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  1. Tony ray

    Tennis Talk

    I thought he had hit one of those kids that collect the balls not a adult. She should of seen it coming
  2. Check these suckers I got while coming home from the wood collection zone today. The farmer had em in a esky next to his gates saying bum nuts for $5. The taste very nice on toast for lunch.
  3. Tony ray

    Tennis Talk

    That line women needs to have a cup of concrete, he didn't even hit that hard.
  4. Im thinking money and politics had something to do with it. And growth in QLD of Footy. The AFL sh!t me in not giving Tassie or Nt a team cause there isn't enough money there yet. Edit.. There very happy to play AFL games in NT at the moment cause they don't get the Rona
  5. Thats bullsh!t. should of gone to WA or SA.
  6. Repco is the real deal not like super crap auto. Were yella terra heads made by Repco?
  7. Currently replaying the Johnny Cash American albums 1 through 6 each night prepping and eating dinner.
  8. Greyhound was excellent except for the sound form Apple TV. Anyone else have a problem with the sound track? it lacked oomph.
  9. Yeah it was still a good watch. On to War of the Worlds now which has been good.
  10. Das Boot S2, not enough submarine and blowing stuff up action.
  11. Black Sea, I do love a Submarine and treasure hunt movie.
  12. Line of Duty S5 was excellent. Great series all-round.
  13. Black Betty by lead belly I think there name is. Also like the Spiderbait version with that good drummer .
  14. Footy tippers must be having a nightmare at the moment.
  15. Im listening to music while watching Carlton games. Home ground advantage seems to have gone with Carlton winning at Geelong for the first time in 24 yrs.
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