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  1. Looks like a monster amp, should make a difference.
  2. Interesting that the firmware version is not aligned between the Panasonic website and shipped units. Hopefully they release the 1.66 version soon.
  3. Have a look at this page, there is a lot of brands listed as certified. https://roonlabs.com/partners
  4. @Assisi Hi John, I bought the cheaper one, that's annoying, saw the red cable cable you described so thought that was it. I didn't read your original post carefully, assumed they were importing from Japan but couldn't see them anywhere for sale in Aus. Am I correct that the telegartner plugs are the same as on the Audioquest Vodka that I own? If yes, they are a substantial plug. Chris
  5. @Assisi Thanks for posting about the Acoustic revive cable. Currently using one between Antipodes CX & EX, it's still running in. I bought mine off ebay, paid for the DHL delivery and delivered a few days later. I was using an Audioquest Vodka, still too early to call which one is better to my ears, but I will say that the Acoustic Revive is a bargain at the price point and initially pleasantly surprised straight away as soon as I plugged it in.
  6. I would get the new driver, particularly as it has a 5 year warranty. It looks like an awesome sub.
  7. Try a Sonnet Morpheus, you could borrow one from Sonic Purity in Melbourne. Sonnet Morpheus It's a great DAC, analogue sounding with great detail, designed by the founder of Metrum.
  8. @SteveM What are on those stands either side of your speakers, some sort of resonator?
  9. I had both and used to swap between amplifiers. Then I discovered Pass Labs amps and eventually sold my valve amps (AM Audio 805) as not being used. I did keep one JLTI modified Yaqin (EL34 tubes), couldn't quite give up valves totally (mind you haven't used it for a while).
  10. Just finished watching the 3 Matrix 4k movies. Really enjoyed them, I think they hold up well for their age.
  11. They are great speakers, definitely IMO underrated. I agree a bargain.
  12. JB HiFI are having buy 2 get one free sale on all movie formats + there is also 20% off. This makes those 4k UHD quite reasonably priced.
  13. My preference is Pass Labs, but I am biased as an XA30.8 owner. Definitely try and find somewhere to demo them both.
  14. @Stereophilus That makes sense regarding the EX. I might enquire regarding the software upgrade if it easy and no hassle. My CX & EX are only a year old, I won't be upgrading to the newer model and I am very happy with the sound. Mind you this hasn't stopped me from upgrading before....😄
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