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  1. Also on 4K/bluray and DVD. Including a good range of popular 4K discs at 2 for $40 less 20% so $16 each
  2. From memory it was to prevent pirates (Arrr!) making digital to digital copies. I think my Sony MD deck was the same
  3. Seriously, guys. You’re much better off getting something audiome subjectively enjoys rather than something you subjectively enjoy. It’s just science! What is this, a hobby for enjoyment? *scoff*
  4. +1 for tombstone and Unforgiven. I’ll add No country for old men as Maybe the best modern western and There will be blood as another modern masterpiece. I saw There will be blood with the MSO providing the soundtrack live a couple of years ago and it was incredible.
  5. The astounding eyes of Rita has been one of my favourite staples for 10 years yet somehow this completely passed me by. This is my first listen but, wow.
  6. Just this story is worth 80 bucks
  7. I have a pair of argon 2 anniversary in gorgeous birch finish and I’m likely to be buried with them. Agree it’s amazing they aren’t more well known ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. They’re talking about The the in currently spinning which made me think of their cover of Dolphins which made me thing of this. Man, what a voice! https://youtu.be/LtU-9EMSYu0
  9. Can’t be everything to everyone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Good lord. It’s so ugly 😟
  11. Yeah but the sideboard was going to be there anyway. The speakers would’ve had to go next to it. This is not a dedicated room. The speakers are level with the front of the sideboard and as far from the back wall as they could reasonably be on stands. not saying it would be the same for everyone but for me it’s an acceptable compromise. Just lucky I guess. 😁
  12. True, but they can take up less space. I have mine on a well-made sideboard that acts as an av cabinet. Would they sound better on dedicated stands? Probably a little bit, maybe not at all. They sounded great on stands, they sound great on the sideboard. On the sideboard they are the right height (I made sure of that when I bought it) and they take up no floor space at all, whereas floorstanders just wouldn’t fit. Plus, they are more secure there than they would be on stands or even than floorstanders would be (this is important because I have 2 young kids running around)
  13. This. i worked in hifi for 10 years and I never heard a pair of floorstanders that sounded as good to me as an equivalently-priced pair of standmounters, even accounting for the cost of good stands. Most (obviously not all) floorstanders I’ve heard under about $15k lack control. The ones that don’t often need such good amplification to get that control that it blows the cost out further. Also even really good ones are much more reliant on room, placement etc. where standmounts are generally much more forgiving. Add a good sub and you’ve lost nothing usual qualifiers, disclaimers and YMMVs of course. But that’s my two cents
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