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  1. JB - buy one get one free this weekend. Bluray and 4k !
  2. @SLE355 I was waiting as well, but finally gave in when the green line appeared more regularly and JB had their 20% off Easter sale combined with current Sony $300 eftpos card. Ended up costing me $3,300. Worth every cent.
  3. @Happy Sacks I have only just bought one which is connected to my Sony A8F oled. So far I am really impressed. The picture quality is amazing, the upscaling of blu-rays are fantastic. The sound is awesome, it is connected via the RCA outs to my home theatre system. I have only had it three days so I can't give a long term view, and other than playing a few movies and youtube videos and I haven't used other functions yet.
  4. I just bought a Sony A8F Oled to replace my Pana plasma (with its bright vertical green line)....the Sony picture quality is awesome.
  5. @ans They were advertised as "box damaged" and the condition was "new".
  6. The sales person at the Sony store told me it would be July/August. Not sure about the soundbar as I have a home theatre system. Based on my A8F the sound is surprisingly good for general viewing, lacks a bit of bass for my liking. The A9 series might have better sound, being the premium model.
  7. The lean back is very small, definitely not like the A1.
  8. @Wiredin That is the 2019 version of the A9F. I just bought the A8F, has a slight lean back, you actually don't notice it. I just went and had a look at mine to see if it did lean back.
  9. I recently purchased the Sony A8F OLED (65 inch). It replaced a Panasonic 50" plasma which had an intermittent vertical green line. The main reasons I bought the Sony was because of the up-scaling ability, picture quality, the stand fitted on top of my centre speaker and price (recent 20% off at JB). Thought I would just provide some feedback for others who are procrastinating about upgrading. In summary: Picture is great straight out of the box, I adjusted the settings based on ratings.com/avs forum. Significantly better than my plasma, whites are white, there is an overall vibrancy and clarity that shocked me. blu-rays look fantastic HD free to air looks really good SD free to air is okay - not as bad as I thought it would be, seems to vary a bit. the acoustic surface sound is surprisingly good I definitely recommend upgrading to Sony OLED if you are thinking about it. Regarding the size, I sit 4m from the screen and to me it is just right. Of course going from a 50" to 65" still seems like a massive increase. I bought it from a Sony store, they match price, have free delivery and also a 3 yr warranty. With the current Sony $300 eftpos card offer they give it to you at the Sony store, no applying online and waiting forever. This is definitely an upgrade over my old plasma.
  10. @Greggo1985 Add the item to your cart. Then when you view the cart there is a spot left side of page below the item.
  11. This is a great sale. Just bought the Panasonic DP-UB9000 flagship player for $1274 😊
  12. I had one niece sit for hours and really enjoyed and understood why I spend money and time on this passion. My other niece was here with her husband and he said "I get it now", she kept looking at her phone while we listened to all different genres of music for hours and to her credit didn't pester him too much about leaving. One of my brothers recently tried to put his stuff (cap, phone etc) on one of my speakers and even moved the soft toy aside. When I told him it wasn't a shelf he got upset and carried on. He also stated his crappy Harvey Norman system was not much different in sound. I bit my tongue, after all he is one of my brothers.
  13. @Toyboyo If you are in Sydney, Lifestyle store in North Parramatta stocks them.
  14. I seem to have a rare positive NBN story. My elderly parents were changed over last week. I was there to ensure everything went ok, the technicians turned up in the appointed time window, they installed the connection point in the room we wanted and they were polite and courteous. I admit the install was easy as it is easy access under my parents house. In addition the landline was transferred later that day from Telstra to TPG. This saved a lot of stress as my parents rely on the old phone and were very stressed that there would be a extended period of time with it not working. They have a mobile but are not comfortable using it. Maybe NBN are listening to the complaints....
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