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  1. Item: B&W Headphones Location:Brisbane Price: $380 Item Condition: Used - excellent condition Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For sale Bowers Wilkins Px headphones. In excellent condition . Purchased 2 pairs for my boys. I of them is into headphones the other not so much.. Comes with original box and accessories. Pictures
  2. Look familiar...[emoji16] Glwts..They're D2s btw. Trustworthy seller
  3. slawrence436

    SOLD: FS: Luxman L507u Integrated Amplifier

    Great amp...but I'm eyeing off the stands for the pm1s...If you ever want to sell those stands ..please pretty please let me know[emoji16]
  4. https://onahighernote.com/blog/productfaq/what-is-the-difference-between-luxmans-l-507u-and-l-507ux/ Giving this a friendly bump for the Op. The subtle changes from the U to UX and being newer seems to be worth a few more pennies[emoji16] Gorgeous amp btw.
  5. slawrence436

    SOLD: FS Mcintosh C2300 Tube Preamp

    Thanks ...bit too early for me..but a great bit of kit
  6. slawrence436

    SOLD: FS:Velodyne Spl10 Subwoofer

    On hold until Wednesday Thanks to all
  7. slawrence436

    SOLD: FS:Velodyne Spl10 Subwoofer

    Yep.. I think so. But I'm biased. Moving house and selling unused items.
  8. Item: Velodyne SPl10 Subwoofer Location: Brisbane Price: $175 or best offer Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: No longer used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling older Velodyne Spl10bve. I have owned this sub for approx 10 years. Getting on in age . On the label it has the year 2002. Cabinet in very good condition with little to no blemishes Seems to work well still. Would prefer a local sale with cash on inspection. Can show working.Used primarily for home theatre
  9. slawrence436

    B&w Center speaker

    Thats a fantastic offer..The lcr600 is extremely hard to find. I had the same setup a few years ago with the stand. If it doesn't work out....you could try a Krix Kdx speaker on its side. I know its not perfect match... but considering the age of the 601s it might match quite well. I still have the kdx as a secondary system in my house... and we all know Krix is used in a hell of a lot of cinemas
  10. slawrence436

    B&w Center speaker

    Yep.. could try its big brother the lcr600. Its quite a large centre. Prob dominate the front stage
  11. No. Jeff. My old 590ax
  12. Lol...Cafad...Think that A class may have been a bit nice to those Kefs...
  13. Ha... i have already tried to propagate that amp back..sadly to no avail
  14. I see my amp in the corner.. [emoji6]