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  1. A few audio tweaks this weekend. Upgraded my main dedicated power line with a new 30amp circuit breaker. Cleaned all contacts and added Silver Conductive Grease to contacts. Gigafoil filter and custom silver ethernet cable to the EMM Labs NS1. Powering Gigafoil with my Uptone JS-2 Linear Power Supply. Added upgraded Morrow REL subwoofer cable and Purist Audio Design DOMINUS power cord to REL 212SE subwoofer. Installed AddPower Sorcer 2 to adjacent power conditioner outlet, added upgraded Audioquest Hurricane HC power cord.
  2. The ever elusive, Guanaco, in Torres del Paine - Patagonia.
  3. And the Heavens Arose...... Big Bend National Park
  4. "Don't Look Up" Hiking Balance Rock in Big Bend National Park
  5. "First Light at Diamond Beach" - Iceland
  6. An abstract viewpoint of Reykjavik’s modern Harpa Concert Hall. - Iceland
  7. "Lions on Guard at Pre Rup Temple" Angkor Wat - Cambodia
  8. What awaits near the end of the Lost Mine Trail - Big Bend National Park.
  9. Here's an old shot from Spain....
  10. Hiking Torres del Paine in Patagonia.
  11. Reflections at the Ernst Tinaja in Big Bend. It is the largest of a series of tinajas or natural water holes in this canyon.
  12. Night's veil over Monument Valley - Utah.
  13. New Audioquest Niagara 5000 and a few AQ power cords. Because you can never have enough clean, quiet power!
  14. Another from Istanbul. The Blue Mosque
  15. Rosco - Looking at you Istanbul shots was great. This is a long exposure I took 20 years ago, at the Roman cisterns under Istanbul.
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