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  1. Further information: Up for sale is my Consonance A3 amplifier (3 channels) which I purchased new (in Oct 2012). This is the amplifier that woke me up to how music could sound as I used to play music via my home theatre AVR and used this amp to power the front speakers. Consonance is a well known international brand and makes quality audio equipment. Less than a year later I had bought separate components for 2 channel playback and this amplifier was relegated to power the centre and rear speakers in my home theatre setup. Only reason I am selling is that I
  2. @MattyW Just to make sure I understand, you use the Mutec MC3+USB to convert from USB to SPDIF? This then can be connected to an Abbas DAC ?
  3. Wow, that finish is absolutely beautiful. Seems like an absolute bargain. GLWTS.
  4. That’s also my understanding, my Pass Labs amp draws 375 watts, its music rating is only 30 watts.
  5. @realysm42 My comment relates to that I had bass issues at louder volumes which I don’t think would have been an issue if speakers were facing other direction as room is a couple of metres longer. The Hulgich are great speakers and I now don’t have any bass issues. We are lucky in Aus to have several great homegrown speaker manufacturers.
  6. @realysm42 I now have Hulgich Ella Mk2. Unfortunately with my room layout I have speakers across the short side, if I could have the speakers in other direction I would still have the Osborns.
  7. @muriwai They sure are. Glad they went to a good home 🙂
  8. This is a photo of my Epitome tower references that I used to own (gloss bubinga). This setup was early in my audio addiction and I had a Consonance 15th anniversary amp. I then changed to AM music 805M amps and Consonance Linear 1 preamp, which was a significant improvement. The only item remaining is the equipment rack!
  9. I watched it last night and was fascinated as well. Surely there would have been a lot of people who new about the cover up. I am surprised it took this long to be exposed.
  10. @Jhsg Hi, I have a 3 channel Consonance amp for sale that I was using for centre and rears. Link to my ad is: Consonance A3
  11. @Antipodean Brad The current ad has $44,300 as the asking price. Equipment is: Epitome References Elite towers ($14.5k) Consonance Linear 1 preamp ($5k) - this old model, new model just released. AM mono valve amps 833M. ($14k)- this old model, new model just released. Consonance digital streamer DS1. ($2k) The Vermeer la Fontaine DAC / CD /PreAmp (upgraded to. Vermeer 2). I took the RRP prices of the Osborn website, the Vermeer is a high end DAC, no price on the website, would be at least $20k I imagine.
  12. @bonuss All the comments above are relevant. I had a pair of Epitome tower references that I loved but ended up selling as they were too large for my room. The bass became muddy and not focused at slightly higher volumes. If you can fly to Melbourne that would be worthwhile, Greg is very accomodating.
  13. @realysm42 I had a pair of Epitome reference towers which I used several valve amps, Consonance 15th, AM 805m these sounded great. With a Modwright KWA100SE it was too bright for my tastes. Finally I used a Pass Labs XA30.8 which sounded the best of all. I definitely think Greg tunes his speakers to sound best with valve amps or ss amps with valve like characteristics.
  14. @BugPowderDust Thanks for the link, I will check it out.
  15. Just updated to 763 and all good. Still hoping in a future release there are more choices for background colour.
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