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  1. Ron Newbound, take your speakers to him, guy is a gentleman, you won’t the regret it, doesn’t rip you off and does an amazing job.
  2. jim13

    Bluesound Node 2i

    Has anyone compared the node 2 or 2i with the Sonos connect with the wyred for sound re-clocker mod. I do use a separate Dac, not sure if that takes the mod out of the equation..
  3. Hi, just looking for advice on removing marks on black equipment, my daughter is three and got her little hands on the front of my Dac. I thought I’d ask here first before trying anything, your help would be much appreciated. I think it might be butter or something thing oily.
  4. jim13

    FS: Auralic Aries Mini with LPSU

    Great taste in music.
  5. When things sound great, you always want to turn it up.
  6. Great amp, but probably not a match with your speakers.
  7. jim13

    SOLD: JPW-AP3 speakers with stands

    I have the Ruby 2’s, great little speakers. GLWS
  8. I bought a Cyrus 3 over 20yrs ago, still going great .
  9. jim13

    Spending money on older cars.

    Can they be tamed ? Ha ha , not too bad at moment .
  10. jim13

    Spending money on older cars.

    Thanks mate, no Chev motor. Original 4.2 straight 6.
  11. jim13

    Primaluna int vs seperate

    Correct, which means if you bought the power amp you’ll still need a pre amp, if you’re just starting out in all this, buy an integrated, less cables to buy and less mucking about, keep it simple at this point in your journey.
  12. jim13

    Tubes vs solid state

    Initforthegear, sounds more appropriate.
  13. jim13

    Tubes vs solid state

    You missed the point , but you think you didn’t.
  14. jim13

    Tubes vs solid state

    And as we’d say in Scotland , you’d start a fight in an empty hoose.