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  1. I know you can't use isopropyl on 78's but what does it actually do to them if you do? Anyone know?
  2. In complete agreement on the Melody Mate solution. Home brew and the competition can't touch this stuff and I tried them ALL. BTW if you do buy Isopropyl stay away from Chemtools. When I was trying to make my own cleaner many years ago I bought 5 litres of the stuff and it sent the water cloudy. Must have been contaminated with oil or something?
  3. Hi, I have just nabbed a Pioneer PL-L1000 that is pretty close to pristine however I'm looking at spending some money on it. The mat is over 30 years old and has a few marks on it so other than the needle which looked well past it's due date (just bought an Audio Technica AT150) I think this will be the next accessory I will earmark for replacement. I'm wondering what the best mat is out there? Is it cork, rubber, leather, felt? What are some reputable brands? Is there much of a difference? Thanks in advance...
  4. I have been trying to find the best possible copy of Time Out but there are so many conflicting reviews out there (case in point HERE). Anyone got any suggestions?
  5. Static issue? I used to have a similar problem only to have a guy at Red Eye suggest using an air humidifier when I was cleaning records. It actually worked.
  6. Go with the VPI. A proven track record and the machines are reliable.
  7. My experience with Record Revirginizer is that it leaves residue behind and I ended up RCM'ing all the vinyl I used the glue on. I emailed them six times with questions on the product and they didn't bother responding to one single email (not an unusual occurrence from what I have heard). Anything that adds contaminants to the vinyl is not the way to go. Not the only one at StereoNet that have had this issue either. I actually had a link to someone who published the grooves of an LP under the microscope after using this (as well as glue) and it was not pretty. I'll try to find it.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I need one as well. I noticed you were in Sydney as well. Did you pick it up locally somewhere? Would prefer to buy from a bricks and mortar store...
  9. Last time I was down in Melbourne I popped in to Carlton (Goldmine Records is a fav of mine) and the owner of Melody Mate was kind enough to accommodate me for a pick up of a 5 litre bottle. Prior to coming I struck up a conversation by email with the owner (Nigel) and mentioned a couple of James Taylor records that had been giving me no end of grief. He asked me to bring them with me when I came down for the pick up. When I arrived for the pick up he took me round to his lab and ran the vinyl first through an Okki Nokki followed by a KLAudio Ultrasonic machine with a new blend of solution he was working on just for the ultrasonic RCM's. He said he had been working on it now for 8 months but still wasn't done with it as he was trying to calculate flash points to ensure it was safe for use in these machines and he was just finalising the mix (sorry, my knowledge on this stuff is somewhat limited and I am paraphrasing here). It completely cleaned up my two JT records. Very clean sound from a couple of records I was almost poised to toss out (he wouldn't take any money for doing this BTW). The guy is the real deal and is passionate about vinyl and his solutions. I have been a big fan since discovering this fluid (I know I'm not the only one based on the feedback on these forums) and highly recommend it. He has a full on lab in Carlton (just around the corner from their office) and only uses lab grade ingredients in his solutions which I did see while I was there (at least the 10 litre IPA in glass bottles didn't look commercial to me). I don't have enough positive things to say about his company and their solution.
  10. Angus & Julia Stone Down The Way It was recommended in one of the threads and was held up as a pearler. For good reason. Straight out of the gates it's like mana from heaven for the ears. Sounds incredible. I picked up the French clear vinyl edition upon re-release. Prior to the re-relese it was going for hundreds of dollars.
  11. Snubbed in Thailand sounds like it would make a band name. What happened? Do tell...
  12. I have only had negative experiences. What I consider to be NM is vastly different to what most sellers consider NM. Especially with covers. Unfortunately the same applies with eBay sellers as well. Nothing worse that seeing someone list a record as "looks brand new" and the cover as NM only to be able to see in the photo that it has creases and a seam split haha
  13. OMG is that $580 Australian?? Is it actually worth that much?
  14. I picked up one of these new from the US for $US1250 new however I need to use a US->Aussie Power brick which is a pain. Their RRP in the US is $US1499. Here it is indeed $AU2999. Another case of the Australian consumer getting fleeced. Anyway, good luck with your sale. Have you sold it yet?
  15. I thought I was the only one who suffered from this condition...
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