one of these, it is an absolute cracker - beautifully rich, airy and clear presentation. Great price, GLWTS.
  6. Hi Mike, could I please have: John Martyn - One World Van Morrison - It's Too Late To Stop Now Thanks, Brad.
  7. Hi Tom, I'll take 20 off you. PM me for your details, cheers, Brad.
  8. Thanks AudioGeek, I'll check him out.
  9. Thanks Gordon. Don't worry, I wasn't planning on re-powering after that show! I'm in Sydney's Inner West, pretty sure that Classic Hi-Fi in Newtown have a tech that deals with tube amps, I'll give them a call unless other SN members have other recommendations. Appreciate your response, cheers, Brad.
  10. So last night my venerable AI500 decided to blow. Very sudden; I noticed one of the EL34s was glowing bright orange, then within 30 secs it went purple, then pop! Fair amount of smoke from the back of the amp. I've had an EL34 go bright orange before and have just replaced the quad set of valves, but never anything like this. Any idea of what's gone, aside from the tube, much appreciated. Also any recommendations for a brand of EL34, I might steer clear of Electro-Harmonix from now on...
  11. Ah Boston, there's a ghost from my long-haired past, what a great noise! All good re tape out to line in, thanks all.
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