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    Speakers for my naim system

    And i totally agree with the Teddy upgrade it is well worth it.

    Speakers for my naim system

    There are a few speakers that seem to get partnered with Naim alot of the time. I've had their SBL's on duty and whilst the bass wasn't earth shattering they sounded very nice. Linn kans seem to be a favourite for a small speaker. Epos ES14 are liked by many too but I've personally never heard them. For me my best out of the lot were Shahinian arcs II and i still have them to this day. I like the suggestion above about contacting a retailer where you could maybe take your kit into and hear a few different pairs..... 3K should get you something very nice. Please let us know what you decide on.

    FS: Teddy Cap Plus with cables

    The above member is looking for a TP power supply in the wanted section. I'm not sure if this will meet his needs but a very keen price captn....

    FS: Teddy Cap Plus with cables


    CD's GONE

    2nd in line.... Don't mind a bit of hippity hopitty.... living in Sydney.

    Any Shahinian users?

    Hi madscientist ME is an Australian designed and built brand of amplifiers and pre amps that to my ears deliver an accurate presentation leaning a tad towards the dry side of the street. I found them more pleasing to the ear than my Chrome bumper Naim seperates by quite a margin. As stated earlier mine really needed a service and i would definitely go back for another listen if the opportunity arose. Plenty of members here run ME so i will let them best describe the sound signature. Let's face it we all hear things slightly different. One thing is for sure though they will drive your obelisks with ease and authority and they were much better than the Dynavector amp i heard. Another brand i would love to hear one day is another Australian brand called Holton, the more i read about this brand the more i would like to hear one. Also a visit to the pinkfishmedia site will give you some thoughts too, there are plenty of Naim fans there a bit like our ME fans here....

    Any Shahinian users?

    Hi there, A long term user of Shahinian arc II here, I've had them for around 5 years and have tried a few different amps with them. First up was a bolt down Naim nap 160 which was on duty before the speakers arrived and i found them a good toe tapping match. Next was an Exposure X intergrated as i started to move away from Naim, once again a very nice sound but with more meat on the bones in term of sound. I then moved to the MF A308r pre and power combination but found it a little fuzzy around the gills for my taste. CD's did sound pretty good but vinyl was too coloured. Next up was an ME750 and ME25 pre. Well now we were getting somewhere the speakers really woke up and it is well documented that shahinian like a bit of current, i tried the ME along side a Dynavector HX(?) Power amp and i preferred the ME. To be fair the ME gear wasn't serviced and i actually found out later the amp had been butchered..... I'd really like one day to hear a serviced pair of ME's especially with the new pre cap upgrade. This brings me to the present day and I'm powering them with a pair of Tron mono's. This is the best i have heard the Shahinians. At 50W i rekon they are a tad underpowered but what the Trons do is pretty special for the level they are at. One day I'll pair the Trons with a pair of Devore gibbons. Will i sell the Shahinians? Not a chance..... Let me know if you want me to elaborate on any of the pairings i tried. Also which Shahinian speakers were you referring too?
  8. I would have thought selling your Naim power supplies will more than fund the change to Teddy Pardo. As stated earlier Teddy does a full refund if you don't like his products and i have heard his postage times are pretty good too.
  9. Mmm difficult decision. I would say the more noticeable sound would come from a teddycap powering your Nac. The DR power supply you have i believe was a direct competitor to the teddy range. If you are in Sydney you are welcome to borrow my teddy cap it's only a hicap replacement but would give you an idea of what it does.
  10. What would you be looking to power the TC with?
  11. I too have had a very positive experience of a teddy cap replacing a fully serviced C.B. Hicap. Again dead quiet into my 32.5 pre. Bass was smoother, soundstage deeper and if anything it took that Naim bright edge away and made everything sound much better.....

    Record shops in Hobart?

    There are some record shops in and around Hobart but from memory they were nothing special or cheap. I did however find a few great finds and usually by the box, these quality records were being auctioned off at Gowan's auction house in Glenorchy and probably from deceased estates. I think the auctions were on Friday's and a quick look around only takes 5 minutes to see if a consignment is on offer, i often left an absentee bid and won. Glenorchy is only a 20min drive out of Hobart and a stop in Newtown for a coffee is worth the trip.
  13. Record Cleaner at a guess.... ○

    SOLD: FS: Hifi Rack

    Can someone tell me what rack it is? I quite like it.... If anyone has another for sale in Sydney......


    I would say@rockeater has bought it from@helotoby i wonder what Roman thinks of it? I bought a CD80 from him earlier this year and like it alot.