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  1. Thanks mate, i've well and truly put them in my distant memory. Lesson learned and hopefully one for others before they consider SSV as an option. Ignition barrel is loosening up at least. Still not cool, the 32 key has so much more charm than the 33 key. My motor was also built at Racepace but is now services by JMA. They sorted out the Attessa, got the 4WD working again, however it was kicking in incorrectly. Just cruising on the freeway at 100kph, the front torque gauge would be maxed out. Broke a front driveshaft before I could get it home, no doubt due to the load, and after
  2. What a disgrace. I guess there are plenty of unsuspecting, ignorant people like me that keep them afloat.
  3. Further information: One of the best TV's ever made. Producing the deepest of blacks and incredibly smooth picture with minimal reflections. Just look at online reviews of this TV. Includes the iconic stand that came with this tv which is a work of art in itself. 2 remotes. Cons: Arial Input plug is broken (photo included), however this was never a problem for me as I only used this tv for Foxtel and movie viewing. There is a slight bit of burn in, top right corner of the panel, FoxSports logo ☠️ . Also the tv only seems to like to turn on when batteries in the remote are 50-100%.
  4. Thanks Marc, wish I'd asked around before this debacle. It wasn't Rodney i was dealing with, not sure if he's at Keilor Park. I won't say his name but it was the store manager. To be fair, he was never rude to me, but I don't think he was honest and it wasn't until I really put my foot down and started talking refund that he got serious about fixing it. Politeness is one thing, actual service is another.
  5. Thanks for the advice Greg. If the shop refused to fix their errors, I'd definitely be taking it much further. Apart from my broken key and the 4WD issue, they sorted the rest of it out and to go down that path would just be wasting my own time even more. I just don't want to have to deal with them any more. My car is booked in for a good service next week at a reputable shop who specialise in GTR's and they seem confident in being able to rectify the 4WD.
  6. Hi Bruce, I have since found and spoken with a mechanic who knows (and owns) these cars and has very good reputation in the scene. Car is going in next week for a general service and to sort the 4wd issue out. He's local too, so hopefully his shop can become the mechanical/service home for my car moving forward. Apart from the 4wd problem (which I'm certain is just a wiring issue) the car is immaculate, hence my anger when I realised all the other issues they'd created.
  7. I've umm'd and ahh'd about posting this. Was going to post a review to Google and FB but I'm so over drama, whilst still wanting to vent a little I thought here might be OK. I’d like to share my experience with Keilor Park SSV (Street Sound Vision). This is a bit of a long read, so please scroll to the end for a shortened dot-point summary if you want to just get the gist of it. I've changed the names of the employees so as not to get too personal. This is more of an exercise in getting something off my chest and just sharing the value of checking reviews before entrusting anyone with yo
  8. I’ve pulled the pin and bought a Sony x9000h. New 10 meter RuiPro HDMI 2.1 Fibre Optic and Cat6 Ethernet cables run and the tv mounted. Had to have custom brackets fabricated to mount my centre channel under the fireplace mantle as the larger screen fills the space it used to sit under my Samsung 64” f8500 plasma. Had to re-mount the wall bracket and get it all levelled but I’m extremely happy with the result. The TV is brilliant. A few picture tweaks and I’m very happy with it. The OS is a dream too. Next is the PS5 when they’re readily available, I’
  9. Further information: High quality Tempered Glass HIFI equipment rack/shelving unit. Bottom shelf is tall enough to hold a large Receiver/Amp, two above perfect for other sources such as PlayStation/XBox, Bluray players, modems/routers etc. With cable management holes in the rear panel. Height: 680mm Width: 650mm Depth: 450mm In as new condition. Pickup only, COD. Photos: *Doggy not for sale.
  10. I'm in the market for the same. We've got three options at this size, all FALD VA panels. Sony X9000H, Hisense Q8 and Samsung Q80T. For me, based on my research and reviews, the Sony seems to offer the best bang for buck. The Hisense may be a bit cheaper by discount, but the Sony has better gaming (input lag) and Android OS is class leading. The Samsung might have it's number on a pixel-peeping level, but at $1,500 more... it prices itself out of the running. You can really see that Sony are taking starting to throw their weight in the market, putting out amazing quality for a barg
  11. Yep, agreed. Having second thoughts about selling it. Have received a few offers at ~3,700., not really interested in budging to much but willing to do a deal including insured postage if someone is keen.
  12. Thanks gents, I think it's Breitling's most underrated watch in their catalogue. I do love it but it needs to make way unfortunately.
  13. Further information: Breitling Transocean Day Date A4531012 On the original and iconic Breitling Ocean Classic bracelet with the beautiful black dial. It comes with everything pictured in the second photo. There is no outer box, just the original Breitling leather case and all paperwork including original purchase receipt from Duty Free. You will not find a find a cheaper example in this condition, on the bracelet (maybe not even with the leather strap) anywhere in the world right now and I may be slightly negotiable within reason. Condition: Unpolishe
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