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  1. The ideal turntable motor doesn't exist, YET. All the technology exists, but noone has ever built one.The BLDC motor driven by a seriously accurate three phase AC signal is unquestionably the way to go. Unfortunately ALL of the currently produced BLDC's use ballrace bearings, which are great for long term service life but are far too mechanically noisy, the ideal solution is a BLDC 3 phase motor with sleeve bearings, but no such animal exists!. I've been developing a design for such a motor in conjunction with the applications engineers at Maxon, same form factor as the Permotech motor, but with zero torque ripple and ten times the torque. It's going take a while, but it's do-able. Steve
  2. Here's my latest build. Twin Premotec Motors, Delrin platter and sub-platter, Mag-Lev suspension, Cutom built Audio Origami arm. Not going to be a commercial release, but I'm one step closer to having a nice sounding system!
  3. Here's my latest build. Twin Premotec Motors, Delrin platter and sub-platter, Mag-Lev suspension, Cutom built Audio Origami arm. Not going to be a commercial release, but I'm one step closer to having a nice sounding system!
  4. It's so comforting to see that people are still making copies of the classic designs in audio. In this case the JBL 2397 horn. These horns coupled with the JBL 2461 compression driver were a big favorite of mine in my PA designs in the 70's and 80's. As to why the previous post was in a turntable thread, it's beyond me,but then many things are.
  5. Sound City had an exclusive deal on the Apex Speakers, which were made in Sydney by a guy named Ron Fabian, they were a well constructed "Bang Box" with three or four times the profit margin of a similarly priced AR.
  6. Hey Eltech, I don't agree with Collin for a number of reasons, firstly his choice of Citroen car as his avatar, which would suggest one of three possibilities, : A: He thinks French cars are really clever, B: He is Alex Encel, who drove them, or 😄 he is one of Ben Douglas' sons, who, if I'm reliably informed "borrowed" Alex's Citroen on number of occasions. My conclusions based on the last six years of development of my Turntable Control Instrument, which tend to bring me to a similar view, aligned with yours, Physics be damned! http:\www.9tci.com .
  7. I sold many a Harksound 210, it was an OEM turntable commissioned by Bill Martin, then CEO of Harman Industries, the Australian distributor of Harman Kardon and JBL. A lovely man and a lovely product.
  8. One of the first jobs after leaving school was working at Ben Douglas' assembly company in deepest Spotswood, knocking out BJD turntables, featuring the latest and greatest innovation in audio technology, The Silcron Turntable. I'd say more, but the nurse is here and it's time for my sponge bath.
  9. Rickie Lee at her smacked out best! Love it.
  10. Ah! Empire Cartridges, that brings back some memories. During the final days of Sound City, we were buying an OEM Empire cartridge in thousand-piece drops for under three bucks each. We had a total exclusive on the E-20 model in Victoria. Initially, they were sold as an upgrade on Sansui Systems, or thrown in as a close. On our pricelists, we had a RRP of a tad under forty bucks and they were a big improvement over the crap that Sansui was factory fitting at the time. One of Sound City's dodgier Store Managers decided to run a little incentive program. Each week there would be a $50 cash bonus for the salesman who sold an Empire E-20 for the most money. In the industry, it's called a "SPIV". After 3 weeks the going price on an E-20 was hovering around $180. It gave the "Gross" in "Gross Profit" a whole new meaning. One afternoon two guys came storming into the shop and straight to the cartridge display case. where the duty salesman, affectionally known as "Tengrain" because he always a least one loaded gun in his pockets at all times, attempted to serve them. (I didn't personally witness this, I was running Penny Lane, but I wish I had been there to see it) Here's what happened. 1st Guy: I bought an Empire cartridge from you people about 3 weeks ago from that guy there. (pointing across the shop floor at a salesman called "Brenda"). My mate here came around last week and really liked the cartridge, so I got him to come here and buy one. Tengrain: So, is there a problem? 2nd Guy: Bloody oath there's a problem! You charged me $169 for the same cartridge my mate got for forty bucks!!!!! Tengrain: Well there's obviously been some kind of mix up, do you have the carts with you? TG knew we'd been busted, but as usual, he didn't miss a beat*, no hesitation, no sweat. The guys put the two identical carts on the counter. TG calmly when and got the Stylus Microscope and placed on the counter. After spending much time positioning the carts, adjusting the scope and making random boffinish noises, he reaches a verdict. TG: So! What's happened is that the cartridge you originally purchased has the standard Elliptical Stylus Profile while your mates' cartridge has the higher performance Hyper-Parabolic Diamond. So we have two options, we can upgrade yours (looking at 1st Guy) or downgrade yours (looking at 2nd Guy), whatever you choose, I want both you to be happy when going home. Silence. But statistically, no guy is going to ask for a downgrade, especially in front of a mate. Tick Tock. 2nd Guy: I really liked the sound of mine. 1st Guy: Looks like I'm upgrading then. You breathe a word of this to the missus, and I'll rip your head off. So what am I up for? TG: Here's what we're going to do, I going to credit you for the original purchase and give you identical new cartridges and I'll cover the cost of your upgrade, to compensate you for the inconvenience of having to come all the way in here. Tengrain presented them with two new E-20s, and they all lived happily ever after............ *Just to give some idea of just how unflappable TG was, and I was present when this happened. TG was manning the Accessories Counter serving a pair of tiny Catholic Nuns, you know the ones, sorta like Penguins, only vicious. They'd come in because we had a special on TDK cassettes and wanted to get some bulk packs for their school. In his jacket pocket, TG had a small antique black powder pistol, that was not only fully loaded, but also cocked. In the middle of his explanation of the benefits of the new SA series, Chrome V Ferrite Etc, He dumped the pocket with his elbow. KER-BANG!!!!! But TG just kept talking, no reaction, no pause, no acknowledgement of the huge cloud of white smoke billowing up around him. I haven't seen Nuns move that fast since the night the Vice Squad raided "Raheen" in the mid-sixties.
  11. TRY Mark Kontjonis 5 Cobblestone Road, Batesford, Victoria, Australia. 3213. Ph - (03) 5276 1564 Mob - 04475 37276
  12. Ortofon were the first to do this, @aussievintage describes it correctly. Electric Guitar Pickups work the same way. Ortofons VMS series (Variable Magnetic Shunt) were IMNRHO among the finest non-MC cartridges ever made.
  13. VPI tend to use Hurst PA & PB series motors which draw 7 Watts.
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