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  1. I heard one of Mark’s Holton-based amps late last year. Not sure if it was this exact one but to say I was impressed would be an understatement. It was exactly as he describes, especially in terms of bass weight and extension. Buy with confidence. 👍
  2. The price one pays for pursuing any profession, or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side. - James Baldwin
  3. Ha! Reminded me of this https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-lagerphone/
  4. two braced boxes. Pretty chuffed with how it went. $16 hole saw went through the mdf like a hot lukewarm knife through butter.
  5. there is no conceivable mood I could be in to want to sit down and listen to this music but I could happily watch him play it for hours
  6. From memory our policy was a 20% deposit which probably came back to bite us a bunch of times. like I said, I’d run it differently if it were mine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Oh god I remember those sorts of guys (yes, it was always guys) we had one customer who ordered Multiple rooms worth of kit, the centrepiece being an SF Amati Homage/krell stereo system. The negotiation went on for weeks, a sharp price was agreed and product was ordered. The day before installation he rang the shop and said “knock another $1000 off or I’m canceling the whole order”. he didn’t deserve those Amatis. If he was my customer I like to think I would’ve called his bluff but I’m not sure.
  8. After a lot of reading I’ve found many differing opinions on what works “best”. What I think I will do, based on what little consensus I can find, is line the inside of the box with cotton felt packing blankets sold here: https://www.jjdavies.com.au/removalist-felt-packing-felt, with a double layer behind the driver, and then weave/suspend some of the jaycar padding as centrally as possible in the speaker within the matrix bracing. Total cost will probably be about $60, which isn’t too onerous. The place linked above has 2 densities of 450GSM felt, one at 5mm thick and the other at 11mm. I’m thinking the 11mm type will be better to cover more frequencies than the 5mm but I’m happy to be corrected if I’m thinking at it wrong
  9. I don’t have drag but recently Sing It Loud (with the siss boom bang) and her album with Neko Case and Laura Viers (just called Case/Lang/Viers) are both delightful modern grown-up pop music. Ingenue is her classic with her big hit and she did a great album of duets with Tony Bennett around 2000ish. Dig back far enough and there’s some super-country 80s stuff too, if you’re into that sort of thing (I’m not. It’s a bit too honky-tonk for me)
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