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  1. Tony ray

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    As a DIYer overbuilding is a luxury we can afford. I made my sealed sub out of 2 times 25mm MDF . The top is 75mm after I added a timber chessboard. Its a solid little MoFo...
  2. Tony ray

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    If you built your mains then building a sealed sub is not that hard. Some quality 18 or 21 inch drivers and some speaker power plate amps would get you very close to what Magico are doing.
  3. Tony ray

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    So would you go 3 rels 25 or one magico Q-15?
  4. Tony ray

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    There 12 grand a pop. Makes your SVS 16 seem like a budget brand.
  5. Tony ray

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    Now im more confused than ever.
  6. Tony ray

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    I thought each matching sub you add you get a 3db increase.
  7. Tony ray

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    The SVS PB - 16 is 113.8 db at 20 hz. So would need about 7 more to reach the so called claims of the Magico to get 136 at 20.
  8. Medal of honour. Great Netflix show I binged through. Netflix is doing some good stuff lately.
  9. That is a biggin. Are they 12in Bass drivers? Looks Badass
  10. There,s a pair of nice looking NS-777 in the classafieds but there in Sydney.
  11. You lose power on the 4 ohm setting. Its just Yamaha being overly cautious to avoid warranty claims.
  12. Yes sir ree Bob , no probs at all. Just leave it on 8 ohm.
  13. Tony ray

    Cricket season 2018/19

    I didn't even know until I tried looking at the TV guide for start times that Poxtel had pinched it , just like most of the V8 supercars this year. No way am I paying $68 bucks a month for there sports package.
  14. Tony ray

    Amazing Cheap Desktop Speaker | Build Video

    Great work and video Hatless. Now you need to tackle the 2nd subwoofer.
  15. Tony ray

    MOTOGP 2018

    Oh my Dovi dropped it in the dirt trying to keep up on the 2nd last lap. Must not have missed Marquez by much. Cant wait for flip island.