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  1. Tony ray

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    That's not nice. Do you have any links? How could they stuff up a bluray.
  2. Tony ray

    Please help

    Thanks for all the replies. Looks like I need an apple Tv thingy.
  3. Tony ray

    Please help

    Yeah there is a Telstra tv2 I have just found at $192. Im so dumb when it comes to these things. Im just livin in the 70s
  4. Tony ray

    Please help

    I have a PC but I want to watch it on my older Plasma TVs. My older bluray gets Netflix and I view but does not get sbs on demand anymore. The playstation gets Stan but its noisy and glitchy and I hate using a controller for a remote.
  5. How can I get Netflix, stan, abc I view and sbs on demand without a smart tv or playstation?
  6. Tony ray

    Currently Purchasing

    Bought Abbey Road with my JB gift card. My daughter has fallen in love with the beatles. The record was in immaculate condition on opening and sounds amazing for a remaster.
  7. Only up to ep 3 and so far loving it. Im trying not to binge thru it.
  8. Tony ray

    Stan currently watching

    Roy Moore to sue Sasha Borat Cohen for 95 million saying he was duped for appearing on who is America. I cannot believe these idiots fell for it.
  9. Tony ray

    DALI Zensor Vokal Centre Crossover mods

    I have the same speaker so very interested in the results. How much for the parts?
  10. Ozark S2 Im loving it but cant remember S1 cause I was always pissed watching it. I will have to go back and watch S1 to catch up. Great soundtrack music though.
  11. Tony ray

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    How longs the wait? , you still have to build them.
  12. Tony ray

    Currently Spinning

    Wings over America live but I seem to have lost the first record. How does that happen! As lennon calls it lots of grandma music. But its nice easy listening to start preping dinner with.
  13. Tony ray

    Stan currently watching

    Get shorty the series. Loving it. So much better than the movie though its a lot different.
  14. Tony ray

    Currently Spinning

    Is that a new release ?
  15. Tony ray

    jbl century 100 makes a return

    I love the look of them but a bit pricey. How much were they in 1970? I know my parents bought a house to put on there land for $11,000 in 1973.