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  1. Lol.... That would be 4.20p.m. U.S. time.....
  2. Another very grateful customer here too. I sent Chris a Technics U205CMKIII for a replacement stylus to be fitted as the suspension had collapsed. Chris had already told me that working on the original boron cantilever is a near impossible task and a right royal PITA. Anyway Chris sorted out a new Black Diamond stylus but amazingly had a go at repairing the original and fixed it! I think he called me a lucky bugger or words similar. The cost for the fix and new Black Diamond stylus was beyond reasonable. Everything arrived today packaged beautifully( I sent it up in a mints
  3. As an ex Naim owner I agree with your rationale. Every 6 months I would unscrew all my din plugs and pull them in and out of the sockets a few times. You could hear the pins cleaning themselves. some people even sweared removing the din cables and shaking them improved things even more! Apparently there was an actual cable shaking machine at Salisbury just for this procedure?
  4. I've always loved the look of these amps and the measurements look very good. I will hopefully try one some day....? They come up for sale every now and again with sellers usually going up the Holton chain. They seem great value for money.
  5. What is also quite amazing is Chris and are both from the UK and lived only minutes away from each other on the beautiful Wirral..... It was like talking with an old friend when we spoke. I'm looking forward to a beer or two one day if I'm up there or Chris is down here...
  6. Having Chris around has me on the hunt for some classic older carts...... I'm going to pull the pin on that vessel cart next week....
  7. Thanks for the clarification Chris I will get that technics cart off to you Saturday and let more magic begin..... Seriously though I listened to Rare Earth's "Ma" this evening and it grabbed hold of that track brilliantly. I then followed it with Mazzy Stars Among my Swan and the life and finesse it breathed into some of those distorted tracks was stunning!
  8. Hi All Just thought I would update this thread. I sent @cafe latte my P77 body and two stylus with instructions to upgrade the worst of the two. Chris reported back quickly with his findings and the surgery began. I decided to get a boron cantilever and nude elliptical profile, Chris said it was a right pita to get the cantilever in and after he did it felt it was too short so took it out and started again! Well the cart arrived back and I have been playing with it for the past few weeks stealing an album here and there dialling in the vtf, vta and damping on the Amadeus.
  9. @Aperalim has some stunning tubes and may be able to help? Nice tubes by the way......
  10. @Aperalim may be of assistance. I've bought some lovely tubes from him.
  11. I'd agree with this having heard a black Diamond on an old classic technics cart. My Stanton 881s was head to head with my Nagoaka MP500, granted the stylus on the 881s was the D81. I have a spare 881s body that I'm going to do just this. If you can pull this off for $300 then go for it!!
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