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  1. G'day all, most of my DIY audio preamps are powered by DIY power supplies with many using the ESP P05 variety. The P05's use two 10 ohm resistors for filtering purposes something that works very well. However I have occasionally shorted those power supplies resulting in 'smoked' 10 ohm resistors although still measuring a nominal 10 ohms. My question is whether these resistors can become damaged in this way, and become noisy? I ask this because today I replaced several of these heat damaged and discoloured resistors and to my ears playback noise has markedly reduced. Is this possible? R
  2. If.... G'day all, if you could only have one phono stage and assuming your current playback gear, what would it be? Regards, Felix.
  3. Phono stage rotation. G'day all, I've been rotating my best phono stages of late in here and in the end although they are all excellent I still think that my DIY ESP P06 is as good as any of the others in any respect! That is actually a pretty good feeling that a DIY effort can essentially match anything else! By the way....Merry Christmas everyone! Regards, Felix.
  4. The interesting things you hear when listening on headphones! G'day all, an interesting listening session last night! I was listening with my newsish Sennheiser HD300 headphones whilst switching between phono preamps. Firstly with my Rothwell Simplex and then with my DIY ESP P06. The jury is still out regarding my new Sennheiser HD300 as I find the deep bass slightly lacking, yet overall quite satisfying but I was a bit amazed at the little things that I was hearing with the different phono stages. Although I love the Simplex through speakers, I preferred the P06 th
  5. G'day mate, there is a circuit diagram on the website somewhere. Regards, Felix.
  6. G'day all, thanks for the comments (most interesting). The ANT Kora 3T SE has a back panel 'bias' control that alters the DC conditions on the FET's. Regards, Felix.
  7. G'day mate, yes and no to be honest. I have one FET based phono stage, the ANT Kora 3T SE (commercially made), and it's excellent but FET's can be fiddly things in some respects. Device parameter spread can be a PITA but the ANT Kora has an interesting way around that! Regards, Felix.
  8. Thoughts on DIY phono stages! G'day all, I have a lot of phono stages mostly for MM cartridges and a real combination of commercially made and DIY, and speaking of commercially made I never cease to be shocked by the practices of some manufacturers who will put their brandnames on basic OEM gear and jack up prices accordingly! Pathetic actually, but I digress! Op amps were essentially made for phono stages and all of my DIY designs are op amp based albeit with varying circuit topographies! The excellent hifisonix articles on aspects of RIAA equalisation have made me
  9. G'day all, just returning to power supplies for a moment, reading this ESP article on the P05 power supply improved noise reduction, a 17 db improvement is not to be sneezed at! Interesting isn't it and I don't see these two additional resistors used very much as described in the article. https://sound-au.com/project05.htm Regatds, Felix.
  10. NAD rubbish! G'day all, yes right now I'm feeling more than a bit annoyed. As we are now in December I thought that it was time to start playing my Christmas records but I find that my NAD PP2e although switching on normally, produces no audio output. Grrrrr. Bloody NAD rubbish! Thankfully I plugged in my excellent back up Rothwell 'Simplex' which works perfectly and those old Christmas records are playing perfectly and sounding great on the Rothwell 'Simplex'. Regards, Felix.
  11. Power Supplies for preamps. G'day all, perhaps I'm revisiting this subject because in all honesty this 'should matter' but maybe it doesn't beyond a certain point anyway. At times I've even tried fully battery power supplies with admittedly inconclusive results! In recent years I made extensive use of the Jaycar Universal Power Supply kits based on simple fixed regulators and simple filter circuitry and they are pretty quiet, and in fact the only noticeably noisy power supply I've seen and heard was a badly designed switch mode DC plugpack which produced noticeable n
  12. G'day all, I haven't been able to post for a while. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem? Well it's good to be back regardless! A new hi fi addition in here, a new set of Sennheiser HD300 headphones, purchased online and sight unseen previously. I don't know if anyone has any experience with these Sennheisers and I like them and more so the more that I listen to them, but I'll be honest at first listen I felt that were very clean and neutral and a touch 'bright' and curiously enough not particularly 'musical', yet with time I am really 'warming' to their sound.
  13. Strange things in Audio! G'day all, one aspect of audio that I've never really talked about is acoustics and perhaps it is much more important and relevant than one would think and even to the extent of changing one's perception of gear! This is one of those examples. On my main system in our lounge room I have two phono stages available but my favourite one on that system away is a NAD PP2e and the other phono stage another Rothwell Simplex, although sounding superb on the system in here simply does not sound as good as the NAD PP2e on that system. Electronically bo
  14. My cat likes Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here'. G'day all, tonight with an hour or so to myself I decided to play Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here', on my main turntable in the lounge room, only moderately loud, as our cat Tiger was having a nap on a piece of lounge room furniture, and I didn't want to disturb her. As the music started on side one, her reaction to the music was 'interesting' and she was obviously aware of 'stereo', as she would turn her head and ears in different directions, depending on the speaker and the sound. She seemed to respond mostly to su
  15. G'day all, thanks fellows, some really good points! Yes I do recall that a chap over at AK a while back proved by mathematical analysis that at least for op amp circuitry anyway, 15 volts per side is considerably better than 12 volts, yet I constantly see DIY people praising the virtues of running phono stages by battery at 9 volts per side. I'm sorry but they're idiots without a clue, yes it will work, but the overload margin/headroom figures are utterly miserable! For similar reasons valve circuitry may have a distinct advantage with their inherently traditional high circuit
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