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  1. @A J hi mate. I'd be interested in the Speedbox if you're willing to separate. That will drop the price of your turntable for someone looking for a great first deck and make it more accessible to a beginner who wouldn't need the speedbox to begin with anyway (I've been running the same TT without the speedbox for 3 years perfectly fine.)
  2. ELYAS

    Man in a van theatre system

    LOL wow, they even stung him a receiver...
  3. ELYAS

    Kicked in KEF LS 50's :(

    Why don't you try your luck with KEF direct? Send them an email, tell them that a few people on Stereo.net.au , a 150,000 member forum, suggested that KEF was fantastic to deal with and you thought you'd try and see if there might be something they could do. Who knows, the might just turn around and say send it in. That would be great PR.
  4. ELYAS

    I let go of Foxtel

    I trust you laughed and gently placed that bill in the bin?
  5. ELYAS

    FS: Yamaha NX-N500 Active Speakers

    Pictures didn't work.
  6. Great work mate. Tell me more about 'those monos' please! I'm having a little moment with Vincent at the moment and am planning on auditioning a pair or ST700's with their Sa-T7 pre. I think they look fantastic but worried about reviews possibly being a little over inflated due to their bang-for buck rather than actually being great. How did you find them?
  7. @08Boss302 , good stuff mate. Glad you're enjoying it. I wonder why manufacturers don't burn in their equipment prior to release so they sound as they should out of the box.
  8. All good guys. I've passed on the lot. I thought the Yamaha's and Technics could have been half decent for a second system but turns out it's all junk so, meh...
  9. These are the Technics
  10. Thanks mate. Thought the Yamaha's or the Technics might be of value. All junk you think?
  11. More photos Assuming the Yamaha's and Technics are half decent for a good price? I've just been told the floorstanders are a brand called USAudio? Never heard of it.
  12. As per the title, can you ID the floor standers on the left and the bookshelves in the middle?
  13. ELYAS

    I let go of Foxtel

    My experience with foxtel has been very frustrating as well. Their iq3 box is an absolute joke in the industry. It lags, doesn't respond to remote inputs and is consistently glitchy. I've spoken to them about this on multiple occasions and whilst the internet is full of the same exact complaints, the customer service people pretend it's something new and isolated. To say this is an insult to my intelligence is an understatement. Since the debacle of losing the English Premier League to Optus, I've considered cancelling many times but I feel like I'm roped in because of their brilliant coverage of the F1, and their upcoming coverage of all cricket sounds great, as well as holding the rights to HBO blockbusters, especially Game of Thrones. I really don't know what to do. The rest of their stuff is garbage. They've also stopped showing non-main event UFC Fight Night coverage. I only watch their HD channels exclusively and unless there is any of the above on, I simply don't watch Foxtel, but their packaging of channel packs is designed to have you paying the maximum amount possible, rather than being able to select certain channels and pay for those instead. I've recently subbed to Netflix, briliant. I get OptusSport (via Fetch box for the EPL) for free through my parent's Optus plans, so that's a bonus. Whilst I HATE Optus and their role in this debacle, that's a story for another day. Let's just say it's left me banned from all Optus social media pages. I really don't know what to do.
  14. In my opinion, no TV has been able to better the picture of the F8500 until the recent OLED. That's a great price too. Good luck with the sale.
  15. ELYAS

    Building My DreamTheatre

    Welcome. How far into the build are you? Start a build thread in the appropriate forum.