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  1. Who knows. I’m gonna find out around Xmas. Worst case they can go on eBay for $15 each and I’ll use the profit to buy some real records ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for $7 each, what have you got to lose?
  2. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/587027 https://www.zavvi.com.au/merch-vinyl/best-of-jazz-starter-kit-all-time-classics-albums-set-of-6-mystery-vinyl-lp/12613803.html?affil=awin&utm_content=OzBargain&utm_term=Discount+Code&utm_source=AWin-349187&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=AffiliateWin&awc=10715_1606653329_accdac0cef70ae42ee2ff74d6d777d2a
  3. You could make me cry, if you don’t know
  4. Times gets tough, oh they get tougher Hold on to me - I got you darling
  5. any day now any day now i shall be released
  6. Tried both. No change. I wonder if it’s a faulty transformer. Is that common?
  7. Ooh that’s exactly what I feel like tonight. Good work!
  8. Out here in the street, naked in front of God and everyone
  9. Thanks, I’ll try those. I didn’t even think of phase. I might have to lengthen the ac to route it further away
  10. think I’m ready to post here now. Not quite up the the standard of some of the systems here but it’s come a long way since the before times in the long long ago (April this year) and I’m not anticipating making any more changes for now Auralic Aries mini going USB via AQ jitterbug into Klein III, both fed by a diy LPSU and analogue out into the xduoo hybrid head amp with a diy cable into the BeoPlay H6 gen 1 cans. I also have the TT running through the head amp so I can listen to records on headphones too. USB cable is supra, DC cables are diy w/ canare, XLR to rca are
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