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  1. Ahhhhh noooooooo..... Nice purchase, i was in negotiations with the minister of finance for this......
  2. I'd second 2 x Sonos 5's. These really do sound good, not hifi but room filling and very listenable. They have that ability to play loud whilst people around can still hold a quslity conversation. You are welcome to borrow my single 5 if you are anywhere near 2222.
  3. My experience was putting a SAS-1 on an old but not sure how old.... P77i. What was the difference between the P77 and P77i? Has any one had a direct comparison about the two? Interesting to know there is another option.
  4. Great result Michael i hope the cart meets your expectations, please let us know how the Garrott goes. It definately has nowhere to hide in your lovely sounding system.
  5. I can only comment on my experience with some chrome bumper 32.5/BD160/Hi cap. I added a teddy cap later and some after market cards. Great toe tapping sound but i feel it does come at a cost. I think that mid bass hump that gives that forward presentation actually masks a hell of alot of what's happening on the record or cd, and whilst you get that in the room feeling with naim for me it actually lacks emotion and timbre. I now run a system that still has a bounce but oozes musicality and detail. I still have my old Naim set up and will probably give it to my son.
  6. No i haven't, will have a look at what it does..... Thanks for the tip on what worked for you.
  7. I don't know? What was your experience?
  8. Thanks for the possible solution. No Foxtel here just the annoying buzz. This buzz sounds exactly like the buzz coming from a large green box attached to the pole infront of my house!
  9. Hi all, sorry with the late replies. All have been replied to. Unit is sold. Donation on the way.
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