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  1. Its on mine, I just checked. Amazon prime video, Apple TV 4
  2. It is on Amazon prime, that's where I watch it.
  3. I have one, David Bowie which was a gift. PS I thought Kendrick Lamar was a Basketball player.⛹️‍♂️
  4. Tony ray

    The Ashes

    Langer mentioned somewhere he would of batted first.
  5. Tony ray

    The Ashes

    We lost the test when Paine decided to bowl first.
  6. What type of speakers does Bosch have? Are they Beo-Lab?
  7. Tony ray

    The Ashes

    The stupid idea of bowling first also gave our bowlers lest rest, which is why they picked the extra bowler any way.
  8. Tony ray

    The Ashes

    If he can play as a bowler and bat No.8 he would be very useful.
  9. Tony ray

    The Ashes

    Ya reckon they would of at least dropped Wade instead of Head. I do like Mitch and hope he gets going but I cannot understand some of these selections. These days you only get about 2 tests as a batter to prove yourself. Steve Waugh would have not lasted long these days. A bit of perserveracance would help some of these batters confidence. Even Langer said Bancroft was trying so hard. The pressure to perform seams to be intense.
  10. Tony ray

    The Ashes

    Mitch Marsh back for another run, Head must feel unlucky. Does that mean Marsh takes back the vice captains spot from Head?
  11. Tony ray

    The Ashes

    Bold prediction there. Lyon is due for some luck, reckon he might run through them or Sir Ben makes a double century.
  12. That looks perfect. Might get one for my daughter.
  13. I thought Neo & Trinity were dead. I suppose if the werechowsky Brothers can become the wowchowsky sisters anything is possible. 👬 👭
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