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  1. I haven't got anything to add about paints but I wanted to say sorry about your misfortune with the storm and I hope you come out of this with a better room and not too many grey hairs
  2. mate, if you only ever play games and watch YouTube but you enjoy your ar$e off doing it, then it’s a success 👍
  3. I was going to go with a couple of mates to the bar in Brunswick that installed them to check them out but then lockdown hit so it’s been postponed (like everything else). Maybe in the next few weeks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Are the photos blank for anyone else? Was really keen to see them 🙁
  5. thanks. I’ve thought about doing that but I’m not sure it’s practical. I’ll definitely get him to have a look at it, though
  6. i just run my dac straight off mine and I will the pre as well when I get one. I don’t use it with the power amp because someone mentioned it could affect dynamics. My cabinet is a bit of a mess at the moment but I’m going to get my sparky father-in-law to put in another couple of gpos after lockdown and then I’ll tidy everything up and do some experimenting.
  7. schurter make good quality Male iec c14s including ones that take a 10mm cable. I was going to pick some up from here http://www.arlin.com.au/product/iec-c14-cord-connector-10a-male-4735--4732# when I got around to it. They ship and will do small quantities. From memory they’re $10.50 each plus gst and it was $16.50 shipping to Melbourne (they’re in Melbourne) I haven’t been able to find any other decent ones anywhere. I think I have the same furman conditioner as you, Matt
  8. Thanks, man. Yes, we agree on the remixes end of the collection. I deleted the original release from my library during one of my frenzies of housekeeping but I almost always turn it off before the "special" tracks of the special edition start. I’ll have to reinstate the original one of these days. I’ll add it to the list of all the productive things I’m absolutely not doing during this lockdown. 🙄
  9. couldn’t find the "speaks directly to the broken parts of my soul" button so 👍 will have to do.
  10. I’ve got an idea for a custom interconnect, Bill. Shoot me a PM to discuss congrats 😉
  11. Hifi cable differences are an affront to my natural skepticism. Nevertheless, I have a few cables which I know make my system sound different in noticeable and reproducible ways and I just have to accept that I don’t know everything about everything (yet!). I have an older Chord Co anthem rca interconnect that is my reference. It’s super clean and clear with a "fluid" character that I can’t put my finger on but I miss when it’s not there. However, I have a balanced output on my streaming DAC (Altair G1) and my new power amp (Denafrips Hyperion) is so dedicated to its balanced design that it do
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