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  1. A little weekend bump.... Still looking.
  2. Item:Garrott Optim FGS Price Range: Let's discuss Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Having really enjoyed the presentation of my P77i I would like to try the Optim. Looking for what you have available? Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  3. To be honest so did I. Adding a Hi-cap did add more air and seperation to my preamp but I actually preferred the regulated power supply offered by Teddy Pardo. I believe this was the reason Naim produced the DR upgrade for most of their power supplies.
  4. Yes, he tells it how he sees it. Not that I wanted him to but he refuses to change someone else's designs. He talked candidly about his life in South Africa and his time in the USA, I could have sat with him for hours.
  5. Hi all, I just wanted to update this thread. The pre is working beautifully and after purchasing a pair of PHILCO/LANSDALE, USA black plate CBRZ 6189/12AU7WA c1956 from a member here I must admit I am really impressed by how this set up sounds. I've never heard of these tubes or heard anything like them. Fast, detailed with amazing bass and seperation. I'm looking forward to inviting Elson over for a listen when time permits.
  6. Until it was time to service them..... I agree that Naim's philosophy was to leave everything powered on 24/7 and if it didn't sound right it was time to add a Hi-cap.......... Lol.
  7. For aftermarket Naim power supplies have a look at Teddy Pardo in Israel. I really liked what they did for my set up.
  8. Elson has offered to loan me one of his amplifier creations and I may take him up on it once work calms down. I've managed to grab a few hours listening after the refurb and I am really happy, the background is much quieter as i do/did suffer from an annoying buzz at higher volumes. This is coming in from a transformer out on the street. Now It's silent at normal levels and barely audible when louder. What I can also hear is much, much better than before. Greater clarity, scale and depth to my music. I've also invested in a nice pair of 12au7's from a fellow
  9. I was very aware that Elson is in his finer years and made sure I wore a mask and cleaned the pre down before delivery, he was very welcoming and was happy for me to sit and look whilst he first diagnosed the issue. When i picked it up it was on his bench with the lid off and connected to his scopes showing perfect sine waves for channel balance? ( not sure that's the terminology?)
  10. Whilst my problem has been fixed by Elson it won't be the last time he will be seeing me. He was a very interesting man who's information parted was based on factual measurements.
  11. Evening all. After receiving an e-mail from Graham Trickler from Tron explaining that he would need the pre sent to him in the U.K to be fixed I asked him for a ball park figure for the cost, but sadly he didn't reply. By my reckoning I was up for about 1K Including postage which to be honest made the unit for me beyond economical repair as it owed me about $1700 after postage from the U.S. After speaking to Elson Dasilva my tech he was horrified to hear about my potential outlay. Elson contacted me and said he could fit a couple of new transformers so I gave him the thu
  12. I will get the tech to keep the old transformer just in case I need to send it to Tortech.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I think I have had a little win this evening as my new found tech has measured a few things and said he can fit two transformers in to replace the broken one and this should fix the issue. Hopefully I will get it back in a week or so? More to report soon I hope.......
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