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  1. What's wrong with the remote?
  2. ELYAS

    FS: Odeon 32/2 Loudspeakers

    Absolutely stunning speakers. Great pics too. GLWTS.
  3. Apart from that, I've been listening to a lot lately, but have absolutely thrashed The Digital Blonde's album, The Witches. Incredible, seriously complex, starting with some deep trance pushing gorgeously melodic bass-lines and grooves (listen to Avion below for a ripper bassline and overall track), ramping up to Full-On, acidic Psy by the end. Look out for tracks 'Aliens Attack' & especially 'Wishmaster', my personal favourite. Highly recommended if you like it hard. The album is also masterfully engineered, if you can get a WAV or FLAC version, but even the 320kbps sounds seriously clean at loud levels.
  4. John 00 Fleming's new "J00F Editions" album is currently on pre-order on Beatport. Looking at the track-listing, it's magnificent. Anything he or his record label Joof Recordings touches is pure underground trancy gold. Never was a fan of the commercial stuff. https://www.beatport.com/release/joof-editions-vol-4/2217333
  5. WOw... no, I did not see that. Christ above, that's one serious sale. I've spent so much money lately though... I can't... I mustn't... I'll have a think about it tonight... lol
  6. Haha too true. It's mainly for me though sitting out there with something to watch while smoking a cigar and downing a dram or 7. I have my photos on a USB that I have on slideshow while listening to music as well. It will also come in handy watching sport while bbqing and stuff...
  7. Quick update on this. I ended up going for some cheap Opus One 8" outdoor speakers. Picked them up for around $300 and paired them with a fantastic Yamaha wxa-50 MusicCast amp I got on special for $499. Fitted it all off today, cut and shut some plastic tubing to hide the wiring, made a small shelf for the amp and sprayed it all black. I just need to rout my TV power and hdmi cable from my Foxtel hdmi splitter through the wall to clean up the cords and it will be perfect (it's all a bit makeshift and messy temporarily). Very happy with the setup. Speakers are surprisingly decent at low to mid volume, haven't cranked them yet, probably wait till its acceptable like NYE or something. A little bass heavy but that can be tuned through the MusicCast app. Great budget setup. My favourite "room" in (out) the house ? Thanks for looking!
  8. I would be so onto this if that USB DAC was an Optical input....
  9. Hi Marc, I'm in the same boat as you but mine specifically needs an optical IN which that Yammy does have. Did you come across anything else that might fit the criteria in your research? Everything I've looked at that seems to fit the bill is either under powered or lacks an optical input. A separate DAC defeats the purpose of trying to simplify and keep everything neat too...
  10. So chromecast into TV > TV into DAC into Amp? Maybe Ill just get the D3020
  11. Can this connect to a TV via rca and play stereo through a Chromecast connected via hdmi to the TV? For my outdoor decking setup.
  12. Update: I just pulled the trigger on a pair of speakers, and sensible logic won out in the end. I decided to buy a pair of Opus One 8" for $244 from Selby which was $100 off their retail. I had to buy a HDMI splitter and cabling from them anyway. They're only really going to be providing background music and I'd rather save the extra $600+ I need to spend to go to the next level. That $600 will go a long way in my upcoming purchase of a new Vincent sv237 amp and pho-700 phono for my main system. Plus, if they're terrible, I'll see if my neighbour wants to buy them and I'll get something better Thanks for the giggles and feedback gents, I'll report back once installed and broken in. Who knows, might be a good, cheap option for others. Elyas
  13. You have my attention. Interested. What differences did you find with the new tube? Do you have the original tube as well?