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  1. Hi Justin, I paid $80 for the Monsters and Men album around 3 1/2 weeks ago. You confirmed that you had received the money, and requested my shipping address which I shared same day. As of today, I have not received a PM from you with shipping info, and have not received the record. Unsure if you received my Stereonet PM with address, and / or if there is a problem with PMs between us at my end of your end. Can you please let me know. Thanks, Steve
  2. Hi Tasebase, Steve From Menai. GLWTS. to any prospective purchasers, I had the opportunity to listen to around 15 different sondeks at Peter Swain’s shop in the UK. For my ears, the keel provided the best upgrade. Some think it is the Radikal. My ears did not agree with that. If I could only have one it would be the keel, so this is a high value purchase. Tasebase is a good guy. cheers, Steve
  3. Hi Guys, It was Sharon Gibson at Window Scene, in Caringbah. Ph 9540 2233. if you send me your gmail, I will send you the quote. Cheers, Steve
  4. Hi , I would like to buy please. Just hoping on an international flight. Will send you email when I land. Thanks, Steve
  5. I have the 1NTs - great bookshelf. The NTs have the nautilus tweeter. Great sound and value here.
  6. The lid is great if you want a stealth look. Use Plexus to bring it back to life. Plexus is also antistatic. diitto on the Valhalla. Don’t know if I have ever seen one so clean. Cheers
  7. Absolute stunning lens at a excellent price. Portraits and eyes can be magnificient. Colour really pops. Latest is way more expensive. I will never sell mine.
  8. Hi, I would like to buy please. Will send you pm. cheers
  9. Exceptional bargain. Huge upgrades and work done for so little money. I know it is all relative, but whoever buys this will have an exceptional deck for this price.
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