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  1. @CY10N They wouldn't terminate a figure 8 into a C13 as C13 requires an earth.
  2. @zonx I used to have a pair of Epitome Tower Ref, I had both valves and solid state amplifiers. I found that solid state was better for bass as it was considerably tighter. Pass Labs is a good match as it is solid state but the flavour of valves.
  3. If you watch a fair bit of sport make sure you check that the model is suitable for motion, I would check reviews. One of my friends recently bought a cheap 75" tv and has commented on the sport having a slight blur when watching fast sports. I think he regrets the purchase and wishes he bought a 65" but a better model.
  4. Further information: Selling my WireWorld Platinum Starlight 7 USB A to USB B cable (1.0 m long) This cable has lots of great reviews, the current RRP is $1,399 (before impending price rise due to Aus dollar tanking)! The cable is in excellent condition, comes complete with original packaging and certificate of authenticity. I can ship at buyers expense. Photos:
  5. @Sansui77 I have last years 65" OLED (A8F) and almost exactly one year later I can say it is a great TV. Straight out of the box the picture was great, I did some minor tweaking after finding recommended settings online. I think my model was criticised for the sluggish operating system, sure it's not super snappy but I have no problem with youtube, all the catchup channels etc. I watch Netflix via a Panasonic UB9000. The screen is quite reflective which I have only just noticed as I am home working, buy majority of my viewing is at night. In summary it's a great TV, I can recommend it.
  6. Further information: Up for sale is 4 (2 pairs) IsoAcoustic Iso-Pucks. I have the original packaging and can post. Photos:
  7. @andyr Yes, cable lifters, might have based the design on a commercial product😄
  8. My project is very simple compared to the ones above. Sheet of ply from Bunnings an hour and a bit and all finished.
  9. @sonusfidelio I can recommend the Sonnet Morpheus, Sonic Purity have them in Melbourne, created by the original designer who left Metrum. Have a look at the 6moons review.
  10. This upgrade is the top upgrade which cost $3,490.
  11. Further information: Up for sale is my Oppo 105D - JLTI upgraded. This is the Level 4.2 + ACB Signature version, which is the top modification (upgrade cost $3,490). The JLTI upgrades transform the 2 stereo playback to another level. Details of the extensive modifications as per the link: JLTI webpage Sale includes the remote and the wireless dongle. This can be picked up from Pennant Hills (2120) or posted (buyer pays) as I have the original packaging. Photos:
  12. @yuri87 I built these a while ago, I will see if I can find the details regarding the fibreglass. They did make a difference, at the time I had rather large floostanders and the bass would go "muddy and loose" when I turned up the volume. The BDAs definitely helped that problem.
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