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  1. I agree with the idea of a favourites list/icon. I enjoy reading the classified almost daily. The trend to comment on price/equipment and " how much of a bargain ! " something is with no intent to purchase has become very predictable. If the classifieds have become busier recently probably a flow effect of DTVforum closure, and a good reason not to tinker with it too much. Cheers
  2. EOI: REL T9 Subwoofer

    If their selling more white ones now, I would think down the track black being rarer would make it more valuable.
  3. My raspberrypi 3 has no problems with HDMI connection to Yamaha avr ( last yrs model ) I have kodi on a flash drive, works a treat. Yamaha app controls inputs + volume, kodi app decides which tv show or movie to watch. Simples
  4. I'm would have jumped at the chance to upgrade my 2050i's. Wished you kept the boxes. However it sounds like you might already have a sale. GLWTS.