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  1. Might be starting to change... we had an event the other day that was open to the public. Someone asked me about the details of the table since they are interested in buying one. Half way through my explaination it occured to me, "HOLY $HIT I'm explaining a turntable to a really hot college girl!" Good times are coming folks!
  2. Cameron will certainly be able to help! Not sure what the prices would be in Australia but it used to retail for $6,000 in the US. Personally one of my favorite tables since it was named after me
  3. Please note I am NOT recommending anyone try this but you all might get a kick out of how some Americans clean a record when they don't have a cleaning machine!
  4. Yes, that is me showing off our fancy foam and cardboard!
  5. Happy to be here and contribute! I'll do the best I can to be active! Who needs sleep when I can post on an Australian forum and talk about turntable!
  6. Howdy everyone! Looks like we are having a bit of a VPI problem down under! I'm Mat Weisfeld, president of VPI Industries and wanted to let everyone know that we will do our best to either work with the existing distributor to improve what is going on or find another way to get our tables into Australia! Let's be honest, you guys figured out vinyl is making a comeback before the Americans did! Makes sense you would all be able to attain whatever turntable you would like to purchase! I've heard endless positive feedback about the audio shows there and have received lots of customer inquires about our product! Heck I'm ready to fly out to Australia so I can get Digital Audio Review's John Darko a Traveler... that and make a poor attempt to drink him under a table! Kidding aside, I wanted to let you all know that your concerns are NOT falling on deaf ears and change will happen. Thanks and looking forward to getting to know everyone on here! MW
  7. Welcome! Looking forward to reading about your system MW
  8. Greetings from the US! This forum was recommended to us and it looks like a great place to be involved in to help answer turntable questions and provide easier access for requested information. Looking forward to getting to know everyone here! Mat Weisfeld
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