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  1. Apologies if this is not OK! But seems a nice price $1299 +$10 delivery in SYD.
  2. Item SOLD pending confirmation on payment!
  3. Item: Moon LP3 Location: Sydney Northern Beaches Price: $250 (+pp fees and shipping) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Very nice little phono amp, guess the updated equivalent now is the LP110. Owned from new, very very low hours usage, still works perfectly. Pics to come. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Item: Zu Bok power cable 2.0m, US plug. Enigma audio Mimetes 2.0m with US plug Two good power cables each probably never had enough run in but I've dumped my power conditioner and these have been stored so hopefully someone can out them through their paces. Location: Sydney Northern Beaches Price: $120 each Item Condition: Very good used condition. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: preference for pickup but can ship at buyers expense.
  5. Unfortunately echoloft shut down, but xtremeplace still will have some archived info to scour, these amps being derived from local market experts up in Singapore. You may find some great recommendations and even some speakers that come up in second hand here that would be relevant to consider.
  6. Do you mean get more volume? I dont think so, just the "sweet spot" might be lower on the dial than another input of lower gain. You will hopefully hear your music when you demo to get an idea of dynamic range with those speakers. Hopefully the phono at home will be just as good in terms of dynamics in the same setup. Just choose your demo tracks wisely and have some passages with louder instrument/voice to see how the amp handled those.
  7. I have had D38r running on a variety of amps. They have a nominal of 6ohm but fairly sensitive. 300b was a heavenly match, I run them with either an LFD or a NAD 388 now. I suspect the same needs will exist with the 40s, and do compare the off axis for ribbon and normals. Preference to the LFD which is SS and not too high in power (maybe 50 watts?) and I think 25 good watts is enough if your music fits the dynamics and good bass control needed as they do tend to plumb quite low by default.
  8. Great speakers (have the same) and managed to integrate with harmony remote as well to make HT easier[emoji18]. With a sub they work so much better than the sound bar though I’ve often run them not realising the sub was powered off, they have a good deal of bass.
  9. Thanks Grantn. I’m setting up dlna this weekend as I’m struggling with bandwidth and dropouts. When using the speakers on wifi or Ethernet I’m checking the router and can see it’s using the interface chosen. My Ethernet is via power line so not the best. I have not tried the analogue input but my use case doesn’t allow for my tt-that’ll remain down in the far setup. In general they are fun and cuddly. I really hope they do hit the software side and sort out the apps as well as take advantage of better streaming. And wake up on optical
  10. Pros They do sound better than you'd think for the size. They are flexible with setup They do declutter Cons The noise around the apps is true. It's ready for a new release... Add in better integration functionality - eg standby wake from optical (for me at least!) would be welcome Warranty? (Warning! Long rambling post)! I just went through a few shenanigans with reshaping my lounge setup due to changes "for the better" - going through losing my beloved floorstanders to "anywhere but there", trying a soundbar/sub combo, and now having (I promise!) settled on a small win with Kef LSX. Sharing here some of my observations. Given the amount of real world info is limited still. I bought unseen, unheard...so I hope this is helpful to prospective buyers. Review Packaging Setup First use/settling in 1. Packaging (because unboxing is a thing?) Boxing is straight forward. Inside are..speakers, cables for power, interconnect cable and remote. And some booklets. It is very low key. Truly non-audiophile with no back breaking, no grumbling, damage to furniture, myriad of snake cables, just an overhead of two powerpoints. Easy. And then... 2. (The relatively easy?) setup It's cumbersome, only because it relies on interface of the app. Add in a web browser (it has an ethernet port!!) and problem (for me) solved. Be aware the MAC is included in the setup wifi name (Eg KEF:::::::). Whitelisting? I hardwired, both speaker interconnect and ethernet. I have flaky wifi but i just prefer to have them running cabled. I may change my mind. I have these placed on a heavy, deep TV cabinet. They flank a 65" tv. They look small...But, they fit, they are not overimposing, and of course, they meet the colour criteria... The setup allows you to register and update (which thankfully can be skipped) so you can get down to using them quickly. Or, meeting the apps, quickly. Stream is straighforward. Like a number of other apps i have used, eg Musiccast, BluOS (hmm). You sign into your services, you stream them. Note, Tidal streams from within your app. Spotify opens your spotify app. And, i have already run into issues of the app losing connectivity and music still playing and getting into a spin on how to stop/alter. There is some lag, somewhere. And caching. I am sure caching is a bit of a mischief maker here. Random music playing after sudden quiet periods even with all apps disconnected/killed on phones. So more coming there i am sure. You can also hit up your hard drive/server etc fairly intuitively. Control - well its straightforward. And for me, i can hear the settings so it's doing what it says. I found the ability to compensate for a cheap sub via hi and low crossover useful. But the polarity switch really made a nice impact for integrating the bass. The speakers play a little tune to tell you they are alive and well. Both on startup and shutdown. * Note Tidal does not support Master streaming. It's not needed, the website says so. So let's say we are up ad running at this point. Mostly (but useable). 