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  1. Some peoples seconds are other peoples first. Poor Jakey I wish you well.
  2. Warner family causing unrest already, Candice wants to give birth in England so Davey doesn't have to fly home. Now he is worried about his familys security. Add to that there going to drop Kwarjar for him even though his made the most ODi runs this year. He is a walking clusterf#ck for the Aussie team. We where doing very well without him and Smith in the ODIs. I would have liked Cricket Australia for once put winning at all costs behind them but they can't.
  3. Yeah its a bit weird and fringing. Did not make it to the 2nd ep. I think Chriss Lilley should be on some watch list.
  4. Watched 5 eps and liking it. Lucky I can't read books. Loved when they moved the bomb line and cleverly went to town.
  5. Is it karma catching up to Carlton after all those John Elliot dodgy recruiting tactics. 6 goals down after 15 mins
  6. Thats why you never read the book. I have been waiting to watch this so now you have left me sad.
  7. Yeah I built it. you can find the build on p31 diy projects. No I don't have the mains but I have Zaph SB 12.3.
  8. Wow massive bargain, have heard these in person and they made me reconsider the speakers I have.
  9. Love the Statements. Have the matching centre and it really pumps just by itself.
  10. TV reception. Just as good as fancy Airiels back in the day.
  11. They would sound as good as any cable there is if correctly made and within capacitance. Those that can hear difference in speaker cables have unicorn ears. A coat hangar will suffice
  12. I like the names you have chosen for them . And they look very nice as well.
  13. Kef LS 50 W. Very popular at the moment.
  14. He said he never listened to them at home as the amp was on order. So yes really.
  15. Apparently he didn't listen to them at all as he had no amp yet, but he read on line that the actives were better so that's why he sold them. Riddle me that Rantan.
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