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  1. How is this not sold? C’mon Sydneysiders. You’re letting the team down
  2. I’ve had the dog come and go for the last three years or so and, like you, along with the stresses of work and family and other responsibilities music listening was the thing I just never had the enthusiasm to make time for. About a year ago I started to get excited about hifi again (thanks, John Darko) and it all come flooding back. So I sold off most of my best kit for an upgrade and then work went bad and a family illness ate up all the money I’d saved 😩 Anyway, my piecemeal, jerry-rigged system works and sounds worse than it has for years. It’s a constant source of frustration to me but most importantly, I’m actually using it and having lots of really nice moments with music again in spite of that. Spotify is great. I’m being much less of a snob about what I listen to and I’m discovering music that really helps with my mood (chvrches, the Beths), plus I can sing along unironically to Taylor swift with my 7yo daughter and 4yo son, so there’s that I still have bad days but I’m making positive changes and getting some help and they’re getting fewer and further apart. Don’t try to force it. If it’s not happening for you, go and do something else and chances are pretty good that you’ll come back to it when you’re good and ready, whenever that is And when you do decide to upgrade your amp. hit me up about that Primo. I was thinking fondly of them just a few days ago 😄
  3. Hit the "report" button at the top of your original post
  4. I don’t think "how do we make it tasteful?" Was the question at the forefront of their minds 😳
  5. Ah, I misunderstood. For some reason I thought you had an older one. The xtrail is 2004 so a shopping cart would be more luxurious. I would be looking at an XC60 from a few years ago. Our little van is only 1200-1300kg fully laden but I like to have a bit of headroom.
  6. I’d love to replace my wife’s xtrail with an xc60 but I’ve heard servicing and parts costs are brutal. How have you found them?
  7. I played this for my 7yo daughter when she asked if girls could be drummers
  8. You still sound like a shill, Justin of Southbank. Your first ever post was copied and pasted from somewhere and it makes zero logical sense if it’s not written by a shill. Care to post a picture of your beloved edifiers next to your... You know what? I don’t care. Knock yourself out.
  9. Yes, thanks. I moved the discussion to a new thread and that's indeed what had happened
  10. I have a current-model Impreza sedan and aside from it being a bit thirsty, the only change I’d make is to give it about 10% more power. Not enough to get me in trouble, just a bit more welly for the times I feel like it. Its fun on a bun in the corners
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