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  1. If you like the sound you can send it back to Eric to have him put in a headphone out for ya!
  2. This is my current solution but was wondering if there's any other better ways to do this without re-termimate the ends and also if it's worsth the money to buy more expensive banana plugs like the Furutech (or other ones?)
  3. So not worth spending $$$ on brands like Furutech etc?
  4. McChanson amps are awesome... Too bad I have too many amps now. Great bargain price for the sound and build quality. GLWTS
  5. Thanks. Any suggestions on what are some of the good quality banana plug options? Trying to use a bi-wire end to a non bi wiring speakers. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, Just wondering if you guys thinks or have found whether or not Speaker Cable Adapters or Plugs (such as banana plugs and banana to spade adapters etc.) can add/ change the sound of the speaker cables? Is it good enough to buy the cheapest adapters/ plugs? Thanks!
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