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  1. Another from Antelope Canyon....
  2. "Stairway to Heaven" - Another view from Antelope Canyon.
  3. Remembering Antelope Canyon....
  4. Balanced Rock - Big Bend National Park. We hiked to this site before sunset, and waited for the stars to come out (this area is one of the Darkest areas in the USA). Hiking back with our headlamps on, we saw 1000's of beautiful green sparkles reflecting back at us along the dark trail. Closer observation revealed they were the eyes of 1000's of small spiders, reflecting back from the light. The spiders hatch this time of year!! What a spooky night.....
  5. Remembering Paris, 25 years ago.....
  6. "Prehistoric Mushroom Field?" This was from our camping trip to the Bisti Badlands - New Mexico. The hoodoos, which are common in this area are the geological outcome from a process called differential erosion. Typically a small cap of the resistant layer remains, and protects a cone of the underlying softer layer from erosion, resulting in a mushroom or fairy tower formation.
  7. Here's another...... Hoodoos in The Bisti Badlands
  8. Selling his best camel, at the Pushkar Camel Festival. Pushkar, India
  9. Another oldie from our Seattle days.... 3-day hiking trip up to Mount Robson, B.C. Heavy packs and ascending lots of switchbacks made this a tough trip!
  10. Milky Way at Monument Valley - Utah.
  11. Sandstone formations at LaJolla sunset.
  12. Another from my Series, "People of Earth" Tribesman having tea at the Pushkar Camel Festival - India
  13. Here's an oldie. Nanc & I hiked up to Lake Anne on a 3-day hiking/camping trip on Mount Baker, WA. This is one of several snow caves we explored on the hike up.
  14. Turret Arch through the North Window - Arches National Park
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