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  1. G'day mate, I think (presume) so! Regards, Felix.
  2. G'day all, although I've been a long time fan of the OPA2134 for of my DIY audio projects, I am starting to wonder if they are somehow prone to strange and inexplicable failures and partial failures! Just today my DIY ESP P97 stereo line preamp (using three OPA2134's) although working ok, started to do odd things such as erratic tone control action and strange left/right channel tonal differences that may have existed for a long time without being noticed! In the end I changed all OPA2134's to NE5532's and all issues disappeared. Kind of weird! Has anybody else had any kind of strange issues with the OPA2134? Regards, Felix.
  3. G'day mate, I guess so! Regards, Felix.
  4. G'day mate, well not really....the Rothwell Simplex has a particular 'sound' about it, that nothing else that I possess has! It comes down to that essentially! Regards, Felix.
  5. G'day mate, I feel quite ashamed of myself I actually hadn't thought of the ESP P06 as 'high end'. although it is an excellent phono stage and not particularly expensive to assemble and build overall! I guess that I had been seduced by the generally 'expensive' aspect of 'high end'. I'm glad to say that DIY designs can be high end in all performance respects. My hifisonix DIY phono stage is likewise superb and quite inexpensive to build! Much to think about! Regards, Felix.
  6. 'High End' and cost, amongst other things! G'day all, of late I've been thinking about what 'high end' actually means although I freely admit that it is a term that I have considerable disdain for yet, the term 'should' mean something! I mean, are 'high end' audio components invariably expensive? I think yes, as I've never seen any high end audio component with anything less than a (very) expensive price tag! Getting back to definitions, does 'high end' always infer and denote 'excellence'? Well hopefully, yes, but in all honesty I'm not really sure, maybe something that 'stands out above anything else', but that doesn't necessarily invoke notions of excellence, or does it? I was thinking about the audio stuff that I have and at least one of my phono preamps possibly qualifies, my Rothwell Audio 'Simplex' phono stage....I love that little box and I love its sonic performance too. Although I have many fine phono stages The Rothwell Audio 'Simplex' is the closest thing to something that I have that actually, 'makes music' and yes its circuitry is slightly unconventional being totally transistor based, its appearance being a little dated and basic , (but not to my eyes) and when I first bought it I honestly thought that it was a little overpriced and expensive, even for me! All being said though, in the end, I love it! Regards, Felix.
  7. The same phono stage with slightly different HF RIAA eq networks. G'day all, this is actually quite interesting. I have several DIY ESP P06 phono stages but with slightly different value HF RIAA networks. According to Rod Elliott the 'original' values produced a slight rise in the treble range (about 1 db), and the newer revised values are close to perfect. The values were apparently changed as alternative resistor and capacitor values become more commonly available. Rod Elliott suggests that the original values will sound 'brighter', although the difference is only 1 db. So is the difference audible? Well in my honest humble opinion, yes just barely, yet during my tech in training days we were endlessly taught that 3 db was the smallest discernible value change. Really? Regards. Felix.
  8. DIY (phono stage) delights. G'day all, just thinking out loud mostly, it has occurred to me that amongst my reasonably large phono stage collection (at least as far as moving magnet cartridges are concerned), my DIY efforts are in absolute terms every bit as good as anything that I have is commercially made, and that is a pretty good feeling actually. If only I could make my DIY efforts look a little prettier! Regards, Felix.
  9. The NAD PP2e revisited. G'day all, yes I've bought another (new) one which arrived yesterday and I've been checking it out thoroughly over the last day or so. It sounds good and is recommended, as a very good lower price MM/MC phono stage and I got mine as a pretty good price. Hopefully I won't accidentally blow up this one. I still think that it needs a 'bit' more overall gain (to 40 db from roughly 35 db), but it is perfectly adequate. Sonically it sounds good and performs well, and the noise floor is very quiet. There is supposed to be some kind of inbuilt sub bass filter but interestingly enough one of my test records shows 'some' unwanted woofer cone movement so the filter action might be considered at best, only moderate. Audible bass sounds good. It is nice to have the NAD PP2e again! Interestingly enough I tried my DIY ESP P06 as a comparison and the higher gain of the P06 is apparent and the overall sound is judged to be 'fuller', possibly because of the extended lower bass response of the P06. Both are good sounding, yet strangely enough the PP2e sounds a touch 'clearer'. Regards, Felix.
