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  1. The lid is great if you want a stealth look. Use Plexus to bring it back to life. Plexus is also antistatic. diitto on the Valhalla. Don’t know if I have ever seen one so clean. Cheers
  2. Absolute stunning lens at a excellent price. Portraits and eyes can be magnificient. Colour really pops. Latest is way more expensive. I will never sell mine.
  3. Hi, I would like to buy please. Will send you pm. cheers
  4. Exceptional bargain. Huge upgrades and work done for so little money. I know it is all relative, but whoever buys this will have an exceptional deck for this price.
  5. Hi Dave, The curtain maker was aware of bumph. After my explaining on acoustics and understanding my need, she ordered the bumph in from Charles Parson, who are trade suppliers. I was a new make, and has the 3 layers. I will pots a picture shortly Cheers
  6. as a final thought - these drapes, along with the new carpet and underlay, have pulled my RT60 times down from around 0.7 to 0.3, so a huge difference in room. I do not feel like I need any more absorption in the room now. Cheers
  7. I have a very similar glass door, and letting light in at certain times is important. Based on advice from David from Wavetrain, I got some 3 layer curtains made, being, 1) Face fabric, 2) bumph and 3) blockout. Bumph will absorb the sound. I understand that blockout will somewhat reflect it, so the selection of face fabric and bumph is important. See here on bumph - https://www.charlesparsonsinteriors.com.au/blog/interlining I got the Europoean bumph, which I was advised by Charles Parson is the best for acoustic absorption. Got them made in Cronulla. I can supply contact if anyone is interested. I live in Menai if anyone its near and would like to check them, and also listen. I am very happy with outcome. Cheers, Steve
  8. I have this album. Lovely music, with excellent sonics. If you like Cat Stevens, then I highly recommend. cheers
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