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  1. Whites

    Sony TV opinions

    @Kensell21 Let us know your impressions. I am still watching a Panasonic plasma (about 6 years old) so am interested in your comparison between them.
  2. Whites

    Sony TV opinions

    That is cheapest I have seen it since the JB sale in December last year.
  3. Whites

    Blade Runner 2049

    Finally got around to watching the bluray, I really enjoyed this movie again (I did see at the movies). My new subwoofer (thanks to @Paul Spencerfrom Red Spade Audio) has made a massive difference to the enjoyment of movies with lots of bass.
  4. Whites

    Fury - Bluray Release

    @murawai That's awesome Dean, I am glad you are enjoying them.
  5. Whites

    Fury - Bluray Release

    @murawaiThat's awesome. I will have to watch it again at a higher volume, didn't realise Bible's gone had that impact. I had to look up Crowson chair shaker...you have addiction to bass really bad😄
  6. Whites

    Fury - Bluray Release

    Dean, With all your subs this would be an awesome movie. Chris
  7. Whites

    Fury - Bluray Release

    Watched Fury on the weekend, what a great movie. The sound track really added to the movie, having a HT system which can reproduce deep bass adds great atmosphere. It's movies like this makes wish I had a bigger tv or a projector.
  8. @Sime V2Wow, that is interesting. I asked the question regarding the DAC as there is a significant price difference between models. I think I need to drop into the lifestyle store for a listen.😊
  9. @Sime V2 @legend Do you think that if you are using an M scaler with Chord dacs then the sound quality difference between the the different Chord dac models is not as great?
  10. @Tweaky Just wondering what movie is the spaceship shot from? I want to see what it looks like on my TV.
  11. This is a bargain, get it modded by Joe Rasmussen (JLTI) which will transform it into a really great sounding amp for the money.
  12. Whites

    Pass Labs XA25 Power amp

    @scumbag Great review, very thorough. As a very happy XA30.8 owner I was wondering what the difference was between them. The XA30.8 has some sort of hold over me which I can't explain, I just enjoy the amp. I think it is possibly because I used to have valve amps and their are similar characteristics. I agree with your comment of running in of PL amps before critical listening. This is critical, my XA30.8 changed dramatically after running in. Likewise letting the amp warm up (a minimum of 1 hour IMO) has a significant effect.
  13. Whites

    Help with getting back into cycling

    @Juicester It was pretty easy, car parked in the bike lane (legally), I moved into the traffic, steep downhill and cars were slowing, then they suddenly stopped and I hit the brakes - I was too close, bumped the guys car in front and flew over the handle bars. Luckily landed on the road and not an edge of his car.
  14. Whites

    Help with getting back into cycling

    And there are cyclists like me who misjudge the traffic (there's a bit more to it) and rode into the rear of a car - definitely not the car drivers fault. Luckily only a broken arm and major embarrassment 😊
  15. I agree, my LG is very quiet. Its 1 year old and still the same as first day I got it.