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  1. I can recommend Rythmic subs from Red Spade Audio. Paul (from Red Spade Audio) is a member here and offers very good advice of what is suitable. I looked around for quite a while at different brands and made a mistake of buying a REL for home theatre. He has the cabinet built locally and the build and paint finish is first class, makes the mass produced ones look second rate. The Rythmic sub has transformed movie watching !
  2. I think the technology works well. Watching normal FTA I don’t turn on my home theatre system. However it has a long way to go before replacing surround sound setup. The big advantage with the technology is that for average viewers you don’t need a sound bar.
  3. I bought all the components for my led lighting from Volka Lighting. They were very helpful answering my questions like your own.
  4. Item: Panasonic Plasma TV TH-P50ST60A Price Range: Free - $20 donation to SNA Item Condition: Used - see description below Extra Info: I have a 50" plasma which works except for a green vertical line which occasionally appears on right side of the TV next to the edge. Pretty sure the green line is only on input 1. Green line rarely appears, sometimes not for months. If anyone wants it, $20 donation to SNA and its yours. Otherwise its going to the e-waste recycling. ***Pickup from Pennant Hills***
  5. I have only just started watching season 1, really enjoying it. I was hoping season 2 is just a good.
  6. I hope Panasonic are helpful. Have you downloaded the latest firmware, I only mention this as last night my UB9000 told me there was new version (1.60). Rather strange as it looks like it was released a month ago. The update on Panasonic website says "playability of bluray disc" and "stability of system".
  7. @Yardbird, pretty sure that movie was Unbroken.
  8. @lonewolf, no they are designed to deal with low frequency room modes.
  9. Hi @AudioGeek, thanks for asking about the quantity, there are 2 identical units. I made these myself, hence they only cost me the materials and many hours of time.
  10. Item: 2 x Broadband Diaphragmatic Absorbers (BDA) Location: Pennant Hills NSW 2120 Price: $200 for both. Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: I made these BDA (2 of) to plans I purchased from Acoustic Fields. These were used in my loungeroom with my previous speakers to sort out a bass issue. I have since bought smaller more appropriate speakers for the size of my room and do not require the BDAs. The BDA are on wheels so they can be moved around and are quite large - 1710mm(H) x 610mm (W) x 350mm(D). They are quite heavy, needs two people to lift. *** Pickup from Pennant Hills*** Photos:
  11. Another vote for Mazda 3. My original one (2006) I sold to my neighbour and its still going strong with no issues. I bought another new one in 2016 and its a great car, well built feels solid. I reckon they are good value.
  12. Item: Inakustic Reference Bi-wire Speaker Jumpers Location: Pennant Hills, 2120 Price: $185 + postage Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Wrong configuration for new speakers. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling two pairs of Inakustic bi-wire speaker jumpers. These are 15cm long with spades on both ends. Photos:
  13. @Mat-with-one-t Thanks for providing that feedback. I am not a serious rider, but ride for general fitness, usually in the local bush and was looking to get a better long sleeve top for this time of year. Ordered a Castelli long sleeve top, first decent top I have bought, looking forward to trying it.
  14. Wow - this is a bargain for an Antipodes product. They are well respected within the industry and have numerous positive reviews for all their models. GLWTS
  15. @koputai That is devastating, hope the police get the low life. With the Santa Cruz being a unique colour it should be hard to sell, without being noticed. Watch the local papers etc. Why won’t the insurance cover the replacement cost?
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