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  1. @Tinnrz Don't hesitate to contact Sonnet for help. The designer is very friendly and will assist. Also if you bought it from Sonic Purity they are very helpful and Warwick will definitely assist with resolving the issue. I have a Sonnet Morpheus and it is a great DAC, hope you can sort it out.
  2. @Sevoman Glad it all worked out, that would have been a huge relief. Those solid steel racks look good, do you think they provide a sonic benefit?
  3. I ended up putting mine in Billy bookcase with glass doors. I use these for my blurays as well. I agree its not the most optimal but decided to as you can always buy more from Ikea when you need to.
  4. @Drunken Monk I ride a MTB on the fire trails near me, only trying to keep fit. Initially I bought a cheap Merida hardtail (approx $1200, previous years model) as I wasn't sure I would like riding in the bush as I used to ride on the road. It had the smaller wheels. After about 2 years I decided to upgrade to full suspension after riding a friends as it was more comfortable. I bought a Specialized as after trying a couple of models at the shop they instantly were more comfortable to ride and the quality seemed high (blew my budget though). In my case I def
  5. I would look at all the major brands (Giant, Merida, Specialized....) go to your local bike shop and ride a couple different brands. You will be surprised at how different they are. You can also get a good deal on the previous years model if they have any, they won't differ much to the current years model.
  6. Welcome Ryan, there is a lot of information on the forum and some very knowledgeable and helpful members. "Rabbit hole" is right, but remember it's the music that matters.
  7. Further information: Up for sale is my Consonance A3 amplifier which I purchased new (in Oct 2012). It has been used in my home theatre system for the centre and rear speakers. Only reason I am selling is that I have installed ceiling speakers for Atmos and have purchased a 5 channel amplifier. The amp is in good condition, no dents or dings but there are a couple of marks on top plate as seen in the second photo. The RRP when I bought it was $1,490. I have priced it for a quick sale and considering there are some marks. Pickup is ava
  8. Might be as simple as a setting on the Kenwood, the instruction manual is available online.
  9. I agree @SDan , I have also been using a Sonnet Morpheus with my Ella Mk2 for about 6 months and really love the combination.
  10. @DaveMews I had a pair of Paradigm Studio 60v5 and it wasn't until I demoed them for a sale that I realised they need a good amplifier. Basically I connected them to my Pass Labs amp for the demo and was amazed at the difference a decent power amp made. The studio 60s are a great speaker, definitely see if you can borrow a power amp to try.
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