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  1. Did you know apple are offering battery replacement for $39 before the end of the year for that model phone.
  2. There’s a pair of dragons mk4 on eBay in syd. Look like there in good nick. Might suit
  3. Should have posted earlier, went with original globe with generic module. Has worked flawlessly so far. Couldn’t find genuine globe only. Bought from pure glare in Australia.
  4. Hi everyone, I need a new lamp. I would like to just replace the globe with an original globe. Epson website only has a price for the globe an module $396 each. Theres plenty on ebay, but it looks hard to decide what quality I'd be getting, especially considering there about half of epsons price. What have you done in the past ? are the aftermarket globes ok ? Thanks
  5. I agree with the idea of a favourites list/icon. I enjoy reading the classified almost daily. The trend to comment on price/equipment and " how much of a bargain ! " something is with no intent to purchase has become very predictable. If the classifieds have become busier recently probably a flow effect of DTVforum closure, and a good reason not to tinker with it too much. Cheers
  6. If their selling more white ones now, I would think down the track black being rarer would make it more valuable.
  7. My raspberrypi 3 has no problems with HDMI connection to Yamaha avr ( last yrs model ) I have kodi on a flash drive, works a treat. Yamaha app controls inputs + volume, kodi app decides which tv show or movie to watch. Simples
  8. I'm would have jumped at the chance to upgrade my 2050i's. Wished you kept the boxes. However it sounds like you might already have a sale. GLWTS.
  9. Thanks Eli. For anyone interested in photo's I can email or txt through all the photo's. Bruno28 good dac well... I would use this when I was listening to my head phones on my old phone. I thought the improvement was night and day, well worth it. Now my new phone seem to be an improvement and wont be using the fiio as much. Cheers
  10. item: Fiio e17 alpen dac + amp Location: Newcastle Price: $80 Condition: mint Reason for selling: No longer needed as I have a new phone Payment method: cash or bank transfer Info: Photo's can be seen over at stereonet as I couldn't download them here. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php/topic/105419-fiio-e17-aspen-dac-amp/
  11. Really needs this gone. PRICE REDUCTION $80
  12. I must apolagise to jutta and Kef ci 2000 for not responding. I did consider the Jamo's jutta, and unfortunately kef the wife didn't want speakers that needed repairs. I ended up getting Q acoustics 2050i (piano blk) from Selbys. They haven't arrived yet but I'm very keen to see what the hype is all about. Bit risky but if I really don't like them I can always move them on without taking too much of a hit ( I hope )
  13. Please don't forget to check the Classifieds Guidelines before posting this classified ad. You many delete this text from your advertisement. Item: Fiio e17 Location:Newcastle Price: $120 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank transfer. Extra Info: I had this unit for about 2-3yrs in this time I have only ever used it when in bed, hence the immaculate cond. It comes with the Fiio L9 cord which allows line level out for iphones with 30pin connection. I have all the original packaging and accessories. Can post at buyers expense but would prefer local pick up. ​I have upgraded my phone and no longer use this anymore. Pictures:
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