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  1. Item: Sonos One (gen2) or Sonos One SL in white (pair if possible) Price Range: Depends on condition / pair etc Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Must be white. Looking to add rear speakers to my Sonos Beam. Looking at used before biting the bllet and buying new,
  2. Item: Speaker stands x2 Location: West Melbourne Price: $75 Item Condition: Fantastic Reason for selling: Moved onto floor standing speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Sale is for two stands, didn't want to take both out of storage for photos. Purchased a few years back but only used for about a month as I moved onto floor standing speakers. Measurement app on the phone says its about 90cm tall. Pickup on;y from West Melbourne. Photos:
  3. These are great drivers, I use them in a Dallas II enclosure with great results!
  4. Wouldn't say that is rare or collectable really. Discogs median price is under $10 for the Aus release lacking the MJ credit on the rear of sleeve. Now if you have something like the Pepsi Tour version of bad there might be some money in it.
  5. Have always purchased MoFi inners via ebay.
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