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  1. I would go for the Sony. I have the older A8f model and it is an amazing picture, still amazed at the difference to my old plasma.
  2. I only use mine on my digital front end (i.e. dac, music server and renderer). I couldn't provide any comment on the effect as I changed my power cables at the same time.
  3. AudioTrends occasionally have great sales on the Isotek products. Their last sale was in March when you could buy the EVO3 Polaris at a significant saving.
  4. @HuggyBear That is very disappointing. I looked at your photos and agree that is not acceptable. I also have a Sony OLED A8F and like yourself paid a premium for hopefully the best picture quality and service. Good on you for not giving up, hopefully Sony comes to the party and fixes/replaces your tv. Keep us informed.
  5. That's a bargain at that price. Consonance products are very well made, they are great sounding and look fantastic. GLWTS.
  6. I have a large garage so keep all mine. Learnt the hard way when I wanted to sell some bookshelf speakers and had thrown original packaging out. It was painful, so keep all boxes now.
  7. Further information: Up for sale is my Osborn centre speaker, C3 wide. Dimensions are 210(H), 770(W), 270 (D) its finished in gloss bubinga. This is a great sounding centre speaker and I am only changing because my OCD has kicked in. I changed my front speakers a while go to new ones which are Walnut in colour. Yes, its crazy, but I need the colour to match. Speaker is in excellent condition, smoke and pet free home. Speaker is really well built and heavy at 29kg. I would prefer pickup, but pretty sure I could ship. Photos: Sorry about the photo, its very hard to photograph Osborn gloss bubinga speakers. The speaker is in excellent condition,
  8. @WedgeBiggs Keep an eye on Audiogon, that's where I got mine from. Not very often you see a second hand DB25 cable. Otherwise you can buy direct from their website. I still think they are in business, website is still working. Send them an email to check. revelationaudio
  9. One of those rare JB HiFi sales, buy one get one free. Blu Ray and 4K !
  10. Thanks @betty boop, awesome timing, that's going to save a bundle.
  11. @Brucec and @MediaLight thanks for the clarification. Looking forward to getting mine, been watching a few movies of late with the office being closed.
  12. @Brucec Sorry just realised yours is wall mounted, hence the 4 sided version.
  13. @Brucec Sure did make a difference. What size screen is yours? I ordered the single strip based on the website recommendation, but noticed you have gone for the next kit which is led all the way round.
  14. I watched "The Thin Red Line" last night. bought it from JB HiFI for $7. The picture quality of the bluray was outstanding, I was very surprised. The movie was fascinating, not what I expected at all. Definitely a bargain at $7.
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