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  1. I thought It was a dead ball if it came off the bat. Laws of cricket, I will never fully no them all. I bet players start watching the incoming ball and accidentally get there bat in the way.
  2. Like I said never had heard about it but apparently England new of the rule before the game. I cannot recognise the Poms winners and it should be a draw. Even Ben Stokes dad said they should share it.
  3. Stupid finish, another super over until you have a winner. Boundary count back. First I've heard of that. And I to thought the team that lost the least wickets would win. Stoopid and dumb finish.
  4. Great work Atilsley as usual. Have missed your builds as well welcome back.
  5. Yeah your right. I might try and blow up the 42in upstairs Plasma so I can get the OK to put the 50in upstairs and get a bigger one for me.🤔
  6. Sentient you can find the pictures in the DIY forum under Zaph SB12.3 that I just bumped .
  7. Sentient I lost all the pixies on our last puter so I will bump this to show you the bitumen paint I did .
  8. I put about 5 coats which was about 6 litres from Bunnings. I will find the photos somewhere.
  9. The bitumen rubber works well. I used it with small pebbles in one of my builds.
  10. Good point Blybo as my next TV would be a 4K if and when the plasma dies.
  11. There is Garethb selling a complete system in the Home Theatre classifieds for a very nice price and his also based in QLD. Worth a look and listen I reckon.
  12. Tanks guys. Another Question, can I run a Telstra TV and an Apple TV off the same router? But on different TVs.
  13. Lovely wife and kids want to buy me an Apple TV for my upcoming birthday. I have an older LG 50 in Plasma Tv to plug it into so do all I need is the basic 32gb or is the 64gb 4K going to be the Ants Pants?
  14. I have the PSA 15 sitting next to as a table And at normal volume watching movies it great and I use YPOA to intergrate them. Its when I play music very loud ( 110 db ) the heavy sound of the PB13 just takes over. So I turn off the PSA 15. Roh hens the SB13 should match well as I think it has the same Massive driver the PB 13 has.
  15. I have found it hard to match the PB 13 as it has such a heavy thump compared to other Subs. I have a PSA 15 but the PB13 just takes over when played loud.
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