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  1. DMax

    FS: Parasound Halo A21 Amp & P3 Preamp

    Looks like I sold mine too CHEAPLY!
  2. DMax

    Klein III owners thread

    Does the coax/optical version sound better too?
  3. DMax

    Klein III owners thread

    Is it available for purchase already?
  4. Was this the one bought from ebay recently?
  5. DMax

    Schiit Valhalla 2 hum

    Schiit amps tend to hum?? I've heard 2x vali before and they both hum...
  6. McIntosh really that good??
  7. More is better?!! So you should go for the 3rd one!!!
  8. The first unit I got was in good working and physical conditions. GLWTS!
  9. Thank you. I get it now.
  10. DMax

    SOLD: Kingsound King II ESL Panels

    Might be very hard to find another pair at this price in the future