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  1. Hey, it’s synth-pop Tuesday! A thing I just made up!
  2. I saw this come up on Instagram and was immediately intrigued. Encouraged to hear that it sounds as good as it looks. Now, must avoid hearing it in person so as not to be tempted 😏
  3. That Hymns/Spheres album by Jarrett has some incredible sounds on it. Not his best musically (a high bar, to be fair) but what an experience!
  4. Ugh. There’s so much amazing stuff in the classifieds right now. It hurts 😩
  5. Item: 21 assorted music DVDs. About half bluegrass-ish and half other Location: Coburg or Macleod, Melbourne Price: $10 $8 each plus postage or take the lot for $170 $150 shipped anywhere in Australia Item Condition: Varies. Some almost as new, some more used, all perfectly playable. Reason for selling: not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Some of these you might find gracing the local cashie’s but some are really hard to find. Stone Roses and both Tom Waits are bootlegs of varying quality (actually, Real Gone in London is garbage quality but bloody good fun) and everything else is original. Hit me up for postage on multiples. 4 or fewer should be less than $10 and any more should be around $15 Pictures:
  6. If memory serves, these were actually about $2500 locally (I used to sell them) and worth every cent. $1300 was probably MSRP in the US
  7. @proftournesol can we close this thread? I thought it might get some people to share their own feelings about the situation but there’s no deeper discussion happening
  8. He was practicing consensual sex with an adult within a society that had no taste for it and therefore forced it "underground". Hardly the same as raping kids. If you don’t see the difference, I can’t help you
  9. George Michael does not belong in this discussion. Not even close
  10. Item: 5-string banjo - Greco brand. Probably made in Japan in the 70s. Hard case - Unbranded. Mostly destroyed locally in the 90s Location: MEL - Coburg or Macleod Price: $250 $200 $170 obo Item Condition: Used, knocked about and in need of some new strings and some love but plays fine and sounds like a banjo. Case is (very) rough but does the job; Reason for selling: not being used. Seems a shame Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Serviceable entry-level, used instrument. Includes surface-mount pickup which allowed me to plug in and be heard onstage in a band. I used it mostly with the resonator off (the big round wooden bit) because I didn’t need it to play that loud but with the resonator on it’s bloody loud. Also includes old guitar case which it fits in fine and capo Pictures:
  11. Ooh. Great party speaker. Awesome for rock, metal, hip hop and electronic but also surprisingly deft with acoustic music. Sensitivity in the high 90s if I recall correctly.
  12. Dang. I didn’t know about Brozman. Saw him once and have a few albums but haven’t actively been a fan since before he died so, I was bummed when I heard but I didn’t think or read more about it. I used to get guitar lessons with a guy who was quite good friends with him. It seems redundant to say you can never tell but, bloody hell
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