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  1. Have always purchased MoFi inners via ebay.
  2. Awesome table, had been interested in this table since it first came up as a Kickstarter campaign 3 years ago, but boy oh boy has the company been an absolute disaster in terms of managing their funds. Good luck with the sale, it's definitely a very innovative turntable.
  3. Might be interested in Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy if there is some leeway in the price.
  4. Sell the more common records as bulk on ebay, even a $1 auction will likely net you a bigger price than record stores. The rare stuff individually, it's not hard to package properly, you can get mailers in many places, just post with the record outside of the cover (but within the outer sleeve) as seam splits are common especially on international orders.
  5. Those W8-1772 are fantastic, I use them in a Dallas II enclosure, beautiful sound!
  6. Item: The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring - The Complete Recordings Location: West Melbourne Price: $500 Item Condition: New /sealed Reason for selling: Need money for other ventures Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This one hurts, but need the money. One of the few box sets that’s made it to our shores with no damage and hence I am reluctant to ship so pickup only for now but can potentially arrange something. Item is still sealed as per pictured. Pictures:
  7. This is definitely what we suggest for people on a budget, unfortunately the idea of used tables tends to scare most younger people even when we offer to look through their Gumtree/Craigslist for them to find deals and give instructions as to what to look for when testing a table. It gets frustrating because in the States their classifieds can be incredible, can easily get workhorses like the Technics SLxx tables in the $100 range, yet they are set on paying the same price for a plastic table from Amazon.
  8. Yep, which is my whole point. If you're playing around with impedance / capacitance adjustments, re-tiping your MC cart, swapping out tonearm etc, yeah this table is a piece of crap, no doubt about it. But if your alternative is a plastic monstrosity that is a turntable, cd player, tape deck, bluetooth, 8-track all in one that as you said likely tracks like a wrecking ball to counteract the speakers perfectly positioned directly under the platter then this table does not seem so bad. ×
  9. It''s all relative, until recently the only tables in the same price range would be all in ones which use ceramic cartridges which track at around 5-7g or Hanpin FU700 / R200 units which track at 3.5g and are prone to skipping due to a poorly designed spring loaded tonearm. Again, I am not saying this is a great turntable, but that in this price range, which the vast majority of buyers are looking at, it is a huge step forward.
  10. I think you'll find that the audiophilia aspect of the medium is very much a minority, the top selling record players around the world (by a massive margin) tend to be in the sub $150 category. You have to remember that most of these people have grown up on listening to youtube or spotify through a set of $30 bluetooth speakers so accurate reproduction tend to be quite low on their needs. From being a mod for several years my observation is that people (typically teenagers / adolescents) tend to like the physical aspect of owning an album on vinyl. A budget turntable that has features that were exclusive to more expensive tables (standard mount cart, adjustable tracking force, better speed stability etc) is, in my mind, a great step forward for them as it can give you a small glimpse towards the other spectrum of what this medium can do.
  11. I should have been more specific, I am talking about their most commonly sold "SL1200 clone" unit which is rebadged as the AT LP120 (OEM DJ-3560) which is not the Super OEM unit that the PR-7000 is. and uses a different tonearm
  12. Agreed. Can't seem time find much in terms of real world reviews. The Crosley C6 do have some positive reviews and look to be coming down towards a similar price range. Definitely looks more along the Project line, I meant more that most people use Hanpin based models which would be further down the chain. The Hanpin units do have anti-skate, but they do not work
  13. I think this forum is quite unique in the sense that most contributors have a high(er) end end setup. A sub $200 new turntable is never going to please anyone on here. I moderate a vinyl related forum with over 300,000 subscribers and the average cost of a full setup on there would likely be less than most user here would spend on interconnects. When a large proportion of people have all-in-one turntables or turntables that lack tonearm adjustments (Hanpin R200 / FU700 models), this would be a significant setup. It's obviously not a great turntable by any stretch of the imagination but then most people getting into the hobby have a very small budget.
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