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  1. I still buy music, my point was , for me, $24 a mth isn’t too steep, it doesn’t sound much different from cds, sounds fantastic really and saves me a fortune, as I used to spend a lot of money, and like I said, we have big collections, which most of it you never play. I have sons in there 20’s, the amount of new music they put me on to , I’d be broke, enjoy what you enjoy 👍
  2. And all the music we buy over the years, how often do we play it? Most people on here have big collections, you don’t listen to most of it.
  3. Spend thousands on equipment, gods knows how much on vinyl or whatever you use, and Tidal is too much? you can’t buy a carton of beer for what it costs , rant over.
  4. Sasha+ John Digweed Expeditions 1999 still good
  5. I run audirvana with USB in to my Lampizator Atlantic plus, sounded great, I then bought a GEC U52 rectifier, it now sounds incredible, I don’t think I’ll ever replace it, I’m sure there’s better, but I’m done with DACs ( famous last words )
  6. Hi, can you show me where the scratch is , what photo? regards, Jim
  7. I know it’s double your budget, but save all the disappointments, and running around in circles, this will probably make you very happy, and save you money in the long run.
  8. My listening is 90% electronica, sounds fantastic with tubes, I swap my ss amp In now and again ,it’s 60 watts compared to my 10 watt tube amp , it doesn’t last a day.
  9. Good, someone hurry up and buy this, it looks beautiful.
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