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  1. @khairilazhar2010 if you really really want this I can recommend Pack and Send in Kings Cross. I’ve used them to collect, pack and send to me in Qld for a few delicate items in Sydney now and they’ve been outstanding. Not cheap, but for hard to get items that you must have shipped, I highly recommend them. Not sure if they’ll go as far as Cronulla though but worth a call.
  2. Thanks @Telecine I’m not well versed in the workings of the 401, but thanks to this wonderful forum I found a Brisbane based SNA member who is very knowledgable and is giving them a once over for a reasonable fee. One is now functioning well, the other is having speed issues (too high) but a potential fix has been identified, hopefully it will be implemented later this week. I’ve since been doing some reading about the mechanical design and they are almost completely mechanical which is quite amazing when you compare it against my Technics SL-1500 which is jam packed with electronics and plastic.
  3. Top effort @t_mike and I reckon there would have been still something in it for you too. i agree with your sentiments, integrity is important. There’s no way that I could have lived with myself by turning up to the home of that elderly couple and taken two 401’s for $250. The gent even logged on to a charity website while I was there and donated some of the sale money after I handed over the cash.
  4. I must say that the used section was a tad disappointing for me, I dug through every box and wasn’t surprised by much. The wax and sleeves were very good quality but not many rarities. If you were starting out in vinyl I would highly recommend because all the classics are there. I miss record fairs, that’s where the thrill of the chase really happens.
  5. I’ve always viewed hifi as a subject of diminishing returns. Much like wine - is an $800 bottle of wine 10 times better than an $80 bottle of wine? Not likely. Is an $80 bottle of wine 10 times better than an $8 bottle - possibly. So my hifi purchases have sat in the middle range, there’s no chance I will spend >30k on a WAVAC amp but hell yes I will spend 5k on a Weston Time Machine. Similarly, I haven’t bought a single piece new, all has been bought from SNA members or other market places, this probably reaffirms your point that unless new equipment is entering the market place, all used equipment will be harder to source, but I think this is the manufacturers problem, the mid-range has been eaten out by cost cutting and the value just isn’t there anymore.
  6. Thanks @lenticularis I can’t wait to get at least one of them running at 100% but I’m still not sure how much that will cost me.
  7. For years I’ve been reading about people scoring bargain basement deals through the used goods marketplaces in various forums. I read most of the post purchase comments to these posts, and there are quite obviously two camps when it comes to bagging a bargain: it’s the sellers responsibility to do their research and understand the market value. Fair play and kudos to the first person that makes contact with the seller and takes it for the list price. The buyer should draw upon their own knowledge (and morals) and negotiate a fair deal for both parties. So on Thursday a listing appeared on the Australian Vintage Hi-Fi, Stereo & Audio Facebook group. There it was: An advert for two Garrard 401’s for $250! One was a motor unit pulled from an old all-in-one console and another one which is fully functioning and had been recently serviced with an SME3009 Mk2 mounted in a stock Garrard plinth. A quick check of the seller’s profile and you could easily deduce that an elderly gent who has been a member of the Lions Club for decades had listed it. I fell into camp 2. I can assure you that the seller hadn’t done his research, but he has spent the last 40+ years volunteering for the Lion’s club and community radio station. He is a regular at his local church. He honestly, and naively, didn’t expect anyone to take advantage of him. I put in my first offer of $1200 and told him I’d take the motor unit for that offer and that the other unit would be worth considerably more but I couldn’t afford it. Much to my surprise, about 2 hours later he accepted my offer, for both! He told me more than one person offered him 3k for both units. Unfortunately for them, they also offered to buy them for $250. He said to me “why would I trust someone who would happily take it for $250 but as soon as they’re aware of a competing bid, offer more than 10 times as much?” Sometimes the nice guy doesn’t always finish last. The good news is that there were other 'camp 2' members who also messaged him with advice they were worth more. I again offered to take just the single motor unit, but he was happy to make the $1200 because he could go and buy a Rega RP3 with it. So, as of this afternoon I now have these two sitting safely on my spare bed while I ponder what to do with them. I have no intention of selling them, but hoping to make one good one from the two. I've been communicating with @Shark to get some idea on setting a budget for some work. He's a fountain of knowledge and has been kind enough to send me his thoughts on what to do next.
  8. Hey Jay\David, If the local interest is limited, I'd certainly consider postage\courier to Tassie if you were comfortable with the risk. I would pack it well, but there are risks none the less. I actually had it posted to me originally and had no issues. It would be a considerable upgrade to your Denon TT.
  9. The Thorens TD 160 Super was the top end model of the 160 Series. This premium Thorens model was not manufactured in great numbers, in fact there's a business that creates these as reproductions from standard 160's. For those who don’t know, what made the Super model the Super was a heavier platter, and a 'floating suspension' system. The platter and main bearing are supported on a secondary chassis which is spring-mounted to isolate it not only from the main case and external forces but also from vibrations of the motor. To preserve pickup/platter geometry, the pickup arm board is also mounted directly on to this sub-chassis. It also has internal dampening to benefit sound quality and a base cover. This particular TT is unmolested, with perhaps only the plugs replaced. I haven't used it regular for the last 3 years and it probably should be lubricated. A belt is provided and is still supple and should serve you for many years. It currently has a Denon103R fitted. I am happy to remove that if you want to save yourself some money. The cart has had less than 100 hours use. Some minor imperfections do exist: There are some small nicks in the particle board base a long one side, they are not visible from the front. The lid needs a polish, but there are no deep gouges. The hinges need some adjustment to hold the lid in place if opened beyond 90 degrees. Pickup preferred. For serious buyers I can demo the TT connected to a Weston Time Machine and a pair of Zu Audio Omen Bookshelf speakers. Any questions, please feel free message me. Photos:
  10. Item: Denon DP-3000 Direct Drive Turntable Price Range: $800-$1000 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Hey all, I've got a Thorens TD-160 Super MkII that I'd like to convert to a direct drive, preferably by way of a swap. I think the Denon DP-3000's attract a similar market value as the Thorens. I'd be interested in other direct drives of a similar ilk. Please get in touch if you might like to sell or swap and let me know what DD you have. Item is located inner northwest Brisbane. Thanks
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