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  1. Went to bed when Wade was bowling 8th over of the innings. Lyon must feel so disrespected. Starc was bowling so well and Paine gives the ball to Wade after 3 Starc overs. Looks like it all turned out alright in the end. PS. have fun tonight Wolster🍺
  2. Great Test cricket, Wagner is a real goer. Bad luck with Fergieson. Poor Kiwis never seem to have luck in Australia. Maybe its karma for the All Blacks all ways beating us.
  3. I have half watched series going on everywhere. Missus hates it.
  4. Paines a joy kill. 335 no, with one chance on 226 . not every day you see that. well down Warner.
  5. His got his triple. 7th Aussie. Lara is at the ground. 400 is on
  6. Warner 95 in the extended 1st session. If he gets another 90 to get to 350 by dinner I wonder if the Aussies will declare.
  7. Warner out to a no ball again on 226.
  8. I don't like him either but he looks determined. This is as ordinary bowling attack you will ever get.
  9. Is Warner going to get a thousand facing this attack.????
  10. Another for Pink Floyd, The whole family hates them. When there out its my go to artist.
  11. Cruising so far today. Warner looks set for a biggie
  12. Didn't know Abba played cricket.
  13. Yes, that's all I can find at the moment as well but they all started on the 1st of November. Morning wars is great. See is a bit out there but a lot of thought has gone into making it.
  14. Got the 1 year free trial but all the good stuff you have to pay for.
  15. They look similar to my Zaph SB12.3 speakers I made.
  16. The Hiqufun tweeter says it all. I like. Gunna read up on them.
  17. Kelly Bros racing are going to run Mustangs next year. All we need now is the Holden teams to switch Chevies.
  18. yeah , that surprised me as well.
  19. Great race, very fast pace. Red Bull will be regretting there decision to tell Whincup to go flat out then give up track position to pit on lap 151. Whincup must be feeling cursed.
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