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  1. I agree and will be happily drinking Shiraz here.....
  2. I thought i would report back with my impressions of the sas stylus in the P77i. I found that the Jico has a lovely subtlety to it's presentation it reminded me of my MP500 but the sas has a bit more get up and go and not such a flat frequency response. If i was to liken it to wine this would be a smooth and silky pinot noir! So i couldn't help but try the stock stylus back in the P77i and once again i sat there with a huge grin on my face. The depth, the clarity and seperation is there in spades the stock cart definately has a different signature weighty and full like a very good Shiraz with nice plum and pepper after notes!
  3. Hi Paul, Nice score! You have been gifted a very nice set up! The Bolt down Nap160 was J.V.'s the founder of Naim's favourite amp and is regarded as the sweet spot of the Chrome Bumper vintage. If my memory serves me well the Nac 12 has the same internal pin configuration as the other C.B. preamps and therefore there are lots of options to play with the sound it delivers. The internal cards are a drop in replacement and takes minutes to change without the need to solder and all totally reversible in minutes. It's a modders dream! Have a google of Neil Jadman, Ryan sound Labs and Avondale, put Pinkfishmedia in the title and you will have plenty of reading for the coming winter! Personally the best sound i got from the 32.5 preamp and the same Nap160 as yours was to put a teddycap on the pre and then i installed the Avondale 821A cards with Neil Jadmans phono cards. Jeez all this reminiscing of my old system makes me want to dig it out for a play. Happy reading and let us know how you go.
  4. Now that is a Naim fan! What speakers is that lot powering?
  5. I used to be a follower but found my taste has changed. I have however still kept my Bolt down Nap160/C.B. 32.5/ Hicap and various after market cards as i would like my son to have it one day. A very musical sounding classic Naim set up.
  6. That will put hairs on your chest!
  7. Hi Mark, i was pretty happy with the old P77 and now i am blown away. I doubt there would be much difference between the SAS 1 and the P77i. They are such a great cartridge to start with.
  8. Thanks for the heads up Ian and some food for thought especially in the budget cart category. Well the Jico SAS 1 arrived a week after i ordered online. It was packaged well and the tracking number given by Thaker in Germany gave me added confidence all was well. I paid $300 aus including postage opting to buy direct from their website. I found Thaker's communication prompt and reassuring with any questions i had, so full marks for the buying experience. The stylus was a simple pull out and install and now i have a guard on the P77 which is very much appreciated. I have been playing around with VTF from 1g to 1.25g and settled on 1.20g. I also had to adjust the cart on the tonearm and moved it back about 2mm to give me the required alignment. Again i have been playing around with the VTA and have settled on a 4mm lift at the pillar from level. After doing this i decided to pull out my hifi news test record. Well the cart failed on the second track. "My voice should be coming from the left speaker" well it was but nothing like the right channel. The sound was muted and echoed. I can't believe I've been listening to my system like this for over a year! Basically working back from the cart pins i found the problem. I have four signal out options on the back of my pre amp and they are not identified red/black and as all the inputs are in parallel cd, tuner etc i presumed the out was too! Wrong! Anyway what can i say I'm an idiot and well what an obvious difference... Back to the test record, the SAS performed really well and showed my TT has a slight bias issue this only presented when the test tones became difficult. Now onto the stylus itself. Straight off it sounded very, very nice. Different than the Garrott stylus the SAS1was like a fine bottle of wine that had just been opened. I found the cart took about 10 sides to settle and now it just sounds superb. Vocals are more realistic and emotional, bass is tight and full. Overall a very smooth sound with heaps more timbre and grip! The soundstage has become deeper and wider though this can be attributed to my stupid wiring mistake! Details are amazing, i am hearing so many different sounds inside the mix of records i know very, very well, lovely sparkling highs and punchy percussion. Words flow and are easy to hear, fantastic decay of notes. It tracks really nicely though it sits quite low to the record, this won't be good on warped records. I could go on and on but basically i am really happy with my purchase, i am loving playing everything in my collection and the sound signature seems to suit everything from rock to reggae to electronic and jazz.... A very happy SAS 1 convert here.
  9. Have been a fan of Fink since seeing them in the Spiegeltent about 9 years ago. A favourite album of mine is Biscuits for breakfast, a bluesy acoustic gem.
  10. Fantastic movie about Madchester and music. I used to watch Anthony Wilson every friday evening on Granada reports. We always thought he was a bit of a tosser. How wrong we were......
  11. Looks like global warming to me..... The potential could be catastrophic....
  12. From my reading the Garrott brothers tinkered/tuned the engine/coils.
  13. I'd love to hear more about setting up the P77 better. My skill in this department is limited to self taught from online videos and reading. A tip given here that did work for my ear was adjusting the vta with the arm pillar up around 4mm from level. I wonder if this would be the same for the Jico?
  14. I think i have read every review i could about this stylus. By all accounts it should bring more to the party, i just hope it doesn't compromise on the strengths i hear with the original.
  15. Well i bit the bullet and sold my Nagoaka MP500 which i hope i won't regret and bought a SAS 1 from Thaker in Germany. Price was $300 including tracked shipping to my door. Let's hope it is better than the original stylus which in my system is very nice indeed.....
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