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  1. G'day mate, a fine and beautiful song. A personal favorite from the early 1970's. Regards, Felix.
  2. Unconventional phono stages. G'day all, now that I am doing a lot more headphone listening I am slowly checking out my collection of phono stages subject to the interesting things that I have already noted. Last night I plugged in my ANT Kora 3T SE FET, a phono stage that I have highly regarded for years and it sounds great on headphones too. It is a curious design based on industrial FET's but never designed for audio uses but it sounds so good! Very pleasant sounding indeed. I have heard of FET's used in other phono stages, but never these kinds of devices! I have to admit that unconventionality does appeal to me. Regards, Felix.
  3. G'day all, just continuing this general thread, I have indeed been doing heaps of stereo headphone listening using my best DIY headphone amplifier and headphones, and although I dislike wearing headphones, for sound quality and general resolution, I don't think that they can be beaten and in fact I now have a definite problem. My best phono stages and their ranking (on speakers) are not the same as when listening on headphones! All my DIY and other op amp based phono stages sound great on headphones, however my beloved discrete phono stage the Rothwell Simplex, which sounds superb through speakers, is ok, but no where as impressive on headphones! On headphones it sounds clean and pleasant, but not particularly low noise....strange! Yet all my op amp based units sound superbly balanced, clean, and very low noise and little details in the musical background are so easy to hear! Interestingly enough my speakers are fine....I think that very bad room acoustics are the problem in here. Yet why the phono stages sound so different on headphones, is an utter mystery! Regards, Felix.
  4. Phono stages and room acoustics. G'day all, a new thread but it actually does involve the Schiit Mani! I normally use it in here but this afternoon I plugged it into my main (lounge room) system and was quite startled at how good and totally different it sounded, in a different acoustic environment! Even the 'hiss' that is normally quite audible is here was not readily detectable on my main system. All this is starting to make me think that good stereo headphones are best for serious system evaluation. Regards, Felix.
  5. G'day mate, I haven't seen any correction anywhere on that website, so I suspect not. I have just received an email from Schiitt confirming that their recommendation is indeed the correct one, and my ears seem to confirm that. I might try contacting the Audio Science Review about this. Regards, Felix.
  6. Schiit Mani gain settings confusion. G'day all, a question for anyone who has a Schiit Mani phono stage? I have one and I have always been slightly confused about the gain setting switches, and now I'm even more confused! For MM use I have seen recommendations for both SW 1 (L) and SW2 (H), and the opposite too! Schiits own recommendation is SW 1 (L) and SW2 (H), and yet on the highly regarded Audio Science review website they recommend the opposite! Confusion indeed! I have tried both scenarios and in honesty there is not a lot of difference but I think Schiits own recommendation is actually 'slightly less' hissy. Any comments? Regards, Felix.
  7. G'day all, well the two phono stages are once again operational and both DIY phono stages had several circuit board hairline cracks to repair, Very painful, but never again please! No more....please! Regards, Felix.
  8. G'day mate, yeah I'm alright. It has been a real s#it of a week and things have kind of got to me a bit. I'll get back to this electronics crap tomorrow, if I can get it together! Regards, Felix.
  9. I'm sick of DIY and I'm sick of phono stages! G'day all, yes I've had a bad week and two of my favourite DIY phono stages have suddenly developed bad faults. That is it! I give up! Regards, Felix.
  10. A new appreciation for the hifisonix phono preamp design. G'day all, it was an interesting night last night with a bit of record playing and even more reading. I recommend everybody into vinyl records read the very interesting and educational articles on the hifisonix website and especially the article 'On RIAA Networks'.... potentially heavy reading, but ever so interesting. Reading it makes one realize how complex and potentially involved this record playing business really is, especially if one wants to do it right! Sadly it seems that a lot of manufacturers only do it half right, and I have to admit that maybe active RIAA equalisation is the way to do....if done right, and that is a rather big if! I'm glad to say that I've learned quite a bit about aspects of phono preamp that I never really understood before and have a better understanding of terms like 'overload margin'. What some technical reading can do! Regards, Felix.
  11. G'day all, although the OM10 and the Super OM series 'look' exactly the same the 'magnetic generator assembly' is slightly different. Loading wise the standard OM series cartridge prefers high capacitance loading to sound its best. Around 400 picofarads is about right according to my 'tinkering'. Regards, Felix.
  12. G'day all, I hate the 2M Red, because it cannot track decently, no matter what! It has inherently horribly bad inner groove distortion! Yes I had one and was happy to give it away! Regards, Felix.
  13. G'day all, there are some fine cartridges mentioned in this thread, but don't waste your time on an Ortofon 2M Red as it is a poor cartridge in just about every way, The upper range of the 2M series are very good though, but avoid the 2M Red at all costs. The AT's are all pretty good but capacitance loading can be an issue as the manufacturers recommended loading range is 100 to 200 picofarads (overall), a rather restricted range of capacitance. If loaded poorly, bright and/or 'peaky' audio is the likely result. I am a fan of the Ortofon Super OM series. They are now considered old and out of date, but are my recommendation. Regards, Felix.
  14. Damned audio patch leads! G'day all, an interesting sort of day with general cleaning up and doing things around the house, including fixing a few things including some restoration work of some DIY electronics including a small DIY audio system. The system amplifier input RCA connectors had some issues that I eventually resolved, but I found another issue (a loss of the right channel), which was eventually traced to bad patch cords. Almost every bit of audio equipment you can buy comes with free patch cords/ interconnects, which I avoid using in high quality applications but are useful for non critical audio applications, and I have accumulated hundreds of these, however I'm starting to really hate these things owing to many failures. As they invariably utilise thin shielded cable with moulded end connectors, any cable 'flexing' tends to result in intermittent open circuit failures, and such was the case today (on two separate occasions....Grrrrr). Thankfully thicker cable failures seem to be much less common but still happen on rare occasions. Yes these interconnects are best reserved for non critical uses, but even then they can be a real PITA to fault find when they fail (intermittently) ! Regards, Felix.
  15. G'day mate, I know myself that with time opinions change, sometimes radically, things like 'listening fatigue' for example. Regards, Felix.
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