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  1. Thanks gents, I think it's Breitling's most underrated watch in their catalogue. I do love it but it needs to make way unfortunately.
  2. Further information: Breitling Transocean Day Date A4531012 On the original and iconic Breitling Ocean Classic bracelet with the beautiful black dial. It comes with everything pictured in the second photo. There is no outer box, just the original Breitling leather case and all paperwork including original purchase receipt from Duty Free. You will not find a find a cheaper example in this condition, on the bracelet (maybe not even with the leather strap) anywhere in the world right now and I may be slightly negotiable within reason. Condition: Unpolished, faint swirls/scratches on the case, a small mark at the very outer edge of the case at 9 and very light marks in the AR coating. The clasp has a slightly more prominent scratch under the 1884 marking. All marks are from normal wear and are easily corrected with a polish. The watch can be enjoyed immediately, Ie; the photos really don't do the watch justice, instead they accentuate the swirls especially in macro images (clasp for example). I think that's the honest way to sell a watch. It looks fantastic in person hence why I haven't had it polished. I will send the watch via registered post, with signature required on delivery and it will be fully insured (approximately +$130AUD Australia-wide with $5000 insurance cover). I take no responsibility for lost items if you want to take the risk after full payment so insurance is highly recommended. The pack and post process will be fully documented with images and a video clip of the item entering the postage packaging and being handed to Australia Post. Let me now if you'd like any more information or images of the piece. Photos: I also have a HD close up of the watch, all angles, movement, operation, day and date change and click-over for anyone genuinely interested.
  3. I should have clarified, 950G over 80"...aaaand I just found it, curiously filed under their LED 65"-70" category, what the? X9500G 85", $6,500~. All of a sudden, Sammy's Q75R is a bargain, both rated equally on Rtings...
  4. I thought markets might have been the answer. I like the idea of Android in the Sony X95G (x950G/X9500G [markets?]). Rated exactly the same as the Q70R on Rtings. Not sure it's stocked in Australia though... Hard to find it.
  5. I couldn't find an rtings comparison to the Q80, they don't have the Q75R, just the Q70 and Q70r. Do you know differences or was it just a maybe a mid-term "facelift" or firmware update or something?
  6. Awesome. Ok, I think I know what I'm looking at now. Time to crunch. Thanks heaps.
  7. So this? https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/samsung-q75-82-qled-4k-smart-tv How do I find out if a panel is IPS? Thanks for helping, I hope this thread helps others with the same questions.
  8. I was thrown off by the recommendation for Full Array with Local Dimming. I've been looking through specs on the JB site and most panels are noted as Edge Lit or "Direct Lit". I'm assuming that Direct lit and Full Array mean the same thing?? Or no...
  9. So what FALD panels over 80" currently hover either in or over my price range? Happy to wait until June and take advantage of eofy.
  10. Thanks @betty boop, I usually stay away from new tech until it’s a) tried and tested by everyone else and b) drops in price, hence why I’m only looking at uhd4k now. However, given the discussion above regarding the sizing and type of backlighting, I do think I may need to increase my budget to not fall too far behind.
  11. Mate just a question, do you have and issues with it being a Direct Lit panel? Do you notice a lack of depth or blackness?
  12. Id give it a gentle squirt of Roundup mate 😂
  13. I wouldn't be able to handle that plant there... Clean set up though.
  14. Thanks @Janjuc, I'll also need to re-run my HDMI's, as they currently don't support 4K. That's going to be a real pain in the ass unless by some Lord's miracle, binding the new to the old and dragging them through actually works... And I'll need to build a shelf under my fireplace mantle top for my center speaker. Currently sits on the mantle top, but the much bigger screen will occupy that now.
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