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  1. Year 11. Probably out by the horse paddock smoking a Port Royal and listening to Jesus and Mary Chain or the Cure on a Discman.
  2. Seriously. Just put this one in a drip and leave it plugged into my arm
  3. Usher 520s in ok condition for $150 in hughesdale, vic Usher 520s Bookshelf speakers on Gumtree Usher 520s Bookshelf speakers | Speakers | Gumtree Australia Monash Area - Oakleigh | 1233836929 WWW.GUMTREE.COM.AU For sale Usher 520s Bookshelf Speakers for sale Cabinets have some scratches They come with the speaker grills as well Price is firm 150 Speaker stands not ..., 1233836929 also has a stax box for $50
  4. Ha! I read that and thought, AU-BA falcons? I haven’t heard of those speakers. Are they some sort of classic diy design that I’m yet to come across? BR is bass reflex, what does BA stand for? I did a google search and all I got was cars and I scrolled down the page looking for speakers and changed it to image search and just more bloody cars. Just page after page of... Ford AU-BA Falcons! 💡ding! Pfft. Brains are stupid.
  5. This is taken from John Darko’s latest article about DACs "The AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt (US$299) sounds far better than the average smartphone’s 3.5mm output (if it has one) but we have to weigh up the hassle of an extra dongle vs. the improvement to sound quality. In other words: is it worth it? For pretty much everything but the LG V series, I’d respond with a firm ‘yes’. The Cobalt sounds better than the LG V30/40 but the delta is small enough for me to leave it at home. Each of us must work out for ourselves if a DAC’s qualitative gains are worth the expense but also, sometimes, the inconvenience." thought it was relevant here (More thoughts on) a beginner's guide to DACs | Darko.Audio DARKO.AUDIO Watched the video? Time to think deeper.
  6. I don’t love the whole thing but the highs are dizzying
  7. I think i’ve watched this video 4-5 times in the last 24 hours. Brittany Howard is like a force of friggin nature.
  8. I don’t have any personal experience but I’m happy to be your voice of reason. From what I have read and seen on the Darko videos the v30 is a no brainer for your situation. Maybe a dedicated DAP will eke another few percent of performance out of your cans but we’re not talking HE1000s here. Plus for travelling you’ll get web browser, maps, Spotify etc. Based on what you’ve written above I’d see if there are still some v30s around for $400 and be done with it. If any dedicated DAP enthusiasts want to argue with me I’ll be at the bar
  9. I don’t doubt it but I’m also very conservative and very, very cost conscious.
  10. Speaking just for myself, I’m going to assume the fine folk at Seas, with their state of the art r&d facilities and fancy testing equipment, know more about getting a driver to sound its best than I do. It’s not that I doubt they can be improved, it’s that I doubt with my absolute zero knowledge base that I would stumble haphazardly on a significant improvement on the first (and in my case, only available) set of drivers I tried it on. as always, YMMV
  11. For me, the latter as it had a faulty laser when I acquired it. I’d be surprised if replacing one working laser with a new working laser made any difference though. If laser upgrades were a thing, someone in the hifi industry would be making money off it.
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