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  1. Could you post some pics of the back of the phono stage please
  2. FS: Lampizator Level 7 Special Edition

    Is this the Big 7 ?
  3. I had a smaller brother of this I was amazed by it till I went to the latest Goldmund Phono Stage
  4. How much better is the EAR 912 over the Whest Ref V MK4 ?
  5. SOLD: FS classical vinyl

    I would like to take the five Beethoven Piano Contertoes Leon Fleisher & George Szell
  6. SOLD: FS: Halcro ec800

    I will take it thank you
  7. FS- Denon 3930 Universal Player

    What discs does i play ?
  8. Is it silver or copier ?
  9. How many watts per channel,and what is the gain?
  10. How old is it ? can you send me the serial number
  11. Has this been upgraded to the new mk11 version?