  10. G'day mate, yes I know of the TL072CN. They were quite popular before the arrival of the NE5532/4 and were a very good FET audio dual op amp and were well regarded, and as I recall I did build a pretty decent phono stage with them. However they did have some issues such as a tendency to phase inversion and allied issues under some circumstances. The present crop of audio op amps are much better and are generally superior. Regard, Felix.
  11. Praise for the NE5532. G'day all, a month or two back I built another ESP P06 using a board supplied by ESP (Rod Elliott) and I 'eventually' got it going 100 percent after about a week of fruitless faultfinding! I won't go into that exercise except to say that my dislike of 'connectors' of all kinds has grown considerably as a result. However in the end it is great to have another fully operational ESP P06 phono stage. Interestingly enough, initially just for testing I used NE5532 dual op amps but they have become permanent in that P06! I don't really want to go into op amp 'sound', maybe it is real and maybe it's not, but I have to say that the NE5532, despite its vintage is still an excellent dual op amp for use in high quality phono stages like the ESP P06, it is very quiet and low noise and it sounds great. Enough said! Regards, Felix.
  12. Ever done anything 'really' dumb like this? G'day all, last night in the mood for some nice Classical Music I put on a good vinyl recording of J.S. Bach's 'A Musical Offering'. I listened to it for about 15 minutes and it sounded fine, if slightly 'different' from usual, and around that time I glanced down at the turntable and I realized that the speed was set to 45 rpm instead of the correct 33 .33 rpm! Oh well, it still sounded pretty good! However that sort of 'error' would never happen when playing a music CD! Regards, Felix.
  13. Why do we really like what we really like, and vice versa? G'day all, some heavy stuff has been on my mind of late all the way from 'unconscious' bias and prejudice to the supposed nonsense of audio 'subjectivism'. In many respects trying to make sense of all things can be difficult. In audio, we all have likes and dislikes, but why? Are these preferences based on factual reality, or things that have no basis in fact. Does visible appearance 'matter', and is that a factor? What about general item expense? I suspect that all these things are a factor in our everyday thinking and 'hearing', for better or worse. I have often mused about perceptions of 'musicality' and related subjects and yes in my mind I certainly have preferences and favourites, yet knowledgeable commentators like the mysterious NwAvGuy constantly told us much of this is essentially based on imagination and erroneous belief systems. I agree with a lot of his comments, yet not totally. I find my Rothwell Simplex phono stage a personal favourite yet when I'm listening to it, it is out of sight and I only hear 'the sound' and I like and enjoy what I hear coming from the groove, yet I have also mentioned the excellent yet less than musical sound of much op amp circuitry. His comments were/are largely based on technical common sense and factual testing in reality, yet as a former work technician in telecommunications industry myself, maybe that is not the 'full story'. It really gets complex! 'Perception' invariably becomes a very human and subjective thing, as do so many things in the human domain are, like perceptions of 'beauty' for example. Although these things are 'bias' and influential for possibly the 'wrong reasons', perhaps that is not necessarily a bad thing. I really wonder about that. Regards, Felix.
  14. Do audio op amps sound 'clinical'? G'day all, I was indulging in some random forum reading the other day and there was a general discussion about the 'sound' of op amps, and one comment was that they sound 'clinical'. To be honest I'd never really thought of op amps as sounding 'clinical' but in thinking about it later, maybe they do! In all honesty true audio 'musicality' has always been something elusive to me. Interestingly enough, as it presently stands, my Rothwell 'Simplex' sounds more musical than any of my phono stages based on op amp circuitry, even to the point of making somewhat mediocre records sound good! The Simplex is something of a rarity in using only discrete bipolar transistor circuitry and no op amps, and whilst all of my op amp based phono stages sound pretty good, the Simplex does have something musically 'endearing' about its sound! It is a mystery that I'll never properly solve or explain. Regards, Felix.
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