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  1. Why would you bother mate? For the cost in fixing it you could probably nearly buy a nice new 4K panel.
  2. @tj2204 these absolute crème de la crème audiophile speakers 😂 https://www.selby.com.au/electronics/speakers/outdoor-speakers/opus-one-8-85w-outdoor-speakers-c0915-c0916-configurable.html
  3. Throw as much money as you can at Greg Osborn and be done with it.
  4. Pretty low cost, under $1000 and goes alright actually. Has the TV as a spare anyway. The Yammy streams everything and the speakers put out decent noise for bbqs and general background music etc. It's all connected to my inside foxtel via a hdmi splitter as well so it's great for Sunday arvo UFC or something whilst smoking my cigars.
  5. I don't know anything about this sort of stuff but I'd say that little dead bug shorted the unit and blew that little fuse on the bottom right?
  6. Sweet deal man. You wouldn't happen to be doing it alongside a couple of monos as well would ya?
  7. Belated feedback here... I took my wife and we both had a great time. I loved CAV's room with the Yamaha system, enjoyed listening to horns for the first time, the SGR's were great obviously but I actually laughed out loud when I saw the price. In my opinion, Osborn's tall speakers (not sure if they were the Eclipse or Monument Towers) are probably the best speakers I've ever heard, at less than 10% of the price of some of the stuff on show. Maybe I just don't know my ears - I don't claim to be an audiophile after all, so I don't see the point in spending 1000% more to gain 1% (of course, that's just my opinion and personality and I totally understand and appreciate anyone who does and would never knock them for it - at all - on the contrary, I applaud their commitment). ...and that seemed to be the story of the day really. First of all we went around a did a quick demo to get a feel for each sound "signature". Then we went around to my favourites again and had a longer listen and yet we kept going back to the Osborn room. At one stage I burst out laughing when Greg was auditioning some old classical piece (that I should know the name of but don't) at decent volume and I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I burst out laughing in amazement. That we have a manufacturer of such incredible gear right here in our own backyard is a privilege though, and I can't wait to get a pair into my own home. If that's all I got out of the show, a definitive understanding of my end-game speaker (that one being realistically affordable to boot!!), then it was a very successful event and I'm so glad I went. I'm also wrapped the missus had a good time. We had to leave a little earlier than I wanted to be cause we got a surprise call from friends who'd just got engaged, so it was immediate party time lol... For the most part, everyone was very friendly and more than happy to answer questions and provide insights and advice without necessarily pitching a sales move on us. There was the Beyerdynamic dude on Saturday though, who wouldn't leave me to just audition the different options without interrupting me and trying to repeat his memorised spec sheet which was in front of me by each headphone anyway. As well as asking me what I did for a living and which headphone he recommends based on my lifestyle, AND how the DT1770 Pro's are only for "sound engineers" and wouldn't suit my tastes. That really F*#N P!$*ed me off to be blatantly honest. Without going on a full rant, I decided not to purchase them right there which I was quite tempted, purely based on him. Of course, big thank you to StereoNet and all event organisers. Looking forward to the next one. I can't remember what these white speakers were but they were very good.
  8. Look what I just scored at the hifi show!!
  9. a 3stop Neutral Density filter and a polarising filter, f11, ISO100 and around 5-6 sec exposure would create silky smooth water texture and a controlled sun, with the polariser killing all the white reflections off the water but keeping the colour. Magic.
  10. If you guys haven' yet checked out The Digital Blonde's new "NEON" - I highly suggest you do. He has brought back old school synth with an emotional vengeance. It's out on Spotify too. Give it a whirl, especially the 13 minute masterpiece, Camaro.
  11. @A J hi mate. I'd be interested in the Speedbox if you're willing to separate. That will drop the price of your turntable for someone looking for a great first deck and make it more accessible to a beginner who wouldn't need the speedbox to begin with anyway (I've been running the same TT without the speedbox for 3 years perfectly fine.)
  12. LOL wow, they even stung him a receiver...
  13. Why don't you try your luck with KEF direct? Send them an email, tell them that a few people on Stereo.net.au , a 150,000 member forum, suggested that KEF was fantastic to deal with and you thought you'd try and see if there might be something they could do. Who knows, the might just turn around and say send it in. That would be great PR.
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