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  1. A possibly stupid question! G'day all, for those of us who have quite a few phono stages (like me), what is it about your favourite phono stage that you like or love most? Regards, Felix.
  2. G'day all, as a bit of an antidote to these crazy times, I've been listening to a couple of my lesser heard albums of late and this morning it was an old mono vinyl copy of the Beatles 1966 'Revolver' album I have. I particularly like the mono mix of this album because most of the tracks are mixed somewhat differently to the standard stereo issue. Certainly it was a 'transitional' album with interesting new sounds from The Beatles, showing the mark of the 'acid' experience, especially on John Lennon's songwriting. A pretty good album actually. Regards, Felix.
  3. G'day all, this has been an interesting thread, so thank you. On electrolytic capacitors I find that I used to be very anti electrolytic capacitors, and yes they do have some limitations and they do need to be configured correctly in a circuit, but having said that a couple of my best sounding phono stages actually have electrolytic capacitors in signal coupling parts of the circuit. Interesting indeed! Regards, Felix.
  4. G'day all, I have long been a long time fan of 'hi fi' AM reception and quite recently our local ABC AM outlet from Townsville (630 KHz) upgraded their mast, and I've been playing around with my own wideband 'high fidelity' AM detectors. I regard my 'voltage doubler' AM detector as my best with a clarity and a low noise and distortion audio profile that has to be heard to be believed. I have others that come pretty close, but my voltage doubler AM detector is simply the best in my opinion. It sounds truly 'hi fi' in mono, of course. Regards, Felix (vk4fuq).
  5. G'day mate, I've built that Jaycar kit with no issues at all. Interesting! I think that the LM4562 is an incredibly impressive dual audio op amp. Try it out! Regards, Felix.
  6. G'day all, I guess that this sounds suspiciously like the subject of 'op amp rolling, but actually it isn't. As much as I think that op amps do have a 'sound', in recent days I've been revisiting the LM4562 and sonically wise, to my ears it doesn't really have that 'typical' op amp signature, it just sounds clean, quiet and with particularly good and strong bass. Curiously enough it seems to sound its best in combination with the OPA2134. In some respects I think of the LM4562 as a somewhat upgraded NE5532. I have used the OPA2134 as the first gain stage in a number of high qua
  7. The sound of active phono preamp circuitry! G'day all, this is something that I've often mused about, but continues to baffle me. I must concede though that op amps have a unique sound, valves have a unique sound and even discrete transistor circuitry has a 'sound'! I guess that in the end it comes down to the particular 'sound' that one likes! Even my beloved DIY ESP P06 has a distinctly audible 'op amp' sonic signature that occasionally sounds 'grating' despite being a superb phono stage is practically all other respects. For that reason, I love the 'sound' of my
  8. DIY phono stages with extraordinarily good channel separation! G'day all, to be honest I never thought that there was really much in that but of late one of my DIY phono stages is making me rethink this. I used to think that this was mainly determined by component channel matching, but now I'm not so sure! I've been listening to my Muffsy phono stage quite a bit of late, and listening to a lot of quite familiar stereo records with it, it is apparent that the stereo imaging appears to be better and more defined than most of my DIY and other phono stages. Why I wonde
  9. G'day all, most of my DIY audio preamps are powered by DIY power supplies with many using the ESP P05 variety. The P05's use two 10 ohm resistors for filtering purposes something that works very well. However I have occasionally shorted those power supplies resulting in 'smoked' 10 ohm resistors although still measuring a nominal 10 ohms. My question is whether these resistors can become damaged in this way, and become noisy? I ask this because today I replaced several of these heat damaged and discoloured resistors and to my ears playback noise has markedly reduced. Is this possible? R
  10. If.... G'day all, if you could only have one phono stage and assuming your current playback gear, what would it be? Regards, Felix.
  11. Phono stage rotation. G'day all, I've been rotating my best phono stages of late in here and in the end although they are all excellent I still think that my DIY ESP P06 is as good as any of the others in any respect! That is actually a pretty good feeling that a DIY effort can essentially match anything else! By the way....Merry Christmas everyone! Regards, Felix.
  12. The interesting things you hear when listening on headphones! G'day all, an interesting listening session last night! I was listening with my newsish Sennheiser HD300 headphones whilst switching between phono preamps. Firstly with my Rothwell Simplex and then with my DIY ESP P06. The jury is still out regarding my new Sennheiser HD300 as I find the deep bass slightly lacking, yet overall quite satisfying but I was a bit amazed at the little things that I was hearing with the different phono stages. Although I love the Simplex through speakers, I preferred the P06 th
  13. G'day mate, there is a circuit diagram on the website somewhere. Regards, Felix.
  14. G'day all, thanks for the comments (most interesting). The ANT Kora 3T SE has a back panel 'bias' control that alters the DC conditions on the FET's. Regards, Felix.
  15. G'day mate, yes and no to be honest. I have one FET based phono stage, the ANT Kora 3T SE (commercially made), and it's excellent but FET's can be fiddly things in some respects. Device parameter spread can be a PITA but the ANT Kora has an interesting way around that! Regards, Felix.
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