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  1. Frampton playing the blues...revisited this absolute beauty and if your like me and love electric guitar you will be hooked after the first track.
  2. What Bookshelves have you been considering as i am in the same boat and own the SAV-5's ?
  3. Welcome Wokstar, Mate you will get heaps of good advice on here... Personally with your funds look at some second hand gear maybe on the Gummie and try and buy a complete set up of separates if you can. If your patient you will get something tidy. The set up your looking at might be a mis-match. After I purchased a phono pre-amp it was life changing lol Let the addiction begin ! Peace
  4. Soundtrack McVicar Chic Sly Dunbar Foreigner self titled Gypsy kings cheers
  5. pink floyd - Animals Nirvanna - unplugged thank you
  6. Black sabbath x2 Air x1 Living Color x 1 Please posted Cheers
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