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  1. keys1234

    FS: MRSPEAKERS Ether Flow 1.1 - $1600

    Which model number are they ?
  2. keys1234

    FS: TASCAM CD-6010 CD Player

    I will take this thanks
  3. I will take thanks
  4. keys1234

    FS: SACDs

    I will take the two Rubensteins SACD ,S thank you
  5. keys1234

    FS: Classical LP Box Sets

    I will take the Smetatna and the Chopin boxed sets thank you
  6. Did you sell the other three yet ?
  7. Hi Steve , ‘got it thanks will attend to it tomorrow . Regards Ron
  8. I will take this I tied sending you a pm said Your are not taking messages
  9. keys1234

    Withdrawn: Stax SR-007A Headphones

    Are these Mk1 or Mk11?
  10. keys1234

    FS: Old Records (Free/Donation)

    I will go second please
  11. keys1234

    SOLD: EOI: Stax 007 mk1

    Is this the early version mk1 or the late version mk1 ?
  12. I will take this Scott
  13. keys1234

    SOLD: Metaxas Ecstatic Electrostatic Speakers

    Hi Bryan , who did the upgrades on the Metaxas speakers ?