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  1. Why are my records so dusty right now? Is it the season? G'day all, I've noticed that many of the records that I play in here are getting very dusty as evidenced by lots of dust pick up on the stylus by end of side. This has only started to happen in reasonably recent times. The playback distortion caused by this dust on the stylus is also quite audible. I've started using my carbon fibre brush and zerostat every time which definitely helps, but isn't a complete cure. Any thoughts on this? Is it the season? Regards, Felix.
  2. G'day mate, despite their diminutive size I find these little speakers eminently well balanced and tonally excellent. Being a well designed ported (bass reflex) design the overall level of bass is very satisfying. Go and have a listen before purchase! Regards, Felix.
  3. What kind of music do you listen to? G'day all, well in here anyway, generally something rock or pop and the like, but tonight for a change, one of my J.S. Bach baroque albums (A Musical Offering), and I rather enjoyed it. I rather like J.S. Bach and the Baroque period generally so I wonder why I don't listen to more of an evening? Regards, Felix.
  4. 'Revealing' phono stages. G'day all, for those who have several phono stages, a question please? Do you have any phono stages that are particularly 'revealing'? That's a difficult word to define, but something special in its playback quality. For me, interestingly enough my DIY hifisonix phono stage meets that definition but I can't really say why, it to me just sounds 'revealing' and it seems to bring out everything that is in the groove. A curious one really. Regards, Felix.
  5. G'day mate, this ESP project (based on the P06 design) is specifically intended for 78 rpm records with varying equalisation curves. https://sound-au.com/project91.htm It is recommended. Regards, Felix.
  6. The benefits of sub bass filtering with 'real world' record playback systems. G'day all, in my head it is interesting how one thing often leads to another as it were, and having just installed a sub bass filter into one of my record playing systems, I've been pleasantly surprised by the subjective improvement. Clearly there is considerable merit in having good sub bass filtering where applicable, and that makes me wonder about what 'should' be amplified and what should be eliminated in early processing in phono playback systems! As is often the case, the devil is in the detail, and how it is done! In many cases phono stages supposedly incorporate some kind of ‘rumble’ filter, which is frequently a simple capacitor filter invariably rolling off quite a bit of the wanted bass audio frequencies as well! I once built a phono stage like this with very ‘light’ sounding bass. It was terrible! A good sub bass filter is invariably a complex and precise piece of electronics. The Elliott Sound Products P99 DIY sub bass filter is highly recommended, and is one of the best filters of this kind around in my opinion! My DIY Akitika Phono Z also has excellent sub bass provisions which work well in practice. Sub bass energy is often caused by record warp which are unfortunately very common, and phono cartridge/tonearm resonance issues which also tend to be common, at least that is my personal experience! Eliminating this unwanted energy can greatly improve audio clarity through markedly reduced ‘intermodulation’ effects. The commercially made KAB filter is also reported to be excellent. Regards, Felix.
  7. G'day mate....yes. You obviously have your turntable set up perfectly but obviously I don't. https://sound-au.com/project99.htm Regards, Felix.
  8. Resurrecting an old project! G'day all, since commissioning a new amplifier and deciding that I didn't need my old active subwoofer anymore I have unfortunately seen the re-emergence of an old problem of lots of woofer cone movement with sub bass (below 20 Hz) audio when using my turntable (and playing records)! However I found a solution and it's all plugged in and working with one of my previously assembled ESP P99 'sub bass filter' modules. At 36 db/octave roll off below 20 Hz, and it is 'very' effective. I have a few others and maybe I'll use them too in other applications! Regards, Felix.
  9. Ok I'll admit it....transistors have a 'sound', op amps have a 'sound' and valves have a 'sound'! G'day all, in the end although I can't readily explain it, my ears and careful listening tell me that all these three popular amplifying systems have a distinct 'sound'. They can all sound excellent if well designed and constructed and although some delight in telling us that it is all in our 'imagination', my ears tells me that there is something quite distinctive in the sound of transistors, op amps and valves. As it presently stands the sound of my Rothwell Simplex is particularly 'musical' sounding along with my ANT Kora 3T SE which are both transistor or FET based units, without an op amp anywhere. Don't get me wrong op amp circuitry can sound great as well, however there is a endearingly 'organic' sound to discrete circuitry that is to my personal liking! Regards, Felix.
  10. Phono stages for Jazz. G'day all, on this otherwise morose sort of day I've just been playing John Abercrombie's excellent 'Timeless' album with my Rothwell Simplex phono stage and man it sounds great! I've always loved the open and musical sound of the Simplex, and playing this album with my Rothwell Simplex (and Ortofon Super OM10), it sounds beautiful! The Rothwell Simplex is a stunningly good phono stage! Regards, Felix.
  11. G'day all, yes that is one of the issues. The overall design looks like it was derived from something much more complex with components removed to a bare minimum to keep it working! Regards, Felix.
  12. Humble pie time! G'day all, I'd like to think that I'm not stupid and my general comments on phono matters are truthful and technically accurate, but alas I have to admit that a commercially made phono stage that I once regarded highly and actually recommended, has turned out to be a badly designed POS! It plays well but a little technical investigation has revealed some major design shortcomings one of which could actually cause amplifier damage because of a significant DC offset on the output! Some amplifiers will happily tolerate this, but some amplifiers (like my own) will not! In fact this is how I actually became aware of this design problem! One of several I might add. It is just as well that this particular unit is no longer in production. Caveat Emptor! Regards, Felix.
  13. What are the audible signs of a stylus that definitely needs replacement? G'day all, this is a question that I've never really had a definitive answer to. As I generally don't keep tabs on how much use my stylus has had (time wise), I am looking for a definitive answer to this. With the Ortofon stylus 10 that I've just replaced whilst it looks fine with a simple x10 magnifier, and it sounds ok however I have noticed occasional bursts of severe playback distortion at times. Replacing that stylus today, all occasional playback distortion is gone, so I guess that old stylus had reached its 'use by' date, yet that isn't a definitive sign of wear, or is it? Any comments or thoughts? Regards, Felix.
  14. When do you most notice sonic differences during comparisons? G'day all, I've been playing lots of records of late using mostly my DIY op amp phono stages and they all sound great so for a quick comparison tonight I plugged in my Rothwell Simplex and had a listen, and immediately on stylus set down the 'different' and unstressed/musical sound of the Simplex was readily apparent, however after a relatively short time it sounded much like any of my best phono stages. That is curious. Acoustic differences and clues apparently are quickly absorbed and seemingly accepted as 'normal'. Regards, Felix.
  15. G'day all, yes it has all the 'looks' of a phono stage designed for broadcasting applications. As such it is bound to be very high quality! Leave it as it is, get it working as needed and enjoy! Regards, Felix.
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