3. First "real" play/settling in * I tried hooking my laptop (mac) to the speakers and that was as simple as changing the input to BT on the speaker (within the app on the phone - there is no laptop app that I am aware of) and pairing as you'd expect. And away we go for any streaming app on the laptop via BT. Sounds fully OK. Another "source" option added to the growing list (phones, laptop, ipad etc. next). * I decided for some reason (checking i hadnt missed the option to setup via a browser?) to connect to the speakers via IP from the laptop in a browser. Yes it works, though the basic front end you get is very limited. Like, firmware update, rename the speaker and not much else. Hopes for the future... * I'm keeping things hooked up via the interconnect cable, have not tried the kef proprietary wifi and dont intend to. Similarly i hard wired into ethernet and all is OK (albeit my bw issues with ADSL mean Tidal streaming has its usual fits now and then). So as far as i can tell the only variables in the setup are source quality (Spotify or Tidal side), speaker DSP setup, and volume (besides room). * Note to Kef - Wish the things woke on optical input (i have run tv on these mostly, which is the primary use case) to save on another couple of clicks. "Couple" due to the remote being as mentioned earlier. * I think part of the listening setup is having to play with the geek knobs. I have played with DSP/setup in the app. It's OK, and i can hear the changes. I suspect this will be habitual until i admit the sound is the sound is the sound and time to listen to the music not the sound. But its available which is better than not! But play and enjoy. I'm leaving alone for the time being until i need it again. Which is probably after the next song. Overall, the apps are liveable, and i think i will figure the workflow to avoid the glitches. But there remains a few dependencies on the phone/OS that i think are not fully ironed out. Disconnects and synch issues that just require some restart or so. Not a biggie, but not smooth... Luckily, it seems the Kef upgrade process (i did eventually allow it) is also pretty smooth. And again the speakers chime for on and off. So hopefully they keep feeding their code team and we get even more goodness, it definitely seems on a good path. I ran music today without the sub ( maybe to say i need that sub somewhere else or for global warming. Not sure) and it's quite ok. Even at low volume good (for me!) bass is there, but turning the volume up, its nicer and more relevant bass and probably enough for 95% of what i'd listen to. And tv too. So yes some of that hype is true. Depends what you like of course. * For the music sound quality, it's too early to tell, and my ears are too unreliable. But, i've had nice setups and have had awful ones and this is definitely tilting to the former by a large margin. Most of my music is old, poorly recorded and so it sounds as it does, anywhere, and on anything. Pretty ordinary as far as "sound quality" goes. For homage I've tried the usual test tracks - sheffield drum, for instance, made the extent of bass obvious but thats OK. I am realistic. Some of the cymbal work and the finer details are not there in the room either. But that is volume more than anything. And comparing to a larger speaker with more amps isnt fair and in my case, not relevant for my use case. * The sweet (sweat in this heat?) spot seems to be expanding enough to make everyone on the couch happy, and i continue to be impressed with the bass which seems to get better the further away i am for the size of the setup. They have initially exceeded my expectations, even in a world where no way no how you cant be listenin if the street lights aint flickerin' that seems to be the norm. Go figure. YMMV. Oh, and the better half is please with the colour. I had LS50W in the cart until the black/blue combo was shunned. If those are better (as I'd expect they are) then woohoo to those who have them. The LSX are great and if no development/electronic quality issues cripple things they have been a great (physical) downsize/declutter/solution for me. Now hoping Kef keep in mind the main medium for these speakers is streaming. If i can't get to the music because the stream has issues, be it the app, the OS, the network or whatever, it'll all be bundled under "Kef LSX". Happy Listening!
  11. Anyone using these speakers who can provide some feedback? I understand from the white paper while they do not use a dsp at all, the feed for the sub does only feed lower frequencies which is what seems lacking in many other options for powered monitors from what I can tell. My search for a soundbar replacement has led to having these pop on the radar, and I’d like to supplement with a sub that I’ve recently added also. Good deal on them at the moment and for non critical music and mostly tv I suspect that they may do ok. TIA!
  12. Thanks for sharing this review and providing some additional perspective Rob. I am in a similar position driven by a change of the main viewing room. It's a wider open area, lot of hard surfaces (wooden floors albeit with a large rug across the main sitting area) and I have been looking at these as a (cheaper than LS50W) option to remove the previous setup to a new room. I do plan to have a sub in the loop, but my main need is tv viewing and this is at a distance of about 3m, as opposed to being overly critical of music (other room in future for my old setup). These just went through a very nice sale that i missed out on, and reading this, I may be thankful while more opinions and experience comes to the forum(s). For s&g i just put a setup into the area (old smaller floorstanders, dac for the optical feed from tv, small warm amp) to prove the point about my current soundbar being simply underwhelming. Point proven that separate speakers (and these are not anywhere near high end, they are an old set of rears from HT) simply add everything back into the vocal frequencies that no tweaking on the soundbar can match. Again thanks, hoping to hear more from others!
  13. Bumping up. Hoping someone will be interested in this lovely head amp.
  14. There are a full complement of deftechs being sold by a chap on here. I have old bp30s that allow easy placement and go nice and deep. Definitely work a treat on heavy music. Are “relatively” forgiving for the general recording quality of the genre. Old 70s/80s hardcore as well so all a bag of the same sorts of sound quality challenges but then if the system plays well enough you aren’t going to be expecting miracles. With a stronger Denon avr biwired into them and spill the blood from vinyl it stands up to be counted! Do consider them. Quick anecdote of the challenge approach “hifi” with music- went into a high end shop to demo a set of dynaudio c1s and handed the guy “my” music which he proceeded to play, step back and threw the biggest “wtf?” cringe face I’d ever seen. Great success (no didn’t buy the c1s nor anything from the shop but thanked him profusely for the opportunity.
  15. We walk different paths clearly! In any case the cheap sub has helped. Whether it's a full solution or not, too early to tell but it does allow me to reduce the bass settings via the app for the yamaha, and let the sub take over the work on bottom end. I suspect the limitation is in the bars implementation and overall control the app allows. But for now while i ponder this will do and makes it a little more tolerable. Hiding the sub out of plain sight means plugging the port but it still does good duty and enough to keep the sound full. Now to find the right actives..
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