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  1. Great price! Would definitely be interested if I didn't have the Qutest already... GLWTS!
  2. Go for it!!! Don't miss out!!
  3. Very nice setup and amp! GLWTS
  4. Where were you when I needed you lol. GLWTS
  5. Item: Bluesound Node 2 (White) Location: Melbourne Price: $480 ($20 donation to SNA) Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Upgraded to the Node 2i Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%fee), COD Only Extra Info: The upgrade bug does not stop with these Bluesounds for me lol. Been using the Node 1 to Node 2; and now finally upgraded to the 2i; hence the Node 2 will need to go to a new home. Have the original packaging so can post it at buyers cost. https://www.bluesound.com/products/node-2/ Pictures:
  6. So they produce 80w per Chanel?
  7. Upgraded from prologue to LS100? So LS100 is better?
  8. Anyone knows how this compare to the Primaluna?
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