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  1. The W2700, is this able to project a 2:1 Screen size without issues? Is this still a good projector to look at for a pixel shifting 4k picture?
  2. Cool. Thou this would be a diffuser.. i was going to use absorbers above.
  3. Head room, 350mm , would be installed within the rooms perimeter bulkhead space, so 300mm to max 350mm. Proposing something with angular face, or something that would allow brackets on side of speaker cabinet. Then I'll use acoustic panels hanging 200mm below ceiling... with the speakers inn between the panels... that way i can conceal the wiring.. Alternatively i could include the speaker within the acoustic panel, thou preference is to have separate speaker and separate panels...
  4. VAF, i don't have any experience with this brand or every listened to them. Comments please? I've looked at Krix, but find them over priced.
  5. Updated original post with details. . Point taken... Cabling setup will need to be hidden with use of some ceiling acoustic panels that ill also be hanging off the ceiling..i can't really nor want to cut up the ceiling that's already dual layer board on mounts. If i can't hide it, ill have to conceal with done fabric wrapped boards.
  6. Cheers, but didn't really like the svs, and they are pretty expensive for what they are...
  7. Hi everyone Trying to find good quality ceiling mounted or suspended off ceiling speakers. Current speakers are focal fronts and rears surrounds. Recommendations please, need to be easily suspended or attached to the underside of a existing ceiling. Due to the ceiling structure, i can't install in ceiling. A- Installed onto the face of the ceiling, or B- Installed on a bracket hanging just below feeling level C- Medium price range units. Would be great if a under 2k for 6x including brackets Cheers
  8. I see. Any idea of Panasonic are gonna update the apps , or the speed of the apps menu. Or is this a issue with the processing power of the player?
  9. Hi all Does everyone find that the settings button on the Panasonic ub9000 remote only work once you got the home button first?
  10. Does not say anywhere that they will match or come even close to oppo support. But if you pay for a premium device, one would expect premium or at the least high level of support. I don't think a Australia based sales rep would be to much to ask. E.g. there's been plenty support by benq due their projectors, as seen on the forums...
  11. Support is in the Philippines...gees. premium products should have support in Australia or the country they were purchased... not impressed with the custumer service im hearing. When a product has a issue, after sales support is king. Without it, the product will die.
  12. If Panasonic wants to be somewhat like oppo they should start providing better customer service. All i have heard so far is that their service and response is poor.. correct me if I'm wrong. It should not be hard to get a response. I recall contacting oppo in the past and their response time was fast and provided excellent product support. They also welcomed feedback. Panasonic should have a Australia wide support person to contact who can then relay the messages back to their hq.
  13. Would be great if there was one streaming App, that you subscribe to and enter, then choose which subscriptions, rather than having a million separate accounts... Would make like so much easier!!!
  14. Streaming app updates? Has there been updates to the apps library since release? Or is it a simple release and forget thing? E.g likelihood of the Disney plus streaming app being added?
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