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  1. I don't think so. I contacted Joseph through eBay and received this reply.... Thanks for contacting me. I’m not sure how much it would cost to do those suspensions. Generally the rubber on those is restored chemically. If it works the charge would be minimal. If the suspensions must be replaced, the cost is $150 each just for the suspension replacement. It’s very tedious, exacting work. I would be happy to look at them for you for free if you want my address. I'm going to send him a few of my 881's carts and see what he thinks. Cheers Ian.
  2. I think George was looking to test the new MC stage in his phono.
  3. Looks like the stylus on one of my 881's and I have 2 more that have had the suspension perish causing them to bottom out at 1g Vtf. Could someone comment how much the rebuild was including postage etc? Thanks Ian.
  4. I could be interested in the larger one pending dimensions if it doesn't suit the other interested party. I'm after a cover but it needs to suit....
  5. An absolute bargain to be had here! The Bolt down CB160 is considered by many as the sweet spot in the Naim CB range and was J.V. favourite amplifier. At the time the 32.5 was the "statement" of its time and there are some great after market replacement boards one can play with. The Naim logo's are lovely and white and the condition looks great....... If I didn't have this pair already I'd really consider the Nap160 as they are like hens teeth.
  6. Boo hoo! Late to the party. Some lovely pieces gents, well done.
  7. Thanks for sharing and we look forward to your experience with the P77i cart. I tried the technics out today and it was pretty good and somewhere near the Shure cart from last week maybe a tad warmer so probably better if some body in the sound is what you like. I actually think the suspension may have gone on this one too as at 1.50g it was riding very low to the record. It may be time to move some bodies on to fund the Decca?
  8. I wonder how your lungs are fairing in that environment? Do you know what the substance is?
  9. Fair question if any one knows. Well I pulled the pin on a couple of D81 stylus for the Stanton and have managed to try them both out. Looks like my gamble errrr failed. Something just doesn't sound right so back to the old P77i whilst I save up for a Decca. What I will try tomorrow is a Technics U205C MK3 which has been sitting in a cupboard for too long. Can't remember where it came from and remember it sounding nice on the WTA classic. Anyone heard one? Apparently gets a few nice reviews for the hollow boron cantilever and laser attached stylus tip?
  10. Hi Everyone, Loving the comments about all the carts here. Hi Steve I've read the Garrott Decca is the one to look out for but they would be a bit old in the tooth by now? I also read they possibly dampened the cart in some way which removed some of the dynamics the current Decca Golds are known for this apparently smoothed the top end out. If the GDG is a good step up from the P77i i'd really like to hear one i think @fullrange has one but not sure about a P77i? Keep the comments coming gents..... Cheers Ian.
  11. Hi Mark, That helps alot thanks for sharing. They really are an ugly and yes rudimentary looking cart they could have bern made by matchbox or Hornby. I know by looking at my P77i to never judge by looks alone. The Garrott brothers were clearly very skilled in their craft and the price for a rebuilt cart back in the day almost cheap. I've seen a few pop up here from time to time so i will wait and see what the future holds. Can anyone comment on the reliability of these carts? The string/wire holding the stylus at the correct sra seems to fly in the face of precision, how does one know it has stretched or moved? I get why they are made this way and it makes sense and probably adds to it's signature of sounding live and dynamic. I have essentially a unipivot arm with adjustable damping on the WTA and by all accounts could be a good match for a Decca Gold, question is now old or new? Garrott or Decca? I see more investigation is needed..... And of course some helpful advice here.
  12. I've been reading the Garrott brothers rebuilt the Decca Gold back in the day. By all accounts a tad temperamental but get it right and they sound very good. I'd love to hear from any members who have one or remember them. Cheers, Ian.
  13. To be honest I don't really know which one it could be. It's more I have a budget in mind so this would dictate this. I've had some really positive experiences buying used carts so I would be keeping an eye out in the used market over the next few months. I also have to consider the current and ever changing economic environment so purchasing anything could change.......
  14. Hi a bit late to reply here to your info. I did love the MP500 and now wish I had kept it. Not the last word in detail but sounds really nice and polite a bit like most things Japanese. I recently picked up a pair of original D81 stylus for the Stanton 881s it really is a good sounding cart with heaps of bass, wide open soundstage and a great punch with a detailed sparkling top end. I'm really happy I have that cart up and running again. It's really interesting you mention the Decca gold as it's a cart that keeps coming up whilst researching some of the carts I like and have heard. I'm now torn between a Dynavector and the Decca, I like your thoughts on the life like sound of the Decca. If a cart can pull this off without sounding shouty then I am all ears. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this cart if you get time? Thanks for the reply and keep safe. Cheers Ian.
  15. I've e really had some fun swapping carts on my new WTA and it is a nice step up from the previous classic. I'm starting to work this TT out and I've enjoyed the journey. When i heard the 881s on this table I really liked it, I liked it alot so finding a new stylus was on my mind. The D81s and cart have arrived but will have to wait till I can spend some quality time setting it all up....... Stay safe everyone.
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