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  1. G'day all, a bit of a conundrum, as it were. I've spent a fair bit of the day 'repairing' a few electronic DIY projects around the shack including one of my DIY phono stages based on the Bruce Heran single op amp design. I gave it a bit of a listen after all repaired, and again I can't quite believe what a terribly 'nice' sounding phono stage it is. I could happily listen to it all day, it is just so pleasant on the ears. Why it sounds so nice I don't know, but subjectively it outperforms much more expensive and elaborate phono stages I have! In the end I honestly think that I'd rather have a phono stage like this than anything else, regardless of cost. I say that because I do have another very highly regarded phono stage coming. Will it sound as good as this one? Regards, Felix.
  2. G'day all, from personal experience the OM10 is quite superior to the 2M Red in just about every way! Regards, Felix.
  3. G'day all, in my car this afternoon after gym I had to go and pick up a family member from a meeting and I took the opportunity to listen to the Drive program on ABC Classic FM while I waited, and on my reasonable car FM Radio the Classical Music really seemed to benefit from high fidelity FM stereo reception, not that pop/rock doesn't, but Classical Music seems to benefit more. Is my perception correct? Regards, Felix.
  4. G'day all, today I installed a new 'stock' Shure stylus on the M97xE in here (visually inspected as ok) and then had a quick listen to a well pressed, but not 'audiophile' record and it sounded fine with no problems. Admittedly I've optimised the capacitance loading for the M97xE on my set up in here and it does sound pretty good, not bright, but well balanced to my ears anyway. The way that it should be, I think and I then thought about the 'sound' of high fidelity over the years and it seems to me that in general terms there is a lot more treble in audio playback generally and even loudspeakers seem to have developed a bit of a treble emphasis. Going to a lot of live and unplugged musical performances in the past, one gets to 'know' what live acoustic music 'sounds' like, and this has reinforced my belief that treble excess seems to have become the 'modern way'. I seem to recall that decades ago, high end moving coil cartridges invariably had a rising high frequency response giving rise to the etched moving coil cartridge sound of the day and that was considered a good thing as I recall. A little later that perception changed with the arrival of the Dynavector moving coil cartridges, with sweet and linear upper treble. Now it seems that all the popular moving magnet cartridges have a treble peak again. Interesting isn't it. How fashions and trends in audio seem to change and 'evolve'. Regards, Felix.
  5. G'day mate, I bought most of my components from Jaycar....not very expensive, metal film resistors and MKT capacitors. Regards, Felix.
  6. G'day mate, you should try building it sometime. You might be pleasantly surprised! Regards, Felix.
  7. G'day mate, I see your point but I don't think that there is any penalty with the bass equalisation being done this way in the P06. Regards, Felix.
  8. G'day mate, yes the design with the RIAA EQ treated separately, is quite elegant and probably contributes to its 'sound', apart from general RIAA aspects. It certainly is a very clean/open and uncompressed sounding phono stage, with an amazingly wide soundstage compared to others that I've heard. Regards, Felix.
  9. G'day mate, that's typically Rod Elliott! Regards, Felix.
  10. G'day all, I was just re-reading the Elliott Sound Products P06 'public article' tonight with a few slight recent article additions and it makes very interesting reading. http://sound.whsites.net/project06.htm The first really good phono stage I built years ago was the P06 and it remains one of my best phono stages and long term favourites. I have built and bought a lot of phono preamps over the years and most of them are really top notch, but in all honesty I'm not really sure that any of them are much better than the P06. I've done a few 'little' mods to my P06's but they are in large part pretty much the design as published. It really is a fine phono stage, by any measure! Regards, Felix.
  11. QED DS-1 more gain please!

    G'day all, thanks for the comments. Adding a good gain stage to the output is I think preferable as that is akin to 'turning the volume up', whilst altering the feedback components will inevitably have some effect on the desired RIAA equalisation. I do have a suitable circuit in mind but I have a bit of thinking to do, and yes the QED DS-1 circuit is op amp based (NE5532). Regards, Felix.
  12. G'day all, I trotted out my QED DS-1 phono stage tonight and yes it is a very 'nice' sounding phono stage but it doesn't play overly loud with only 31 db gain! It would be nice if I could 'up' the gain to the 40 db range! I'm thinking about adding a low gain stage to the output which should do the job. Any thoughts or comments on doing this? Regards, Felix.
  13. G'day mate, yes and no, but the risk of 'sighted bias' is too great. Over the years I'm sure that I've had a sonic preference for certain op amps, now increasingly I find my opinions have changed for whatever reasons. Regards, Felix. PS. This article is worth reading. http://nwavguy.blogspot.com.au/2011/05/subjective-vs-objective-debate.html
  14. G'day all, I'm only half serious about this but maybe there is a swindle of sorts here. I noticed with interest the other day whilst I was modifying my Cambridge CP1 (a current model), that it uses the now dated but still excellent NE5532 dual op amps, and the CP1 is an excellent sounding and performing modern phono stage. Likewise my recent Lucid Labs 'Catalyst' phono stage also uses NE5532 dual op amps and also sounds excellent. I guess that the lesson is whilst there are indeed lots of good (and possibly expensive) op amps around, the 'ole NE5532 is still excellent and hard to beat, at least in high quality phono stages. It's worth thinking about that! Regards, Felix.
  15. G'day mate, yes that's a good unit too, however all the CA phono's seem to have 220 pf input capacitance which can be marginally high with quite a few MM phono cartridges. 100 pf would be better. Regards, Felix.