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  1. Did not know that Holden started as a saddlery in 1856 in Adelaide.
  2. True history of Kelly Gang. What a complete shocker, Maybe the Kelly Gang should of opened up a dress shop instead of murder & mayhem.
  3. True history of the Kelly gang has dropped on Stan today for any one that is interested.
  4. 1. Beatles ,,Sgt Pepper 2 Fleetwood Mac ,, Self titled 3 Fleetwood Mac ,,Rumours 4 Ac/Dc,, back in black 5 Pink Floyd,, A momentary lapse of reason 6 Midnight oil ,,10 to 1 7 Bryan Adams ,,Reckless 8 U2 ,,Joshua tree 9 Metallica ,,Black album 10 Guns & roses ,,use your illusion 1 & 2 11 Dire Straits ,,Brothers in arms. 12 Queen ,,Greatest hits 13 Elton John Yellow brick road 14 Paul Mcartney Band on the run 15 Meatloaf ,,Bat out of Hell 16 ZZ top,, Eliminator 17 Pete Gabriel,, So 18 Bob Segar & the silver bullet band ,,Stranger in town 19 Talking Heads,,, Stop making sense 20 Beatles ,, Abbey road 21 ZZ Top,, Afterburner 22 Dire Straits ,,, Alchemy 23 Guns & Roses ,, Appetite for destruction 24 Doors,, LA Women
  5. Out in Oz on the 30th Jan. Not the best reviews so far.
  6. Watched all of Witcher, thought it was ok but didn't have a clue what was going on half the time.
  7. There is a B&W centre HTM4 which should do the job in the HT classifieds at the moment. PS Just checked the price. Its $1800 hundred bucks..
  8. Trying to save The Expanse for those lazy Xmas days when you don't want to move.
  9. Went to bed when Wade was bowling 8th over of the innings. Lyon must feel so disrespected. Starc was bowling so well and Paine gives the ball to Wade after 3 Starc overs. Looks like it all turned out alright in the end. PS. have fun tonight Wolster🍺
  10. Great Test cricket, Wagner is a real goer. Bad luck with Fergieson. Poor Kiwis never seem to have luck in Australia. Maybe its karma for the All Blacks all ways beating us.
  11. I have half watched series going on everywhere. Missus hates it.
  12. Paines a joy kill. 335 no, with one chance on 226 . not every day you see that. well down Warner.
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