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  1. Item: Atma-Sphere MA-1 Mk II Silver Edition Output TransformerLess OTL Monoblocks Location: Sydney Hills District Price: $5500 plus shipping Item Condition: Excellent, just serviced by Kimil Electronics with new valves Reason for selling: Needed Xmas cash flow Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, TT For sale are my fabulous Atma-Sphere MA-1 Mk II Silver Edition OTL monoblocks. 140W per channel. These have just had a full service and tube replacement by Chris Kimil Electronics. They promise trouble free listening bliss. Crystalline clarity, speed and huge slam, unlike any other tube or solid state amp. I have substantially reduced the price as I need the cash flow over the holidays. Here are some review excerpts: SoundStage Review Summary Sound "An utterly clear and uncongested view into the music" -- "these amps breathed life into vocals"; "but this clarity and immediacy could be a double-edged sword" with less-than-perfect recordings; bass "certainly lacks solid-state weight and slam," but it "has punch." Features Class-A, zero-feedback, fully balanced OTL circuitry from someone with "over 25 years of experience designing and building OTL amplifiers under his belt." Use Not for a speaker that requires "solid-state amplification to sound its best"; consume 500 watts each and produce a fair amount of heat. Value "What the MA-1 Mk II.2 does, no other amp [Marc has] heard so far duplicates." Epilogue: The Audiophile Voice Atma-Sphere MA-1 Mk II Monoblock Amplifiers - Ron Nagle Finally, the long upward climb brings me back once again to the cool darkened interior of the monastery. The old one, although blind, has long since known of my return, having heard my footsteps from afar. Wordlessly, I sit facing him and wait. Finally, in a faint whisper he asks, "So, Grasshopper, what have you learned?" "Master, I have found music to be an ephemeral fabric layered over a pool of silence. Its existence is fragile. It exists in our hearts or not at all." “vociferous dynamic levels made listening intoxicating and fun. DeJohnette's cymbals were dry and splashy and his bass drum and especially toms boomed with authority. All sounds were delineated in perfect studio space. I felt like I was in front of the mixing board. “A record I enjoy for gut-busting double bass drum attack and guitar/keyboard duels is Billy Cobham's classic 1974 recording, Spectrum [Atlantic]. This is a thunderous CD with fusion drummer Cobham, bassist Lee Sklar, Moog maniac Jan Hammer and guitar virtuoso Tommy Bolin. A jazz rock classic and roaring improvisational blowout, Cobham's drum corps patterns further energize and inflame the already psychotic dual solos of Hammer and Bolin. Opening track "Quadrant 4" is a full system workout of hyper 16th-note double bass, drum rolls and screaming guitar with atonement for audio sins offered by Sklar's big-hearted bass. The Atma-Spheres offered tremendous speed -- a OTL trademark -- while the music's flagrant dynamics were delivered with ease. They didn't cover up the old recording's sketchy treble but allowed “The Atma-Sphere MA-1 MkII.3 Silver Edition 140-watt monoblock OTL amplifiers are winners in my book, with only slight caveats. They produce massive sit-down-and-rest-a-spell images that are rock-solid yet liquid and entirely engaging. That clash o' words is an entirely accurate representation of the Atma-Sphere voodoo because us audiophiles want both the liquidity of tubes and the unwavering portrayal of soundstaging and dynamics that only the best components can deliver. I never felt less then extremely impressed with the MA-1s' super-fast dynamics, effortless back-to-front, top-to-bottom soundstaging and overall sense of flow. While I do attribute some of this flow and articulation and micro detail to the Shindo Monbrison -- since a loss of same was very much present when I replaced the Monbrison with the MP-3 -- the MA-1s' gigantic imaging, excellent dynamics, frequency extension and potent music-making remained. These are world-class amps that deserve your attention.
  2. Item: ESS AMT1 Speakers Location: Hills Sydney Price: Hugely Reduced to $550 plus shipping Item Condition: Work flawlessly. Visually, good for age. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, PayPal The Heil speaker platform was/is based on the ground-breaking Heil Air Motion Transformer which is a special compressed ribbon midrange/tweeter design that applies compression to the air perpendicular to the radiated direction of the sound. This special approach creates angular velocity which results in exceptionally high-efficiency control over the air mass with what would otherwise be considered subtle fluctuations in the ribbon. Result: Efficiency, remarkable clarity, accuracy, lowest distortion. AMTs are now produced by Mundorf and Beyma and utilised in many high-end speakers. The bass is produced by a 10" woofer and a rear facing passive driver to provide very good reproduction. Very rare and collectible.
  3. I need stereo leads from pre amp and into the sub as well
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