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  1. did you just build one and then change the board over? It seems that they are mostly the same except for the board
  2. Thanks, Mark. I’ve thought about it and it’s still a possibility. I currently have a 215W class AB integrated and I have run them happily off a 40W Naim super-integrated in the past so it’s not that they need a lot of power. I’m mostly exploring my options, of which Holton is definitely one.
  3. I have an excellent integrated amplifier which sounds fantastic but is not really suited to how I use my system. I’m thinking of replacing it with a DAC/Pre and a power amp and have become enamoured with the idea of getting some Nelson Pass into my system. While I would love to be in a position to drive across town and grab a First Watt something off the shelf, my budget (maybe $1200, give or take) dictates a more modest proposal. The clone kits and boards (aleph J, F5, F6, M2X, etc) all seem to be around 25 watts per channel and similarly priced so, how does one choose between the
  4. Fantastic speakers. Super clean and accurate. This is an extremely good deal
  5. just noticed this one on eBay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265068000135
  6. Let me finish them then we'll work something out. I wouldn’t mind hearing them with one of your little 2-3 watt valve amps. They’re 94dB drivers so they should match up pretty well.
  7. Well, let me get them finished to a standard I’m happy with and then we’ll see if we can work something out. I’m not able to keep them - you can see they don’t really fit where my current system is and I don’t have any room for a 2nd system - so they were probably going to be sold on anyway.
  8. From memory I built it in Winamp and it was -3dB at 50Hz which is about what it sounds like
  9. that’s a bloody big box! https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/approx-8-fullrange/seas-prestige-fa22rcz-h1597-08-8-fullrange/ they seem to come up in the classifieds a couple of times a year.
  10. that should work well. I based them on the fern and Roby speaker that uses the extremely exy exotic version of the driver. I’ve got them dialled in a bit now and they sound a lot more together. They’re quite moreish, actually. Kind of how I remember the klipsch heresys. The first couple of minutes you kind of go what’s all the fuss about and then you look up and you’ve been pulling up favourite tracks for 3+ hours!
  11. thanks. I did them. Started at the end of 2019 so it’s been a fair project. I’ll do a build thread soon. I have lots of photos
  12. Sort of finished my "full-range" speakers today. They just need legs/stands of some sort (the ones pictured are very temporary). I’ll do a full build thread at some point soon with some detailed photos. They’re Seas FA22s in a 60ish litre cabinet. They image like crazy but aside from that they sound a bit rough. The drivers are brand new so I guess they’ll loosen up a bit. Pretty happy with how the cabinets turned out. Not perfect but pretty good for my first real woodwork in 20 years
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