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  1. Whites

    Comprehensive image retention over 24wks

    I have had my Panasonic plasma for about 7 years and definitely no image retention.
  2. @dbastin I have a single story house, hardwood floorboards on piers. My floorboards are only 2" wide. With audio tweaks I always try to not expect too much improvement, the Gaia exceeded my expectation. In my situation this was equivalent to a component upgrade.
  3. I thought it was an awesome system if you want a complete package. The Whatmough speakers and sub would be worth the money alone. My Panasonic plasma is 7 years old and picture is still great. GLWTS
  4. @cafe67 my speakers weigh 45kg each so the Gaia 2 were perfect. I have timber floors.
  5. @rodders3 A couple of items I have purchased as follows: 2012 Sydney show : bought a Consonance amplifier straight after the show and when funds permitted I bought a pair of Osborn Epitome reference towers, these were after listening to Greg Osborn room at the show. 2018: I also purchased the Gaia II after listening to the demo at the show in Melbourne. Like yourself I have been very impressed and surprised at the improvement. Luckily mine were the standard M6 thread so I didn't have any issues fitting them.
  6. Whites

    Clock Radio Recommendations

    I have had a Ruark for a couple of years and it is a great product, easy to use and reliable.
  7. @tripitaka thanks for the correction, I couldn't remember the exact details. I agree the speakers sounded great.
  8. @muriwai at the show Greg had released a new "reference" version with I think has upgraded crossovers. Might be worth inquiring with him about the difference. ps. glad you are enjoying them, I still remember the day you drove off with them not quite fitting in your vehicle😄
  9. Whites

    Greetings from an Osborn Fan

    Hi Darren, Welcome to the forum. Lots of Osborn speaker fans here, awesome upgrade!
  10. @rodders3 Sorry about that, but I had to let you know. Like @blybo mentioned the Isoacoustic demonstration was impressive. They had two sets of identical speakers, one on normal spikes and one on the Gaia. All they did was swap between them on the same track, there was no gimmicks. The Isoacoustic rep had flown in from Canada and was a down to earth guy, answered a couple of questions without any sales talk beat-up. Prior to the show I had been thinking about buying them as another SNA member had recommended them. I kept procrastinating because of the price, but after the demo I actually bought then on the spot. Best improvement to my system other than an equipment upgrade. Please keep in mind I have an old house with a wood floor that has a bit of spring in it and I suspect prone to vibration, hence I probably get the maximum benefit from the Gaia.
  11. @rodders3 I have just replaced my herbies cone/spike decoupling glider with the Isoacoustic Gaia 2 under my speakers. In my situation there is no comparison, the Gaia were a massive improvement. The herbies cone/spike decoupling glider are awesome for sliding speakers around on wood floors to fine tune their position. I haven't tried the herbies hush puckies, they look interesting.
  12. @blybo I bought the Gaia 2 for my floorstanding speakers after hearing the Isoacoustic demo at the show. They are amazing, the improvement has really surprised me, the bass is tighter, soundstage is larger, much more clarity. The Gaia aren't cheap, but they are a seriously awesome product. I should add that I have an old house, the speakers are on floorboards and there is a bit of noticeable spring when you walk around so I probably have the ideal situation to gain maximum benefit from the product.
  13. I was quite satisfied with my system until I went to the audio show. When I returned home my 50" plasma seems tiny!
  14. Whites

    65 inch 4K Which One

    Thanks for posting that information @Tweaky, I was wondering what the difference was. My plasma has an intermittent green line appearing so I have been looking at replacements, JB guy didn't mention the reliability issue.
  15. SS all the way. Pass labs XP20 pre and XA30.8. I used to have tubes for both but the Pass gear is awesome😊