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  1. Spin the bottle is their high point for me but their “dedicated to the ones we love" covers album is pretty amazing. Dan Luscomb’s guitar tone on I Found a Reason is just perfect. There’s no other word for it.
  2. spotify dropped this in my lap when I was looking for something else. I’m a fan of Abigail’s other work both solo and with Béla and this is wild
  3. Had to google john mcafee. Wow. He’s really something😧
  4. Further information: Bought this to try for simplicity but prefer my tweaky Raspberry Pi setup. Presents as new and includes box and all accessories. Simple streaming add-on to existing amp or powered speakers. Supports all the great streaming services and files up to 24/192. Analogue or digital output. Wireless inbuilt or USB Ethernet adaptor can be added for wired network. Happy to post at cost Photos:
  5. Could've been a scam. could just as easily have been a numpty who stuffed up his first ad. He did mention in the description that he was regretfully offering it at less than half price and RRP is about $6000 so it would make a dumb sort of sense if he accidentally typed 236 instead of 2360. who knows?
  6. I messaged the guy to tell him he’d priced it wrong. He obviously left a zero off and if anyone thought he would really sell it at that price they’re dreaming
  7. Used one of these in my main system for years. If you’re looking at the nominal power and thinking, “that’s not enough” rest assured that it had no problem driving my 86dB speakers to all sorts of silly volumes without showing any signs of strain. Also, the streaming app is fantastic
  8. Spread your wings to the wind EDIT: I adored this album when it came out and I freely admit that I overplayed it, to the point where today would be the first time I’ve spun it in more than five years. Turns out I’ve really been missing out. I’d forgotten what an extraordinarily beautiful album it is.
  9. https://www.metopera.org/user-information/nightly-met-opera-streams/ Met Opera free streams
  10. WFH setup as of Wednesday AM. Mostly I’m on the phone so no stereo but I can hear the main system from the living room if I want some background music. My wife set up this desk in our bedroom for her painting so my stuff needs to be easy to pack away when I’m not using it. Not that I really need any more than this and my phone, anyway. It’s a 12.9” iPad Pro in a Pad & Quill Oxford leather folio on a Griffin Elevator laptop stand, a Kanex K166 bt keyboard, a Rhodia A4 dot pad and a Tactile Turn Gist fountain pen.
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