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  1. Condolances to his family. That's just not fair. As many have already mentioned, we lost a gentleman.
  2. Bump. Come on! Someone could do with a brand new (still in box, NEVER opened!) Stereo amp at this price...take the load off your Receiver and drive your main speakers with clarity and force. Brand new and half the cost of a new one. Cheers! C17
  3. Silver middle fascia flanked by black heat sinks either side. (Black top and bottom) As per link. Thanks for your interest! C17
  4. Hi All, I have an RB1080 (2 x 200w/ch @ 8omhs) still in it's box unopened. Let me be clear.....purchaser shall open the box for the very first time! Kept for a rainy day but, it's something that never came to fruition. Come on, you've always wanted a power amp.......He's your chance to pick up a brand new unit at half current price. $900.00 ONO Cheers! C17 http://www.rotel.com...etails.htm?Id=8
  5. ........K9's count?... He's a true friend......who won't drink MY free beer!
  6. Me too! Thx to those making it happen.......
  7. Thanks dean', Did the cable swapping exercise ...always a pain getting around the back...... no change, removed the AVR from the equation and presto...sound! AVR is the issue...now what have I done to the Yammie? Cheers! C17
  8. It was great to catch up and put faces to names. Thanks too, for making us novice's feel welcome. If anyone is undecided about turning up to one of these GTG's, please do yourself a favour and get along......... it's just great to mix with guy's and gal's that have so much insight. Thanks Yorac and Mrs Y and to Warwick from TCC C17.
  9. My Toppy 2460 has lost sound. I've updated Firmware and just reset to factory and still no sound from live to air nor hard drive play back...... Any thoughts? Thx.
  10. Really disappointed with myself for missing this post. I haven't been logging on every day these last few months but, can't believe when I have (from time to time), I've done so and not one post here (4 pages!!!!!) was at the top of the View new Content page when I have........... That sucks! Trust you all had a great afternoon..... I really pissed, I missed out on all the usual fun and discussion! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! C17............
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