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  1. Long time browser on this excellent site.
  2. Yes they were in their correct folder. My hard disc capacity was 320gb. and the BW has firmware 01.05.350. I replaced the HDD with a new 500gb which is working perfectly (touch wood), as is the external original HDD. Thought it was worth a try as sometimes the KISS approach works, especially when you are a senior female!!!! Regards, ValT
  3. I removed the hard disc, placed it in an external caddy, connected via usb to the DP 2, recordings were there and able to be watched. ValT.
  4. Same here. The silence regarding the problem is deafening.
  5. Sorry, Just another hitch. I also am totally fed up with logging in constantly, deleting cookies etc., etc. Obviously has been put in the "TOO HARD BASKET", and our questions ignored. ValT
  6. Sneferu, The Arion has a pull down door at the front where you will find a set of manual control buttons. Hope this helps. ValT.
  7. Mostly painfully slow!!! ValT.
  8. Hi Guys, Sorry to say this, but I set both news programs to record from EPG - start and end same times - and they both fired. The differences may be - I am in Qld (Sunshine Coast) and I have not bothered with latest update as everything was working perfectly. What did Bryan have to say about the situation? Regards, ValT.
  9. ValT

    Moving To The Uk

    Check out avforums.com - loads of information. ValT
  10. ValT

    Ezyhd Hdmi Cables

    You are a legend Foxy. Received cable of excellent quality in less than 24 hrs plus gift. Many thanks to Keith and Anna. Regards, ValT.
  11. ValT

    Connecting Everything Up

  12. ValT

    10 And 12 Inch Drivers Wanted

    Have a look at audiofix.com.au - they are on the Sunny Coast which would be reasonably close for you to visit. Regards, ValT.
  13. ValT

    Beyonwiz Dp-p2

    Do you have the correct TV OUT setting? Regards, ValT