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  1. Hi , I’m not too good with computers, I need some help, I’ve put my music files from my computer on to hdd drive and plugged it into the back of the Lumin, it looks like it recognises that something is plugged in, but doesn’t show any music, anyone have any experience with this , your help would be greatly appreciated. Jim
  2. Plus one for the Audio Notes, had them 3 weeks , had the Trenner & Friedl pharaohs, they were good, but not in the same league, stick them in the corners, amazing.
  3. I can’t answer that, I just got them and my amp is Audio Note. But my previous speakers sounded great with the Oto, hope that helps.
  4. I had the Trenner & Friedl pharaohs for 4yrs , and liked them a lot, but ANe SPe He are on another level, they have about 90hrs on them and have a while to go, but already sounding great. Don’t want to go to bed.
  5. Well done, headphones to that, you don’t muck about .
  6. It wasn’t meant to be, the one for you will come along soon enough.
  7. My new ANe SPe He in Palisander , getting delivered next weekend. They look beautiful to me.
  8. I’ve still got one of these, brilliant rack, gave it to my son, absolute bargain
  9. Thanks mate, I like the look of the Cremona auditors he’s selling,
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