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  1. Wow Rori, Can't believe you're selling these amazing sounding amps! Someone should grab these quick!
  2. I was using a pair of A21s with my Maggie's and they workee really well!
  3. Wow... Wish I have the money for these!
  4. Amazing customer service when the company owner personally replies customers emails!
  5. No problems at all. I contacted parasound before hooking them up to my Maggie's. To my surprise, Richard Shram himself replied my email and said it was fine. And guess what?! They were fine! In fact, they drove the Maggies really well!
  6. The reason why I keep going back to the interconnect is because thst happened very similarly with my jc1s with a pair of xlr. Not old but some how the amp didn't like it (but works with other amps), so fixed it with new cables. Worth getting another a21 in my opinion and bridge them. The sound difference is MASSIVE! Have you tried different preamp?
  7. Yeah the sound really improve from a single stereo to a bridged monos
  8. Maybe it's time to try different interconnect cables? Power plant? Power conditioner? Did you downgrade from the jc1s?
  9. But jokes aside... This is such a great bargain from a great seller! I'm not too sure why it is still here.
  10. I'm sure he would not really want me to go anywhere near his rear end. Although I can do a pretty mean foot massage though [emoji14]
  11. I wasn't going to do the massage myself. I was going to give him a massage voucher lol Don't worry I know George... He knows I was only joking
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